ursula opening up

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - In the beginning

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Ever since I was little I was considered a freak. I could feel the disappointment when I came out of the womb. I was born into a mermaid family, the highest mermaid family actually there's just one problem instead of part human part fish I came out part octopus. To fit my ugliness my parents gave me a name that meant little bear. The animal they thought was the ugliest in the world above.  In fear of my inheritance of the throne my parent continued to have children in hopes of a son to take my place 6 times they tried all girls. My father loved all of them every single one except me. My Mother was a bit nicer to me, she love me out of pity of course. My father constantly reminded me that I could never be loved. This didn't stop me from wanting to be loved.
When I was 1 I was given a little sister. She was named Oona. The most beautiful mermaid in the west sea. She was given anything and everything she wanted. Oona was given my room. 
“Daddy why can’t me and baby Oona Share a room so we can play together, look I made her  a doll.” it was the ugliest doll you could ever see. Made of seaweed and mud, but it was beautiful in my eyes and I wanted to give Oona something special.
“ You idiot you’ll scare her, if she shares a room with you she’ll never fall asleep. Do you know why? She’ll know that there is a hideous monster near her.
 This particular conversation led me to hating Oona before I even got to know her. My father made sure that she hated me just as much as he did. She was cruel to me. She made sure school was miserable for me. Oona did this all on my father's orders. Thus started the hatred in my heart it showed only for Oona though, I wasn’t giving up on my father.  
Abalone was born when I was 2. She was the nicest sister I had ever had. When she was 2 she played with me, in screech of course but we created a club in the dungeons. We had decorated a cell with blankets and painted the walls a indigo. It was wonderful, she would use her power of being able to have anything she wanted for the both of us. I should have known that all good thing come to an end. One day while Abalone was sneaking food from the kitchen Oona saw her and followed. Father caught Abalone being kind to me and wiped her memory with the tritant. She now spends her days in her room mindlessly playing. She doesn't even know herself anymore. 
Azulia was number 4 a replacement for Abalone after she went mental. Perfect Azulia she did everything right. She was a saint, she prayed and listened to authorities and cursed those who shamed Poseidon's name. I of course shamed Poseidon's name just by breathing. I have scars were Father burned me for shaming the family name. Azulia and Oona would sit in their room and make stories to get me in trouble.
I started learning magic after that to show Father that I was like him. That failed because yet again my mother was pregnant. I had learned to keep out of both my parents way when she was planning to have another baby. I would sit in the heavily decorated dungeon and brew potions and conjure nwets to bring me food. I was constantly alone. Azulia would come down sometimes and laugh at me because i couldn't get a spell right. 
One day Azulia sat in the dungeons with our new baby sister while I was practicing. I didn't mind Azulia sitting and laughing at me because I had learned how to block her out. But that time it was different . Azulia was teaching the baby something 
“Repeat after me, Abalone go crazy and Ursula bad” Azulia chanted. The awful thing is the baby repeated it back those were her first words. I didn't hear the Ursala bad part all I heard was “Abalone go crazy” it happened so quickly I didn't know it was me but a flash of black light and the baby was dead. Azulia screamed and swam from the room. I just stood there looking at the dead body. The baby lied on her back with her face still smiling and eyes open. It was terrifying. My hands were covered in black soot. Father came in he burned me and beat me. 
“You’re new bedroom will be this dungeon so that the ghost of that baby will linger in your brain” he yelled.
I could sing that was the only good thing about me. I could sing like an angel. A gift I never took for granted. It was my instrument for life. I would sing while I worked on spells. My studies were almost always perfect. I had created bad luck charms and good luck charms nosebleed curses and blinding spells. The fact is I would look up from my studies and see that there were new children in the castle everyday. Mother and father had children like rabbits. There were Seria and Sheila and Azelea. All of them weren’t the same rude and cruel. I lived a life of misery. Constantly in pain and need. I wondered if anyone would love a poor unfortunate soul like me.

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