You'd Never Thunk It

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A gigantic organism is about to crash into earth, well, maybe crash isn't the right word.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



At first they thought a meteor was coming

But it wasn't a meteor they saw.

It was a gigantic organism, a mass of realism,

And it was heading for our little blue ball.


"What can we do," asked the leaders of the world,

"Will it kill us when it smashes us, cur-plop?"

"I doubt it," replied the scientist, consulted,

"It might go around us, or maybe it will stop."


"It comes to us by instinct, --- not by chance,

We know because it changed direction on its own.

Whatever its intentions, it's by its own invention,

Let's just hope it's not the dog and we're the bone.


"Let’s shoot it down," said a dictator from the east.

"Which way is down?" asked a leading diplomat.

"Let's send probes to try to establish communications

And if that works we might be saved, after that."


So off went the probes from 20 nations

But none of them made contact, in the least.

So missiles were sent to detour its direction,

Yet with every warhead spent, the size of it increased.


"What can we do?" asked the wise of the world.

"Make peace with yourself," Said a Sage.

"This isn't in our hands and there are no master plans,

I'm afraid this is the ending of our age."


Well, the day finally came and it swallowed us.

We were trapped, but the earth wasn't toast.

Everything was fine, we got used to it in time,

Now we travel the galaxies within our brainless host.



© Copyright 2018 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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