Bitter Heart

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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Bitter heart

In a bitter meadow
The weeping grows,
A beating organ low,
careless muscle knows

It grows in steady rhythm
Letting pity wash over,
The grief ties strings to hymn
Amid a stolid cry for lover

[A wanton smile, a nod
Faith universal brings thought
Armed with hope to plod,
Chip away at suffering rot]

A red fist clenches once more
As blood enters the stream score,
The skin itches and mouth dries
But the mind wishes, it lies

“O that such a future would hold”
“O that she would bend to a mold”
The heart’s thump is adherent
when passion feels transparent

[a desperate cry, drinks to know why
Alone and fraught, she felt a sigh
For when would passion spring-
(but) from an arm of compassion’s fling]

At night the shadows grow louder
Whisper doubt to the sinking flower,
Yet the connection remains for this
And suns will rise for company missed

Her body aches, the tendons swollen
The bright light is her companion (token)
And love of beast finds seeds there
Nudging nostril into the tangled hair

[in time, she’d have declared defense
Yet the soft words grow in suspense
And the heart beats a steady row,
Is happiness in its final throe?]

The poet feels desire, heeded nor wise
improvise, and feel the fire of a guise-
Another voice (of intellect) wants a defect
Emotional coo, the voice found neglect

He opens his heart to cosmic strands
And wonders why an engagement stands,
Tender bone broken by words’ effect-
action is violent, but the body deflects

[when will the strength call again,
does the mind grasp sight-
Should we open our shells’ fen,
Or let every stolen gaze fall slight?]


© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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