A poem of stories

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English Teacher

English Teachers are more important than you think.... Read Chapter

A Tiny Drop

I have a tiny drop of water. I say no to watering plants. This tiny drop of the smallest drop of them all. Seem to almost fal... Read Chapter


You all know what racism is. But what about those little jokes that you make. I hate to break it to you, but you act like your ei... Read Chapter

Oh, so Wide of a Grin.

This poem is not for younger children.

My longest poem by far. Read Chapter

I am the Nightmare

No longer is the peace flowing through me.
Read Chapter

An Endless Fall

I guess it all makes sense.
Read Chapter

Elements of Anger

Well, I do not know how I came up with this one.
Read Chapter

Brain Control

The brain controls everything.
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Trying to be Better

(sighs) Worse chapter of this book to be honest.
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The Patter of My Rain

Reread to understand this poem.
Read Chapter

Stop the White Hate

History repeats itself. Keep a note of that.
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Happy Moments

The world isn't meant to be happy You make it wacky Your depression, suicidal thoughts, and hate Got to leave.   ... Read Chapter

If I was the One Staying

If I was the one staying   I like to imagine the sun shining the next day. The sun always shines the next day.  ... Read Chapter


I love my child. He brings such joy to my mild and bland life. I do have exciting moments. But majority of the time, it is us... Read Chapter

Across the Bus

Across the Bus Two people sit at each end Through noise It is impossible to notice   Across the Bus They not... Read Chapter


I feel rather off about life. I just read through all the chapters of this book. And let me just say... Wow.   I... Read Chapter

Let's Fly to Mars

A small story I thought about at midnight.

I spoke similar words to myself on this lonely bed
Read Chapter


It's really loud. The growls of the ocean. Motion seems to be broken. No notion to be seen.   The grains rub aga... Read Chapter

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Kenan Hodžić

Oh yeah this is for sure a poem of hope. It brings a nice message, especially the last part. I love this and you left me wanting more again ;D

Mon, May 22nd, 2017 9:17pm


More motivation coming your way.

Mon, May 22nd, 2017 2:20pm

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