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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



I Get to station at 5:45, i'll be the first one of my crew there. I’ll be the one who wakes up the dozing night crew who will be sitting slumped in front of a TV they have there showing boring infomercials. I'd get nothing but grunts and nods from them in response to any question i ask them because they are so tired after the long shifts. ill Begin the day by making coffee and eat something. ill also pour some coffee out and wait for my crewmates to arrive.


I'll Look at the chart to see who's driving first, if it's me i'll then collect radios from the slumped night crew that just got off, hopefully not have to force one of them to hand me the ambulance keys and i'll go outside to swap out our bags from there's in the ambulance. I'll Start the ambulance, give it a quick check around. check all lights, see that all wheels are still attached just check everything make sure everything is all good before we start the day.


I'll then sign off the night crew. Then I got to sign myself in and my partner but if my partner isn't there yet, i'll wait and begin to check out all the equipment on the ambulance. I'll have to re-arrange the response bag and replace some items because the night crew before us may have scattered everything around because they need to be quick. I'll do a quick clean of all the surfaces in my ambulance i'll have to fold the blankets and fluff the pillows in the bed the people we get have to lay in. Once that's all done and the whole crew is signed in and ready to go we will go back inside and try and relax drink some coffee and wait for our first call of the day. hopefully we can relax a little before the call. 

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