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I hope this story is relatable to some of you guys. The endless spiral of my life.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



It all started in the year 2012, I lived in a very small city in this very huge world. In my small city, there were people with narrow thinking. My parents too, ofcourse. I was brought up in this environment and told not to mingle with any boy. Talking to anyone of the opposite gender was a "sin" here. Else you'd get punished by people throwing rocks at you until you die.  I was told not to wear modern dresses, not to roam around the campus with my friends. But I was different. I liked talking to the opposite gender. I wanted fame like any other sweet 16 years old girl. I wanted to be that famous-girl in my school who people talked about. I wanted to be young,wild and free. I loved chatting and hence I was a social media freak. I couldn't go a day without updating my friends and fans about my daily plans. Even if I was sick, I updated a status asking for prayers. I posted pictures of every event and functions of my lifetime. I always wanted to be friends with everyone, keeping them happy was more like a job for me.

In this social life of mine, I met a guy. He was my school-mate and 2 years senior to me whom I never ever saw in the playground, going-time, recess or anywhere. He added me on social media. His sister was my sister's classmate. We used to chat with each other like crazy. Whenever I came online, he got notified about it. It used to go on for hours and hours, non-stop. We started to like each other. "We were so close, yet so far" - He told this to me in our first week of chat. But until I realized, he was gone to India to complete his +2. And I was here for my 10th grade to finish. That 1 year was so difficult to pass-by because I wanted to meet him so bad. 

In 2013, my 10th grade was over. And to take admission in +2, I went to India too. I lived with my grandmother and uncle in Bangalore. My dad wanted me to become a doctor but he gave me the liberty to choose engineering 'only'. What I wanted? Nobody asked about it. I have always dreamed of becoming an actor. I loved street plays and singing. So, my +2 was integrated with IIT-JEE coaching. I had to leave at 6 in the morning for my coaching class and also do my schooling. I used to return at 5 pm, super exhausted. I'd be drained out by the time I used to come back home, but there was something that kept me pumped up all the time. It was him. My school-mate who started to take over my heart. We never left a chance to talk. But we never confessed that we liked each other either.

In October 2013, we went to Satara, Maharashtra to meet my grandfather. He was 65 and yet wanted to work for his passion. He was a civil engineer and always supported me to take up this field too. I loved him so much. I could share everything with him. Except for my crush-part. My grandfather was just like me. He was more of a broad-minded person I was looking for, to talk about my life and decisions. Even though he was short-tempered, I knew how to handle and calm him down. I was his favourite grandchild and he would never leave for office without seeing me. Whenever he got home, he got me vada-pav (it's a vegetarian fast food dish of Maharashtra). I used to enjoy the whole day with my grandparents and at night, I used to talk to the guy I started to love.

Money was never an issue for any of us. I always recharged my phone so that I am able to call him at any time of the day or night. In that 1 week, we started to talk about our personal lives, interests, food, clothings, school-life etc. We had become so close that we even asked each other which soap and shampoo do we use. We always regretted as to why did we never see each other in school days. Then came 1 night, when we talked for 4 hours in a stretch. The next night, we confessed that we love each other. We didn't know when did we enter into a relationship because we have been loving secrectly without letting the other person know. So, we decided a date and it was 6th October 2013. This was the official date when we became 'one'.

I felt so complete. I didn't want fame or any attraction. I was happy to have him. He was everything that I needed. He was the one I was searching for. Since, every girl has a dream of getting married to a prince-charming. I did have such dreams too. I was so obsessed about him. I hated whenever he talked about some other girl. I disliked him going to hookah bars and smoking around with his friends. But since he lived in Pune and the fact that I loved him more than anything else, I used to neglect these.  It did make me unhappy and I tried a number of times to tell him but I was scared to lose him. I couldn't afford to think about it too.


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