Broken Love

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This story is about a guy named Terrance who meets a girl named Angel at a Coffee shop that Terrance works at. They started to date and they fell in love with each other so eventually they got married and lived the American dream, but when they tried having children it didn't work out as smoothly as they hoped.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



This story begins with a fair skinned, brown eyed girl named Angel Johnson. Angel grew up in a small city in the South with three siblings - two brothers and a sister. Angel’s the oldest of her siblings. At the age of 12, Angel’s father walked out on her mother and she’s never seen him since. Her father was the breadwinner in the family, so when he left, the family suffered financially. With Angel being the oldest she helped take care of her younger brothers and sister. She never really understood why her father left, but unconsciously she held it against her mother and promised to never let that happen to her. Angel aspired to further her education and applied for several colleges away from her rural southern life.

After several weeks she received a letter stating, “Congratulations. We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance to South Carolina State University.”

Angel immediately ran to tell her mother of the good news. Before leaving for college, her mother and siblings had a huge celebration with family and friends.

When Angel got to school she met her roommate, Lisa, who showed her around the campus and advised her of all the good coffee shops in the area.

A month went by and Angel was missing the southern comforts of home, not to mention her family and friends she left behind. With the thoughts of missing loved ones, Angel asked Lisa to accompany her for a cup of coffee. Lisa and Angel talked for hours about family, friends and old boyfriends. When they were finally done talking, Angel got up and threw her trash away. As they were leaving, Angel was met at the door by a tall handsome stranger. He stood holding the door for her, and in passing they gazed into each other’s eyes and felt an instant attraction.

When Angel got back to her dorm, she couldn’t stop thinking about this tall dark handsome young man. Angel thought, “Maybe I should go back tomorrow, or then again I should wait it out and go another day.” After much thought she decided to go back another day, so she wouldn’t come off as being desperate.

Two days passed and Angel was ready to meet the guy. At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Angel got ready and headed to the coffee shop. By the time she got there, she didn’t see him. She knew he worked there because at their last encounter he wore the smock that the rest of the workers wore. An hour passed and Angel was ready to leave, she figured the guy didn’t work that day. As she was heading out the door, there he was, holding the door for her again. This time their encounter was different. He actually said something to her.

“Hey, haven’t I seen you before?”

Smiling, Angel agreed and said, “Yes, I’m surprise you remember.”

He replied, “You can’t forget a beautiful smile like yours.”

Blushing, Angel stated, “Thank you, that’s really nice of you to say. By, the way my name is Angel, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Wow, Angel, now I know I’ve died and gone to heaven. Well, my name is Terrance and I would love to meet you somewhere outside of the coffee shop.”

Angel replied, “Of course, here, I’ll give you my number.”

Angel put her number in Terrance’s phone and left the shop. When she got back to her dorm she sat waiting for his text. At about 11 o’clock at night, Terrance texted her saying that he wanted to meet her at about 7 o’clock and Angel agreed.

Angel couldn’t wait to share the news with her friend Lisa. As soon as Lisa got to the dorm, they talked all night about Terrance. They ended up falling asleep in Lisa’s bed, and they almost missed their first class in the morning.

After class they went back to their dorm and Angel stayed up waiting for 6:30p.m. to come so she could get ready for her date with Terrance. She didn’t know what to wear, if she should be casual or dressy. She asked Lisa to pick out an outfit for her, and when 6:30 came Angel threw on the outfit and rushed out the door. When she got to the shop she saw Terrance suited up and ready for their date. She approached him telling him how nice he looked and he did the same to her. When they got to the restaurant they talked about almost everything.

Angel wanted to know more about Terrance so she asked him to tell her his life story.

Terrance started by saying, “I grew up in South Carolina, my parents are married and I have a younger sister named Bella. My family is very hardworking. In High school I was a very popular kid because I played basketball, and I was the best in the entire school. So since I was the best, I attracted a lot of females, but I just couldn’t find the right one.”

They talked and laughed all night and when they finished, Terrance walked Angel to her dorm. Angel started to really like Terrance and she wanted to hang out with him more.

They became closer over the next 4 months and they were certain about each other. They hung out every day and they enjoyed each other’s company. After being together for 5 months, Angel wanted to introduce Terrance to her family. So, during spring break Angel decided to take Terrance to her house. When they got there, Angel’s mother welcomed him and he got to meet her brothers, and her little sister. They all loved Terrance, and surprisingly Terrance and Angel’s brother had a lot in common. Terrance enjoyed his stay at Angel’s house, and Angel’s mom loved Terrance.

The following week Terrance took Angel to his house to meet his family. Angel’s heart was beating faster than usual and she didn’t know what to expect. When they got to Terrance’s house, Angel was welcomed in by his little sister, and his parents.

Terrance’s family was excited to meet Angel. Terrance talked highly about Angel, and by the way Terrance talked about her, his parents knew she was the right one for him. When Angel met his little sister they immediately liked each other. Angel and Bella also had a lot in common. They got along so well that Bella asked for Angel’s phone number so that they could text. The following week was when they needed to go back to school, so they left the next morning.

When Angel and Terrance got back to school, they went to Terrance’s dorm room. They talked about the future together and what type of families they wanted. Angel wanted the typical American dream. She wanted a husband, and the house on the hill with the white fence, and a huge back yard with a dog and a couple of kids. Terrance on the other hand didn’t really know what he wanted. He only knew that he didn’t want to be poor, or feel a sense of help from someone. He wanted to ensure that he was financially stable.

