The Nightmare Begins

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Jason Michaels was a mortal but his life changed forever when a group of Demons known as the Uncontrollable escaped Hell and invaded the City of Darkwick. Thrown into Hell Jason used the art of manipulation and cunning to escape. Soon he became embroiled in protecting the City and fought against the Uncontrollable.
To stop evil from inflicting terror on Earth the Blackened Senate created Bounty Hunters who would seek to capture anyone who would pose harm to Earth. For his efforts at protecting his home City Jason became Knightmare.
A seemingly normal Bounty is collected but the Prisoner soon escapes, Jason prepares to apprehend the Demon once again, but is attacked by an unknown assassin. An attack on Heaven. Jason is soon thrust into a conspiracy which threatens to change both Heavena nd Hell forever.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



The Nightmare Begins

Chapter One

Terror Man had his hand firmly clamped over his victim’s mouth, who was both shivering and quivering with fear. The young girl had been walking innocently home from school when the Demon snatched her. Taken completely by surprise she found herself powerless as Terror Man kept a watchful eye on the front door.

Snivelling Terror Man watched and waited, a predator waiting to pounce. The clock ticked slowly by, darkness had risen. The small two-bedroom house was quiet. A quick glance at the time Terror Man realised it had been a while. Surely if someone was after him they would have made an appearance by now.

The time was 0930 the Demon lowered his gun. The girl stayed quiet practically frozen, scared to move. Terror Man for the time was now to indulge in his pleasures. He lowered the gun placed it in the back of his trousers.

“If you scream I’ll kill you” Terror Man grinned

The girl nodded obediently he released his grip from her mouth and ordered her to go towards the bedroom. Lust crept on the face of the perverse Demon. Plonking herself on the bed she waited for something happen, fear had more than a firm grip on her.

“Please don’t hurt me” She sobbed

Terror Man said nothing he licked his lips ready, to feed his hunger. But something stopped him. The sound of horse galloping could be heard, the galloping got closer and closer. The horse screeched to a halt.

Confused Terror Man gripped his gun tightly the sound of horses was not strange but in a busy 2017 city it was. Cursing the Demon gestured to his victim to stay quiet. Slowly he stood a few feet away from the front door. The horse nayed. The noise spooked Terror Man.

Sound of footsteps frightened the demon he turned around quickly. The girl stood there.

“I told you to wait in their”! Terror Man screamed

The glass smashed a dark figure swung through it, Terror Man caught completely off guard was kicked into the flames.

“aaahhhhhhh” He screamed trying shake the flames off.

Knightmare positioned himself in a fighting stance the Demon lunged at him, Terror Man yelped at the sound of his fingers snapping. A thrust kick to the stomach the Demon nearly ended up back in the flames. Unbalanced Terror Man pulled out his pistols.

The bullets recached off Knightmare’s armour. Shocked. Terror Man didn’t have a next move. Knightmare swung at the Demon was his sword. Cackling with laughter. Terror Man lunged once more. Pouncing on to his foe like a leopard from a tree on to an unsuspecting gazelle.

With ease Knightmare flung the Demon off. Gripping his sword once more. Unfazed Terror Man opted to launch a final assault. A sword plunged into him, the Demon howled. Knightmare pulled the sword out.

Knightmare turned to the girl.

“Hurry and tie him up”

Chapter Two

Lola morphed out of the young girl and was once again a demon. But not all Demons are bad. Although Terror Man had almost been slain he wasn’t going to die. Knightmare operated a no killing policy, he saw it as he wasn’t the judge jury or executioner, just the Bounty Hunter.

Ever since Hell and Heaven had agreed a truce; it had become popular for Demons to escape and terrorise Earth. To curb the tensions the Blackened Senate trained skilled Bounty Hunters who would remain neutral towards either side. The Hunter would then take the perpetrator to which side he belonged too. Then their own form of justice would decide the fate of individual.

