Burro Questing

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A little man and a Burro need to rest for the night, and to get out of the rain. Will they find lodging? --- Is that all they will discover on their quest?

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



"Hellooooo! Is anybody there? --- Hello!" yelled the man, of short stature, while standing near a Burro.

"What in Bur-geezers do you want,” was the reply from some unconfirmed female voice? The voice was coming from the little thatched roof house.

"I am Simon Whittle and this is my friend Burr Burro. We are on a quest, but have run into foul weather. Might we sleep in your wee barn for the night?"

"NO! --- I do not harbor vagabonds, so be on your way," replied the voice from the house.

"We are not vagabonds, we are of means and are willing to pay for lodging," said Simon.

"Pay," replied the voice, "how much would you pay?"

Simon Whittle said, "Whatever is valid and proper for the lodging provided. In this case and because it is raining out here, I will pay one copper penny."

"A copper penny for both of you, or a Copper for each," was the question presented?

"One Copper Penny for both if it is warm and dry inside that little barn, but if there is blankets and hay within, then you shall have two Coppers," Whittle boasted.

The voice from the house was less harsh this time and stated, "There is hay in the stalls and saddle-blankets, clean and dry, in the storage closet. Now slide the coins under the door and leave me to return to my bed."

"I will give one coin tonight and I shall give you the other coin in the morning," Simon replied. And with that said he slid the Penny under the door.



The next morning Simon awoke to the sound of banging on the barn door. And when he investigated he found a hot bowl of porridge and a fresh brewed cup of tea sitting on a barrel, just inside the door.

And to Simon's delight, he found Burr Burro happily munching from a feed-bag of oats and barley.

"I see our host has a more hospitable disposition this morning, and why not, the sun is out and the rain has stopped." said Simon to Burr. "Perhaps a payment of one additional Copper might be appropriate; depending, of course, on the taste of the food."

Burr nodded in the affirmative while continuing to munch.

The porridge tasted better than any porridge Whittle had ever had and the tea was steeped perfectly.



After making ready to depart, the two travelers made their way to the house and Simon knocked on the door.

"Hello, lady of the house" Simon yelled, "I have your bowl and the teacup to return. The porridge and the tea was the best I have ever had, and Burr was delighted with the ingredients in the feedbag. We wish to thank you with an additional Copper."

The voice replied, "My name is Sarah Shannon and the bargain was for two Coppers, not a Copper more.

The feedbag, the porridge, and the tea was parting gifts, so no payment is required. Please place the teacup and bowl on the porch rail and the coin under the door."

Simon took the coin from his purse and slid it under the door, then said, "We will be off on our quest, dear lady, so we bid you farewell."

The front door opened, ever so slightly, and Sarah asked, "What sort of quest? --- Is it dangerous? --- Does it involve dragons or trolls, and are you going to do one in?"

"Oh my, no," replied Whittle, "Ours is a simpler quest, nothing so dramatic or dangerous.

My friend here, Burr Burro, has the ability to speak, and he is in need of a mate.

Now it is true that Burro do what Burros do, but a talking Burro will only mate with another talking Burro. So we are on a quest to find a suitable talking Burro. And of course we wish to make some sort of bargain so that the female Burro may go home with us. After all, they should remain together for their lifetime."

"And what of you, Mr. Whittle, have you left your wife alone to join such a quest?" Sarah asked.

"No, I would never do such a thing," said Simon.

As you can see, I am a man of short stature and few women find me attractive; so I am unmarried."

Sarah opened the door very wide and revealed that she was of short statue too.

That is when Sarah stated, "Why Mr. Whittle, I find that hard to believe. A man, such as yourself, with such charm and good looks as you have, And I hesitate to mention your exciting sense of adventure.

I feel that you have discredited yourself by listening to women who do not know a good man when they see one. You should have no problem finding a wife when given the right choice. Don't you agree?"

Then Sarah and Simon smiled, and gazed at each other for the longest time.

Suddenly a Burro stepped out from behind Sarah and stated, "Hi Burr, I'm Betty!"


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  05-21-2017

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