James Adventure in LongLife Town (Video game play through in text) intro level

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So A while back I wrote an essay in the form of a play by play review of one of my favorite ps2 games, Chulip.
Thought it would be fun to post :) I'd gladly do another for the other chapters of the game if requested. :)

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



James in Long Life Town (District 9)

Video game play through in text of “Chulip” (introduction level) By: Jasmine Howard

I believe it goes without saying that video games are the idealistic virtual realities of every gamers dream life varied upon individual preference realities. This being said, they are the very essence of youthful imagination fused with cyber genius to create everything and anything we could hope for on a digital scale. Let us immerse into one of those worlds now, welcome to Chulip! Chulip is an adventure simulation program designed by punchline and interactive game software. The game follows the misadventures of a young adolescence attempting to win the lover of their dreams, but in order to do so must strengthen their heart and reputation in order to prosper. It was published through Natsume and released in 2002 for the play station 2 console. Let’s begin!

The time is 9:00 a.m., the lights have been dimmed, I sit on a fluffy pillow anxiously awaiting for the screen to go through its intro slots. I fiddle with the right analogue stick on the controller hooked to the console, my head piece is secured with the volume on “depart from reality” loud. Mom and Dad have chosen perfectly to take an early morning scroll. The only sounds in the midst of the darkened living room are my own heart and the humming of the disk rotating inside the console. I suddenly hear the sound of a crane. The screen blasts a scene of a wide blue sky, a white crane flying overhead, the camera angles down on a tree in the middle of an open field. The tree’s bark splits open to reveal a face and it begins to speak, telling the story of two young lovers who met beneath its branches to marry. He then asks for my name, of course I do not type in my real name, for you see the character in question is a boy. I forsake my gender and type in “James” on the monitor key board. A secondary character walks on screen, a little Japanese girl with huge sparkly eyes and a traditional school girl uniform. I am asked to give her a name as well, I call her “Charlotte”. The tree then repeats the names back to us followed by a traditional wedding vow, I then watch as the two characters embrace, the scene slowly fading away and coming back to focus on James sleeping in the back of a moving truck, James opens his eyes, this is where we begin.

The story line begins, the only part of my body that moves is my right thumb on the (x) button to progress through the plot. I am a poor boy living with his father, we’ve moved to a location known ironically as “Long Life Town”. It is sunset when we arrive in front of a small plain house with a tiny yard and sectioned off by a weak wooden picket fence. We stand in front of the house, our heads are abnormally large and bob slightly when we aren’t moving. Our feet make squeaking noises (as further emphasis on being poor, our clothes are dull and plain as well.) I sport a paper boy hat and bag, my father, a simple cotton robe. Father is my only family. Once inside the house, he tells me of how much he loves me even though we are poor and encourages me to go introduce myself to some town people. This is the intro level, I am level 1 poor boy (my reputation stands on how strong a heart I have). Before I leave, father warns me to be careful because I have a weak heart, the scale on the upper left side of the screen dictates a 5/5 ratio; only five lives to lose, if I die, I would have to start all over again. I heed the warning and leave.