Knightmare real name Jason Michaels got into this by accident, an invasion by a group of Demons known as the Uncontrollable escaped Hell and wreaked havoc and carnage on an unsuspecting Darkwick.

Michaels was captured and succumbed to horrifying tortures, surprisingly he didn’t break. Jason manipulated one of the Uncontrollable and gained his freedom. Soon he joined the fight to save Darkwick from the invasion. Impressed by his efforts in the campaign the blackened senate called upon him and gave him supernatural powers.

Since then Michaels has been capturing both demons and rogue Angels who seek to cause anarchy to Earth and those who live inhabit it.

Knightmare tied up Terror Man.

“Come it’s time” Knightmare growled

Lola hurried a fellow Bounty Hunter, the reward would be split in between the two of them. It wasn’t odd for Bounty Hunters to team up it wasn’t frequent it was occasional. As most of them preferred to work alone and claim the bounty at the end. A selfish act in many ways, but an understandable one.

The portal opened Lola entered first, Knightmare threw Terror man over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. The dark black vortex closed, the house was empty dead in silence as if nothing had happened.

Chapter Three

Standing around the angelic soldiers waited to what was being presented to them. Reaper another bounty hunter had captured the notorious Demon the Harvester.

A vicious demon known for Harvesting the souls of Human Kind hence his name. Eae commander of the angelic guardsman looked in complete surprise.

“Well you have done well” Eae smiled

“We need to transport him towards Hell” Eae informed

The soldiers rallied themselves.

“I can join you if you want” Reaper told

“You not got any bounties” Eae smiled

“Not unless you have any” Reaper laughed

“Not yet” Eae joked

The men got ready and made there were to the gate. Soon they landed near one of the temples of Hell. Silently the men waited slowly the doors opened. Reaper glanced back at Harvester whose face lit up with a grin. Then it became clear.

Harvester changed his shape. The group stopped, taken by surprise they readied themselves. A familiar cackle pierced ears. Zepar a Grand Duke of Hell emerged. Reaper gripped his two pistols the angelic soldiers armed themselves. They backed towards the temple as Zepar lashed out, only it wasn’t a temple, or was it? Suddenly the temple disappeared the group turned stunned by what they saw. Instead what looked like a military base presented himself.

“Stay together” Eae shouted

Zepar kept coming unleashing a frenzied attack, a scream from behind a soldier fell to the ground. Perplexed Eae saw the other soldier stand over him, only it wasn’t another soldier Crocell one of many Grand Dukes of Hell took the group by surprise.

Reaper blasted at Crocell, Eae bounded towards Zepar. The two locked themselves into battle. The other soldiers tried to help but were flung away with ease. Soon the body count started to rise.

With the look of fear on his face Eae blasted his horn, soon back up would be on its way. The sound took hold of Zepar who seethed with anger, Crocell fell back. The gateway was opened a bright light descended back up was almost with them.

Cursing Zepar and Crocell made a dash for the seemingly abandoned military base. Diving through the doors. What happened next surprised everyone. The base began to rumble as if an engine was starting as if it was about to take off! Back up arrived. Too late as the make shift base was now in the air. With speed in blasted off into sky nowhere to be seen.

The legion of soldiers ran to their aid led by Leo. Taking hold of his friend Leo and the group prepared to go. Reaper was also assisted by the men. They called for the gateway to be opened.

To his surprise Reaper was about to enter Heaven for the first time.

Chapter Four

The ship kept hovering for a few minutes without warning it changed course heading in a downwards direction. A sense of uneasy gripped Zepar and Crocell tightly. Slowly the craft hovered until making a clean landing.

Both Demons waited the door creaked open, cautiously they stepped off the craft only to be surrounded by a group of armed men in uniform. Still being cautious the dukes waited for an attack.

“What’s going on”? Crocell hissed

“How should I know” Zepar snapped

The soldiers lowered their rifles a figure emerged, the blood red armour stuck out the black cloak as dark as death also appeared to be recognisable. They turned to each other then towards the figure standing in a commanding position.

