Google Spiriting

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A small town bar is no different than the big city ones, in that they both attract people that want a drink and to converse about things they can't prove. --- But hay, proof isn't everything.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



The setting is a clean but dingy little beer-bar in a small town farming community. Samuel Cummings is the owner and day-time bartender, everybody calls him Buck but nobody knows why.

It is a Friday afternoon and a guy named Walter has just bought a round for the house, which included Buck.

A round at this particular moment meant glasses of draft beer for Tina, a waitress from Mindy's Diner, her boyfriend Marty, and his brother Bob.

There were two others seated just down the bar, they were locals but not well known by Walter. But that didn't matter to Walter, he had just sold his rusty old Pontiac for a boat load of cash and he was celebrating; so they got beers too.




"Well what is the topic for today?" Walter asked, knowing something silly, strange, or controversial was always being discussed there.

"Space Aliens and their influence on the human race," Tina replied with a disapproving look on her pretty little face.

"Don't make that face, woman," Marty said. "There is evidence enough that Aliens were here a long time ago. Just look at the stuff that showed up on different continents, like the pyramids for instance."

"That doesn't prove a thing," replied Bob, "an Egyptian ship might have got caught in a storm and ended up in South America. Who knows?"

Buck butted in and offered his viewpoint, "Well what about how those stones were fitted together so perfectly, and not just on one continent, on a bunch of them?

Sense they were all done so perfectly, I figure that they were all taught how to fit them together by the same group, Aliens!"

Then Walter chimed in, "I don't know about who taught who, all I know is that ("If there is a will, there's a way.").

I don't think anyone taught the Eskimo how to construct a Igloo and many of them were made of ice blocks. I think that they just worked on the problem until they had a solution that got the job done.

They could have made their houses square, rectangle, or pyramid shaped, but they didn't. They went for a dome shape which is a lot harder to build than the others. But that shape lets wind flow over it smoothly; it's a great house shape for a blizzard.

Yet, when it comes to pyramids, I'm inclined to go with what Bob said about a ship caught in a storm. It wouldn't be the first time sailors ended up where they didn't want to be; if you know what I mean."

Everyone laughed. And Bob ordered a round.

One of the two men from down the bar, Frank, offered up another idea.

What if we do get instructions from people in other lands, other continents, but we think that they are our own ideas because we have never been to those places?

"What do you mean Frank, how would that work, asked Bob?

Frank continued, "Let’s say that we all have this mystical connection to one another, a connection that we no longer know how to use; kind of like a spiritual Google. When we get stressed out about a problem our spiritual Google comes on and solutions are looked for. Late in our history there were recorded cases where two people, on two different continents, had the same idea. The ones I'm talking about were inventions patented at the same time; there were even a law suite over one of them."

"If I have a spirit-Google, where is the screen?" Tina asked, with a snicker.

"Do you have dreams? They could be viewing monitors,? Frank replied with a smile from ear to ear.

"Well I have dreams all the time, but I don't understand any of them," Bob said.

"Maybe your dream messages are encrypted," Frank replied with a laugh.


With that said, everyone looked at one another for the longest time and then simultaneously replied. "NO, I don't think so!"


"Now wait just a minute, he may have something there," Tina stated. My Nana could read dreams real good. Everybody in the family, and even some of our neighbors, would go to her when they had a dream that was bothering them.

I remember one dream that bothered me real bad. In the dream I saw my cousin Burl, who was in the army at the time, and he got out of the back door of a four-door black Cadillac. He walked toward the front of the car and then he fell down.

When I ran to see about him he was lying on the ground next to a shallow puddle of water. The dream bothered me so bad that I told Nana about it.

Nana said that she thought that the black Cadillac was a representation of a funeral, but it could mean even more. And the part about Burl getting out of the car, then falling down next to a calm puddle of water, she said that was talking about a Bible verse about death and placing your trust in the Lord. The verse says, "I lay me down by still waters".

Well, sure enough, we got word from Burl's Mamma later that week; a staff car Burl was driving hit a IED and he died at the scene.

What really makes this freaky is that the death was reported on the news. It showed pictures of what was left of the car, a black sedan.

And they had a fire truck out there putting out the fire that remained; there were puddles of water all over the place."

"Are you serious?" --- Asked Marty.

"Cross my heart and hope to, --- well, you know," Tina replied.

"What has all this got to do with Space Aliens and pyramids?" Buck wanted to know.

"Search me," Frank replied, "I think my spiritual Wi-Fi is being blocked.

Everyone laughed, and then Frank bought a round.



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 05-21-2017

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