Angel and Terrance spent all night talking to each other about the future and their relationship. They started to fall in love with each other, and Terrance felt that Angel was the one for him and Angel felt the same way about him.

A couple of weeks went by and Angel couldn’t sleep and she kept throwing up. Angel didn’t know what was wrong, but she knew she needed to go to the doctor. Angel texted Terrance and told him what was going on. The first thing that came to his mind was that she was pregnant, and he thought, a family right now wouldn’t fit in his plans. 

When Angel got to the hospital room her doctor, Dr. Robertson, came in and asked Angel what was going on. Angel began to explain everything that she was experiencing. Dr. Robertson then asked her if she was sexually active. Angel replied saying yes to the doctor and the doctor stated that she might be pregnant, but she wanted to make sure that was the case before anything else happened. So the doctor took Angel to a different room, and ran some tests on her.

An hour or two went by and Dr. Robertson came back into the room. Dr. Robertson began to tell Angel what was happening, and she stated, “What I initially thought was right, you are pregnant.”

Angel responded, “What do I do now?”

Dr. Robertson told Angel what she should do and how she should go about this pregnancy. Angel thanked the doctor for her time, and she rushed to get to Terrance’s dorm. When she got there Terrance immediately asked Angel what happened, and Angel told him everything. Terrance told Angel that he couldn’t be with her anymore. He told her that it was too early for them to be having kids together, and informed Angel that she should get an abortion. Angel’s eyes filled with tears. She didn’t expect Terrance to act the way he did. She was very emotional, so she immediately left and went to her dorm.

When she arrived, Angel told Lisa what happened and they started to cry together. Lisa told Angel that she will be there for her through it all. Angel was full of anger, and she wanted to talk to Terrance again, so she started calling him but he wasn’t answering.

A few days went by and Angel never got ahold of Terrance. Angel was extremely upset and depressed. She wanted Terrance to be by her side during this pregnancy, but he was nowhere to be found.

Angel finally got up and she told herself that she was going to go look for him. The first place she checked was the coffee shop. When she got there she didn’t see him. She asked the manager and the other workers if they’ve seen him, but they said no. Angel was starting to get really frustrated, so she decided to go cool off at the library because all of the anger wasn’t good for the baby.

When she got to the library she started looking for her favorite book, by Harry Potter. As she was looking for this book, to the left of her she saw Terrance. She began to walk toward him. However, when she got closer she saw in the corner behind the shelf, there was a girl talking and laughing with him. Angel’s heart dropped, she started to walk faster and she confronted Terrance. She asked him who he was talking to and why he hasn’t been responding to any of her calls or text messages. Terrance got upset and told Angel to leave him alone.

Terrance got up and started walking out of the library, but before he could get into his car Angel caught him. Angel started to yell at him and told him that he couldn’t leave. Terrance pushed Angel out of the way, got into his car and left. Angel started to cry as she walked back to her car and went back to her dorm. When she got there Lisa asked why she seemed so upset. Angel told her what happened and Lisa told Angel to stop crying and that she didn’t need Terrance.

The next couple of weeks went by and Angel started cramping really bad. She rushed to the hospital and when she got there she noticed she was bleeding through her pants. When she got back to the doctor’s office, the doctor told Angel that she had a miscarriage. The news made Angel very sad, and this moment she was desperate and needed to talk to Terrance. When she called him he answered and Angel asked if she could talk to him at his dorm. Terrance agreed and when Angel got there she explained to him that she had a miscarriage. Terrance was shocked, so he apologized for everything that he did to her and asked for another chance. Since Angel was so caught up in love, she took Terrance back.

Two years went by and their relationship was healthy. It was their two-year anniversary, so they decided to do something special. Terrance planed a surprise for Angel, and they had the best night ever. A week went by and Angel started feeling sick, so she assumed that she was pregnant again. She went to the nearest Walgreens and bought a pregnancy test to make sure she wasn’t pregnant. When the test came back positive Angel was distraught. She was afraid that Terrance would leave her again, so she decided to hide the pregnancy.

Angel started getting huge after a couple of months and it was getting hard to hide. Angel didn’t understand why her stomach was growing so fast, and why she was having so many stomach pains.

Angel decided to go to the hospital and when she got into the room, Dr. Robertson was surprised to see her again. She didn’t expect Angel to get pregnant again after her miscarriage. Dr. Robertson asked Angel what was going on and Angel told her. Dr. Robertson took an ultrasound of Angel’s stomach and she agreed the baby was growing too fast. After a couple of tests Angel’s doctor informed her that she could save the baby, but if she does, the baby would have to come out that day. Which meant the baby would be premature, and there was a possibility that she could lose her life.

Angel took a moment to soak all of the information in, and she told the doctor to just save the baby. The doctor asked if there was anyone she could call to be there for her when she’s doing the surgery, but Angel told her no. Angel just wanted the baby to live.

The doctor put Angel to sleep and began the surgery. After the surgery Angel didn’t wake up. The hospital then contacted her emergency contact which was Lisa, and Lisa immediately called Terrance and told him what the nurse told her. He went up to the hospital to say his goodbyes to Angel, and took his baby girl into his arms and wept. In remembrance of his lost love, he named his beautiful daughter Angel.


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