“Wrath” Zepar exclaimed

“It is I” Wrath grinned

“What’s all this”? Crocell quizzed

“This my friends, is the start of something which will help us conquer Earth” Wrath smiled

Wrath gestured for both to follow the Dukes obliged, bold grey doors opened, they went down a long corridor before reaching the main area. Soldiers were being watchful as workers scurried like busy bees.

“What’s this” Zepar quizzed

“This is our new start” Wrath grinned

Hurriedly soldiers continued to work like drones assembling weapons preparing for combat, curiously Zepar and Crocell watched seemingly impressed at the fact their friend had been productive.

“Is this all we’ve got” Zepar questioned

“I have forces in Hell ready and waiting” Wrath smiled

“And how do you suppose you get them out” Zepar quizzed

“When the time is right” Wrath smiled

“When the master gives the order”

“Who’s the master”? Crocell questioned

“The leader who will help us eradicate everyone who stands in our way” Wrath grinned

“So enough my friends all shall be revealed”

Wrath left his two friends who became deep in thought this wasn’t what they were used to. Leading armies and attacking were what they were used to not waiting around for an order from someone they don’t even know. Both Demons didn’t like, they trusted Wrath but this didn’t sit well either of them. For all they knew the Master could be a part of the angelic forces ready to entrap them and send them falling down the burning depths of Hell.

The constant feeling of distrust crept up on them like a dark expressionless shadow unseen. Both shuddered the internal argument in their minds soon arose, should we? shouldn’t we? Zepar wandered trapped in his thoughts. Crocell walked off his mind already made up.


Chapter Five

Reaper was overwhelmed as he was transported to heaven, but then reality set, he wasn’t being transported to heaven. The angelic forces had taken him to one of their secret head- quarters. The Bounty Hunter realised he shouldn’t have been so naïve, just because he was an ally of heaven didn’t mean that they would let him through St Peter’s gates. A Demon was a Demon good or not in heaven’s eyes harsh but true.

Terror Man sat in his cell awaiting judgement, bitter at being set up. The Demon patiently awaited his fate. The dark black cell door opened. Terror Man looked up. Slowly the figure moved in.

Chained to the wall Terror Man looked up. The figure spoke.

“Play the game and you will be free forever” the dark figure told

Terror Man stared back his expression blank.

“Do as we say and you’ll be free forever” the dark figure told

Terror Man nodded.

“Betray us and you will die”

The chains melted like ice cream in the summer. Terror Man was free.

Angelus laid with his wife Ola, a Captain of the angelic guard. All was peaceful no Demon had invaded anywhere. But soon peace was shattered like glass. Oberon marched in.

“Have you not heard of knocking” Angelus snapped

“It’s important” Oberon replied

“Spending time with my wife is important” Angelus responded

“Terror Man has escaped” Oberon told

“And can’t someone else deal with him it’s what we have bounty hunters for” Angelus replied

“We tried Knightmare but no answer” Oberon informed

“There are others” Angelus snapped

“It’s his district” Oberon replied

“On whose authority am I to go” Angelus quizzed

“Chayliel’s” Oberon replied

Angelus cursed he knew he had to go if the order had come from Chayliel himself, Ola’s father and Angelic Commander.

“Give me a minute” Angelus snapped

Oberon left the room and waited outside. Angelus frustrated, flung the sheet off himself, taking one last look at his wife’s naked radiant beauty. Quickly he armed himself.

“I won’t be long” Angelus smiled

“I should hope not” Ola mused as she sank back into the white sheets.

Angelus swung open the door.

“Get a good look did you”? Angelus quizzed

“I don’t know what you mean” Oberon replied innocently

“You know what I mean, if you ever do that again I’ll cut your fucking throat” Angelus hissed

It was no secret that Oberon fancied Ola. The two had been child hood friends. But it was Angelus’s bravery and victories over enemies of Heaven, that made her quiver at the knees for him.

