A Rainy Afternoon

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Wonderful raining afternoon

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



The sun rose majestically  in the sky, heralding  the dawn of the  glorious  new day, if it  wasn’t for the grey clouds.  It has  been a while  since  I saw it, a grey sky. Finally, after  weeks of  doing rain dances, it finally paid off. The draught was finally is going to end. I set up  a rocking  chair  on my  front  porch, eager to  enjoy  the heavy  rain. The news didn’t predict it but I still give creditto my  rain dances.

The rain did not  start until lunch time, but the lightning and thunder  could be seen and heard  since morning. The pizza delivery guy was probably  was still on his way back when it  start  drizzling  . The soft sound of rain drops  were merely  an opening  for  what was about  to  come . Lightning struck, followed by  a thunder  and finally heavy rain, almost as if  someone  had orchestrated them. I was smiling from ear to  ear.

It was raining cats and dogs  because I could barely heart what I was thinking . Anything else is barely audible ,  just the sound of rain  hitting the ground. I was cold, really cold  but  I was reluctant  to  grab a blanketbecause it  would have  gotten wet  . I quickly  finished my  pizza before it got  cold . It was delicious. I just sat  there  rocking back  and forth in  my rocking chair.


The rain seem to  get  heavier  and the interval between lightning  and thunder were getting close, meaning the lightning was getting nearer. Initially I was afraid because  there have always  been reports  of people beingstruck  by lightning  , but  then I remembered  the long metal  rod  pocking from the roof  of my  house. I felt safe. Thanks Benjamin Franklin

My mother came out and gave me a thick blanket , an umbrella and a cup of hot  tea. She was afraid I might get  a cold butI insisted  it would  only strengthen my immune system.  She  refused my explanation  and covered me with the blanket And went back inside. The blanket was really warm  as it had  the internal heating system. I was indeed shivering before that  . But, after wearing the blanket , I slowly gained warmth . The cold atmosphere, the warm blanket  . the beautiful  sound of the rain drops and the bright  street lights made me one withmy self. I  was in peace.

When I was woke up, the rain had ended. The smell of wet  tar really made me feel nostalgic for some reason. I am hoping for the day like this again and again.

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