Scraps of Literature

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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Scraps of Literature


In one volume, how much is possible?

The answer to that, is quite some young man!

Fairies, mystery, violence, fear,

Pull you away, yes they can!


It tranforms you from your ordinary land,

To places far and queer!

Takes you to the clouds and above,

And tea-parties, rather mear?


Mermaids sitting on pale, flat rocks,

Brushing rather long gold tresses!

Fairies zooming in the air,

In rather cute little dresses!


Words can be about love, 

They can be about hatred,

If everything is peaches and blossoms,

Then what is so sacred?


It can be about teenage strive,

It can be about devote life,

Causes tears, causes smiles,

Sometimes a peircing knife.


Oh! Have no words to explain!

Just keep in mind, it's all fate,

That whoever does not fancy this solid,

Is missing something rather great!


What's it called?

A book.




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