Street Life

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It is a story about a teenage boy who has to choose between college and the street life.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Brandon grew up on the south side of Chicago. Guns, gangs and violence scream the identity of the south side. Mass shooting every day and multiple robberies overshadow the good on the south side. Brandon and his parents separate themselves from the act of others. Brandon’s father name is Leroy. Leroy was tempted by the streets but, as a father he stepped up and showed the right path that his son should take. It was hard for him to stay strong and fight off the temptations, but he knew that it better this way for his family. Leroy is 38, tall and African-American. He met Brandon’s mom in high school and they have been together ever since. Brandon’s mom name is Sarah.  Sarah is 37, short and African-American. She brings in most of the money around the house. Even though Leroy works, his income is below average. 

Since Brandon was a little kid he was a momma’s boy.  Brandon being the only child, he was spoiled by Sarah. Anything he wanted was bought for him. Brandon grew more favoritism towards his mother. Their bond was as strong as an unmovable bolder. Without each other they couldn’t survive. Every breathtaking moment they shared created this love that couldn’t explain. Brandon and his father had a love-hate relationship but they knew it was just because of the love they shared with each other.

One day everything took a turn for the worst. This day was when Sarah lost her job. Crying, depleted by her manager’s action, she flipped out. She came home yelling and screaming at Brandon and her husband. Alcohol began to tremble over her mind constantly.  The reason why she acted as she did was because she paid for a lot of the things in their lives.  Sarah paid three fourths of the bills and she supported Brandon with all that he wanted. 

Sarah stated, “What am I going to do now.”

Sarah began to look for another job but, she couldn’t find a job with the same benefits. She denied smaller job opportunities because her ego allowed her not sacrifice anything. One of the things she wanted to do was have Brandon have a better life than she had as a child and she wouldn’t let that happen if it killed her. 

Timeless days went by with no options appearing for Sarah.  Brandon and Sarah sat down and had a conversation.

Brandon said, “Mom how are you holding up?”

Sarah answered, “I am doing fine son.”

“It doesn’t seem like it Mom.”

“Everything is just getting too overwhelming.  I have to find a job soon.”

“You will, trust me good things come with time.”

Sarah had countless deny voicemails for jobs on her phone. Sarah started to do drugs to ease the pain. Sarah had outbreaks of continuous attitudes. She yelled and cursed Leroy out all the time. He became tired of dealing with her problems so he left the house. Leaving Brandon and Sarah alone caused many problems.  How will they survive? How could they make it with no money?

One week went by and then a light that appears from their dark and gloomy lives. Brandon had a basketball game and he scored forty points this game. After the game he was offered a college scholarship from the University of Florida. He screamed and jumped around when he found out the good news. It was his dream to go and play basketball in college. The first thing he did was call his mom.

“Wassup, Mom”

“Yea son”

“You aren’t going to believe what just happened to me after the game”

“What happened Brandon”

“I just got offered a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Florida”

There was a slight pause in the conversation. Brandon was eager to know how she felt.


“Baby I’m speechless. I knew you would get one. It’s one thing you’ve always wanted for yourself. I’m so proud of you.  You have a bright future in front of you. It’s up to you how things will turn out. Again, I’m proud of you baby and congratulations!”

Even though Brandon got offered, he still had a one important problem. He and his mom were broke. One day he was walking home from school and he was stopped by an old friend, Jarrod. Jarrod dropped out of school and started living the street life. Jarrod explained to Brandon that everything Brandon was doing was cool but he should think about joining his gang.  Brandon told him he would think about his offer. When Brandon finally arrived at home he noticed an eviction letter on his door. His mom, passed out on the couch was no help at this point. Her focus totally disappeared from Leroy leaving the house and her losing he job.

Brandon started to question what can he do to help his situation. He realized he had to go get money own his own. The problem was that he didn’t want to go work. Alone and no guidance he called Jarrod.

“Jarrod, I need to learn how to make money”

“Then you called the right person bro” said Jarrod

“What I do out here on the streets have my pockets lookin real nice”

“That’s what I’m talking about Jarrod”

“Let’s meet up so we could talk to some people”

“Sounds like a plan my G”.

This was the beginning of Brandon’s worst fear. He didn’t want to be like everyone else and be in gang. At this point he felt as he had no other option.  The next day he met up with Jarrod, who introduced him to his supplier. After they met, Brandon was put to work. He began selling weed on the corner that they gave him. 

One week went by and Brandon made two thousand dollars. He put some of the money up and payed the rent with the rest of his money. His mom didn’t even care where he got the money from, she just was happy they could still live in their house. Sarah became a dope fin. She couldn’t make it through the day if she didn’t have her drugs. Brandon hated the way his mom chose to live her life now. He just remembered that she is still his mother and he would be there for her no matter her life decisions. 

