Brink of Light

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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



On fire was my heart, Burning caused by a spark of love. But like all fires, their source of existence seizes to exist and so the fire's life is ended without its decision, just like it didn't have a choice to start excisting.

My heart, how would it've known you would disturb its peace with an emotion called love, fed with a passion set ablaze upon the instance my eyes gazed into your soul gates, who where not ashamed to share the nature of your inner being, a beauty so pure, it lurred my darkened soul out of its place.

My soul nagged to experience your presence, only to lose its evil in a split of a moment upon the moment of entering your atmosphere. Such a peace I've never experienced, my demented soul freed from lucifer's chains and made whole by the light you've alienated into my soul, only to leave me embraced to live my life in truth, rather than my false opinions.

But wait, don't leave...

You're gone

My soul, I can feel them clawing it to shreds. They're taking a piece and making it their own. Possessing me with an evil so dark that my mind started to part, only to become theirs.

and so my source has left. No longer am I safe, no longer does my body belong to me but I'm chained to my deepest heart gate, only to observe the darkness growing to the extend that my world no longer exists in brinks of light, but now cursed by the devil's field of movement in which I can't see, but only hear horrific screams of blood, flowing out of the bodies of those I once made part of my heart.

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