The environment though small and cozy looking is actually quite dangerous to wanders. I walk down the short street leading from my house. Against my own personal will, my character stops and peeps around the corner of the picket fence where he encounters two residents of long life town: Michelle and Dr. Dandy. It should be said that NO one in long life town is normal. If not for the large heads, it would be their black holes for mouths or insane language that could give you whiplash just by listening, their personality or their living quarters. For example, Michelle is a germaphobe witch with an obsession for eggplants. Dr. Dandy is a doctor who raids the city of its blood supply at night because he has a disease that turns him into a vampire. Yes, far from our happy reality spectrum. This is only the beginning. I sit and listen to their conversation about my family being poor before I can control my character again. I speak with Michelle first, she encourages me to always clean in front of my house as she does to the whole neighborhood, when she’s done speaking her slanted eyes open to reveal cat like eyes that glow, along with the sound of menacingly scary music. You’ll be seeing much more of her, sadly. I then talk to Dr. Dandy, he tells me the hospital hours and to stop by for a checkup when needed. Seems ok for now right? Do not get comfortable, it’s about to get a little more interesting. I walk further into town to discover that only a small portion of the town is available for exploring as the crosswalk is broken and the tunnel bridge is blocked off. There are two sections in long life town, on the first the streets are narrow, there is a large trash bin by the hospital that will serve of great use later, an empty lot with large pipes in the middle of it, and an old chicken coop owned by a man named “Mr.Cheapot”. Let’s go downstairs to the second half of long life town. Here, the streets are a bit wider, there’s a trash can, a trailer and an old antique shop ran by Mr.Cheapot. A man with a guitar stands outside of the green trailer, I go and speak to him. His name is Batayan, he’s 35 and a poor musician with abnormally large teeth. His voice causes me to pluck out an earplug. He already knows who you are (as everyone does), he expresses pity on you for being so poor and then you are free again. I cross the street from Batayans house into a small little parking lot filled with debris surrounding a small shop owned and operated by none other than Mr.Cheapot!, I speak with him. Immediately I recognized that he spoke backwards in a form that if written would be considered paraplegic, having used this form of language in my personal works, I took a peculiar liking to his character. He kindly introduces me to his dog Rocky who seems to never leave his dog house and carries it around like it were the shell of a turtle. Mr.Cheapot gives you some advice about the trash dumps, bushes and trees around town; they contain valuable treasures that you can sell, eat for health, or use to get through a particular level of the game. Both James and I thank Mr.Cheapot graciously and begin the journey home. I leave the second street onto the first when I notice there is someone there that wasn’t before. It’s a girl. She sports a giant red bow and school girl uniform; told you it would get interesting! Behold! It’s the girl from my dreams (as if). My eyes grow wide as the screen suddenly flashes with a ring of flowers around the scene. She has to be the most normal looking, sounding person in the game, aside from her large head she is actually very cute. In this conversation, James has options to respond with, there’s no right or wrong response. In either case, James realizes that he’s looking at the girl from his dreams, but she hasn’t a clue who he is. She asks a very peculiar and odd question that leaves even my physical self rather red in the face. “Have you ever kissed before?” the options waver on the screen are: yes, no, and maybe.  I WANT to say yes, so I do. She responds stating “I knew it, you look so inexperienced”. My physical self feels offended, not realizing she is talking to James, for I AM James. James stares off into space, Charlotte then tells you how to kiss someone by pressing the triangle button, the flowers disappear and I am able to use my legs again. I press the triangle button on impulse, causing James lips to jut out in a funny fashion, Charlotte backs up and slaps me!, she screams and calls me a pervert. Doom music plays and I lose a heart leaving my ratio at 4/5. She explains how I can’t just go kissing people that way (ha) and that even though I saw her in a dream, this was real life. My physical body roars with laughter, she could not be more correct.

At this point in the game, I am completely detached of worldly things, I am James, son of the poorest man in town who’s just discovered that the girl whom he had dreamed about hasn’t a clue who he is nor is she interested. I’m a poor rejected James in a strange new world. The only things that I can do at this level, is walk, talk, kiss and search for treasures from trash cans or bushes. I can also purchase things, look down funny cracks in the ground to spy on a strange species of residents called “underground citizens”. These people come above grounds at certain times of the day so I have to have an ACTUAL written schedule to catch them. I continue home with one less of a heart than I had before, father takes immediate notice of this and replenishes it with his love, I then tell him of my ordeal before suggesting I write a love letter to charlotte using his special love letter set. I roll my eyes, I personally consider myself the female Romeo of romantic gestures but poor James is a broken Montague. I watch as father looks for his love letter set and up startles when he cannot find it, my heart begins to beat fast as he tells me that I need to find the letter set. I turn James out the door and back onto the street, not knowing where to start. I am beginning to feel a hump form in my back, my physical self is getting drowsy, the time is now 12:01 pm (in the afternoon), time for a real potty break. The game cannot pause, for the first day, I am free to roam without keeping an eye on the clock that will appear after the introductory level is over. After this there is a night, evening, and day time schedule I have to keep in order to stay safe. Just as it is in real life, the nights in long life town are dangerous and anything but welcoming.

I resume at 1:08 pm to go out in search of fathers love letter set. The first level street seems peaceful so I continue downstairs where I find Batayan in distress, I go and speak with him. Batayan tells me that he was going to write a letter to a company in funny bone city in order to land a job there, but before he could do so, Mr. Cheapot’s dog “Rocky” stole it. As he is talking, little rocky appears with the letter set in his mouth, Batayan curses and chases the dog in a circle before running off screen, I follow suit. In the next screen, next to the closed off bridge, Batayan has Rocky cornered while pacing back in forth, he’s too scared to get close to the dog for he has angered him. This is where I learn to tip toe in light noised parts of the game, with my physical body leaned forward, I inch the analogue stick slowly toward the dog, I collect the letter set and return in to Batayan whom is so delighted that he gives me the letter set as reward for being poor but brave. Hooray! The mission has been complete! I return home to write the love letter. It is short, embarrassing and simple like most love letters that are written for the first time with no experience in the art of romance. I stifle a laugh as James stands up proudly and triumphed music plays when he is done. The next step is mailing. I decide to leave this letter for another day, instead of leaving the house, I go into the restroom, the saving port for the game. I save it in the first available slot, and send James to bed. The screen darkens, I awaken. Moving my dead legs around to perch on the couch, I can feel my physical body expand back out from the console wires and into flesh again. James is now resting and preparing himself to send his first love letter to Charlotte and I feel an anxiousness for him. I sit and think of the adventures I am to have when I return and dream up possible encounters with other peculiar citizens of long life town. Goodnight James, see you in the morning.








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