La Guerra

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Just something i came up with.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017




She walked gallantly holding her spear in one hand and the head of an enemy in the other. As she walked through the small village, the people gave way to let their beloved hero to walk through, they cheered for her, and offered her compliments. Though not once did she stop, the pathway made for her by the towns people lead straight to the head council. “You had doubted me.” the head which she had held in her hand dropped in front of the council members. They looked up at her, Basilio the leader smiled up at him. “I congratulate you on your victory, but Bellona not once have I doubted you. I was merely concerned. The war in which you fought was just one of many to come.”

Bellona was the first female to become a warrior. The village was against it, but she knew it was her destiny to protect the village. To protect her family from all dangers. Bellona was strange of sorts while other kids preferred to play with one another she preferred to stay inside and read.  

The next day, Basilio the head of the village had called in a meeting with Bellona. “Bellona the next battle is not for you. Do not go. I do not want this village to have any part in it. They have weapons that could wipe out our entire existence.” Basilio’s words rung through Bellona. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Bellona had been preparing for this war her whole life, once she was sworn in to be a warrior and protect the village. This war was coming to her home and she must protect her village. Bellona opened her mouth to object, but with the raise of Basilio’s forefinger, she stayed silent. “Bellona you should be lucky to have gotten this far.”

Hearing these words from Basilio’s mouth left Bellona stunned. Basilio was the only one who had believed in her. “Basilio I have been training for this war. I am ready, you know it.” Her voice going up in a crescendo.

“Bellona I know you’re ready, but this war is too much for our village to handle. We cannot have any more warriors lost.” Bellona could not argue with that. Many warriors had died the past battle, too much that going to war as big as this next one would cost the whole village to be deprived of warriors. Bellona bowed her head waiting for her signal to leave. Basilio stood up and walked away from her.

That night Bellona defied the orders of Basilio in order to achieve what she believed in, to keep her village alive for years to come. “EMIDIO GATHER THE WEAPONS!” Bellona stood in front of the many warriors, she had to go this war and protect her tribe, and the other warriors agreed and decided it would be best to save their village from the enemy clan “Bellona news on the East Village, the have been invaded we must go there to save what is left.” . Bellona was the first on the horse as she and the other warriors rode to the East Village.


I put down the pen smiling down at the numerous papers which lay on my desk. I had spent what seemed like hours on the story and so I was more than excited that I had finished. Naming the story “La Guerra” and signing my name, I pushed back the stiff chair in which I was in and stood up gathering the final copy of the story and pushing them neatly inside of an envelope, ready to be sent off to the publishing company. I smiled a little bigger as I wrote down the address on the front of the envelope, excited that after years of writing a story of mine was being published. 


- Chay P. Alaia

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