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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Yeah, it's true,

He set me on fire.

Yeah, it's true,

I always knew he was a liar.


Yeah, you know,

We used to run together.

But then, you know,

He's unpredictable as weather.


Yeah, I did,

I fell in love with him.

Yeah, I did,

I made him my everything.


Yeah, you see,

He's entirely broken me.

And yeah, you see,

It meant nothing to him.


Yeah, you heard,

We used to play soccer,

But yeah, you heard,

Now it's all over.


Doesn't erase the memories.


Yeah, it's true,

I said I didn't need love.

Yeah, it's true,

I said I was free as a bird.


But yeah, you know,

I didn't know myself.

And yeah, you know,

I'm living in hell.


Because, you see,

I just want to be me,

But then, you see,

You make me forget me.


So, have you heard,

I'm crazy in love?

Yeah, I've heard,

You're way above.


But then, you know

I had a fall.

And then, you know,

I'm not like before.


But still, you know,

I think you broke my fall.

But then, do you know,

How long this'll be for?


I still remember,

What happened before.

It's a burning ember,

That burns to the core


And it hurts,

Yeah, it hurts,

When I think of it all,

Especially in the form,

Of a soccer ball.


But, yeah, I'll get it over with,

That nonsense love bliss.

Yeah, his very face,

Is something I'll never miss.


But then, you know,

I sang to you once.

And yeah, I know,

I was a dunce.


Because now you'll never be gone,

Especially after singing a line,

Of my favorite song.

Oh, is this how I'm to be destined?


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