Painting Diamonds Black

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One women's life, start to finish.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



She was a collision of ideas

And perceptions

A misplaced blizzard

In the midst of the sea

She was young and confused

By her own self assurance

But self assurance

Would never set her free.


She was a rebel

For causes not so pure

A saint without a god

That was looking for a soul

So she attacked everything

She believed in

And became the darkened woman

They called Coal.


Coal lived the life


And she walked in the shadows

She called home.

The ones she once loved

She rejected

And purely by design

She was alone.


Her twenties came

And with them came more lovers

But like the members of her family

They didn't last.

Her thirties narrowed trust

To the one in the mirror

All the others

They were simply trashed.


She was surprised

That she lived to her forties

And when her fifties hit

Her life was not the same.

At 55 she was dead

While confined to her bed

And at the funeral

Just her parents came.


Her gravestone bears a letter

To the world

A vague apology

For the things she did not say.

 But few will ever see

These words she left behind

Because no-one but the gardener

Comes this way.



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