As more weeks go by, Brandon’s starts to get more comfortable with things. Brandon started to hit the block every day. The love, respect, and money boosted he ego. It became an addiction to go sell drugs. He grew friendships and bonds stronger than a bull. Situations came his way as he continued this new life style. He was offered a higher position after one of the GOE members was killed making a sell. Brandon sat and thought long and hard on this.  His life would change so much.  It wouldn’t be just a part of his life but it would be his life.  All he thought about was his mom and his survival. He told the GOE leader he would be accepting this new role. Money like never before poured in heavily after he started his new job. It got to a point where he made 10,000 dollars in one weak. One day he had called his mom and told her what was up.

“What’s up Mom”

“Hey son, what you been up too”.

“Nun to much I just wanted to check up to you and let you know I’ve been moved up and making more money than I’ve ever seen.

“That’s great son, make sure you stay safe out there because it’s not sweet. If you really want this life son, you have to work harder than ever and always watch your back.  Personally I won’t you to stop but I have to let you live your life. My son I do love you and all I want from you is to keep myself and you safe.

“I feel you Mom”

After Brandon got used to his new life style he adjusted everything he did. The first start was his clothing. His original white Nikes turned into red bottoms and Jordan’s. His favorites are his green, blue and purple Louis Vuitton shoes.  He bought these shoes for 5000 dollars. He became obsessed with the way people viewed him. He stardom and fame controlled his decisions. Being humble was the last thing on Brandon’s mind.  One thing he kept in the back of his head was his basketball career. He told himself,

“Brandon, you’re just doing this for part time.  Just work until you can go college”.

There was a day that changed his mind about everything he was doing. Him being in the GOE gang meant there was other rival gangs and people who wanted his spot. He had got into it with the Sira gang and they were sending him a message to stop selling drugs on their territory. They sent goons to go and raid Brandon’s house. At the time he lived with his mom and he had a house of his own. He went to the home he bought with all the drug money he earning. He drove into the drive through and all you could see was the all windows busted out of his house.  Brandon walked timidly to go into the house because he didn’t know if whoever did it was still in the house. Walking slow and trying to get his gun he opened the door. Messy and everything all around was the first thing Brandon noticed. He did a sweep through of the house to make sure it was clear. Crying with constant sniffles Brandon looked into all of his stashes and all of his money was gone. All of his hard work and countless hours he put in was gone. Only money he had left was at his mom’s house. This made him think, let me call my mother.

Brandon called his mom and had no answer. He thought maybe they went to his Moms house also. Doing high speeds and running red lights he drove faster than nascar drivers trying to get to his Moms house as quickly as possible. When he popped up his predictions was indeed correct. He pulled up and all he seen was the house with bullet holes into the house and police cars. His heart dropped faster than speed of light when he saw this. He hopped out the car and ran to see where his mom was. He asked the police what had happened and they said,

“Sir can you please take a back”

“This is my Moms house”

“Oh okay, a black van pulled up and shot up the place”

“Did you guys catch any of the guys who did this”

“They took off too fast for anyone to be alert of the situation”

“That’s bull officer, where is my mom”?

“She is right over there”

When he saw his mom his felt a sign of relief to know that she was okay.  He noticed a wrap around his mom’s leg so ran over to her.

“Mom what happened”.

“SONNNNN, omg I’m so glad to see you”.

“Mom what happened”.

“I was in the living room when out of nowhere that’s all I hear is rounds of gunshots. They started to come through into the house and I hid behind the couch but one of the bullets scrapped my leg”.

“Don’t worry Mom it won’t happen again”

After everything settled down he used some of the money that was at his moms place to buy a new apartment. A question arose in Brandon’s mind every day after. Is the street life really for him? He had many conversations with his mom on what are they supposed to do if he stopped. He also told her that he loved how he was able to get quick cash. Brandon didn’t want to leave but he came to a decision that he had to. 

Brandon fell off of the drug lord dream and started to focus more on his books and try and go to college. His drug savings was getting him and his mom by for the time being.  Brandon stayed up late at night thinking what will be his next move. He still had a scholarship to play basketball so he told his mom he was going to go there. Brandon called the coach that Friday after school and said,

“Coach I would love to play for you and I will accept your offer”

“Brandon you are finalizing piece to a bright future”

“I just have a couple of concerns that I want to address to you.  I don’t know how my mom will make it without me.  She is all I have and she is all I have.  She also is on drugs and unstable at times”.

After Brandon said this, his prayers were answers.  All of his worries will be gone.

“That’s fine we will provide her a home and job after we put her in a rehab center out here so you two will be close.

Tears of joy ran down his eyes and he told his coach thank you for everything and I can’t wait to start this new journey.

© Copyright 2019 Coby. All rights reserved.

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