They first met when Angelus was being heralded for his victory of Rogue Angel legion, who defied God, and threatened to usurp him. The Angelic Captain crushed the rebelling rebels with a hard-fought victory. A victory which gained him recognition and respect.

Oberon had never been the soldier type instead he relied on his intellect to get him through. Recently he joined the Angelic guard, but serving under Angelus had made become embalmed with bitter hate and anger.

Angelus, Oberon and two other Angelic guards swooped down on Earth.

“Let’s find him quickly” Angelus ordered

The location was found, anywhere where there was children Terror Man would be, his obsession for them was like a drug addict’s obsession for drugs. The gates of the abandoned school creaked open. The wind bristled by.

Right at the end was an old worn down play house, the familiar snigger followed by the usual cackle of laughter, gave away Terror Man’s presence.

Angelus led the charge. Suddenly they stopped in their tracks. Terror Man filtered through the play house, unusual for Demon to do so as he usually liked the concept of hide and seek. Caught by surprise Angelus waited, trying to predict his enemies next move.

Terror Man spun around on his ankle and bolted for the play house. Angelus sprinted into action. The angel leapt on the Demon crashing into the play house. The two guards were not far behind.

One shot Two shots both bodies hit the floor. A grenade thrown the playhouse was blown into pierces.

Oberon grinned the plan was in motion. Angelus lay bloodied broken on the ground as did Terror Man. Slowly he waltzed up to the both. A bright white smiled appeared on Oberon’s face. He raised the pistol. BANG! The bullet torpedoed itself into the body of Angelus who winced in pain.

Oberon then strolled over to Terror Man.

“Sorry we don’t need you anymore” Oberon smiled

BANG! the shot rang out.


Chapter Six

Blitz cursed something in German before running and delivering a blow to his victim’s stomach. Winded Knightmare was on his knees. The blind ambush attack paid off. Jason coughed a stream of blood and hit the old broken wooden flooring.

The German pulled back ready to deliver another blow. Knightmare saw it coming he grabbed the leg of the assassin and pulled him downwards. Blitz scraped the floor, his face displayed anguish as the friction sliced his back. Knightmare pushed himself back up on his feet.

Blitz leapt towards his target, a side step the German crashed into the glass cabinet which fell into tiny pieces to the floor as if it was snow. Cursing Blitz shook off the glass. Quickly he took hold of his pistol a classic Glock 19. He spun around the bullets torpedoed out. Knightmare ducked for cover. Ultimately realising that Blitz was no ordinary assassin.

A former Nazi soldier Oliver Schneider died at the hands of the allies. Impressed by his work the Hell Lords soon took his soul to the depths of Hell. Since then he worked as an assassin. But no ordinary assassin a demon assassin, like the Bounty Hunters Blitz had similar powers to take down his targets.

Neither had crossed paths up and till this point. Knightmare used a coffee table as a shield but soon it broke, he rolled over narrowly missing the bullets. Blitz was in control and he loved it. A smile crept across the German’s face.

“Come out come out wherever you are” Blitz taunted

He listened carefully for any signs of movement, none no matter he thought unattached a smoke grenade, quickly he threw it, smoke now consumed the two of them. Placing the pistol back in the hold, the dagger was now with drew. It was play time for the assassin.

Knightmare hid behind the worn beige white arm chair near the window. Blitz cautiously crept through the smoke. Together him and his new ally proceeded to flush out their victim. Without warning Knightmare leapt from behind the chair colliding with Blitz. The dagger slide away towards the far end of the room. Again, the German cursed, he reached for his gun, Knightmare blocked him. Punch after punch Blitz was in a daze, he snapped out of it quickly. A mule kick sent the Bounty Hunter flying. Landing with a loud crash. Knightmare was motionless. Blitz once again sprang to his feet and prepared to close in for the kill.

The door to the apartment creaked open, Blitz didn’t notice too busy basking in his soon to be victory. The smoke cleared. He marched briskly forwards, only to be pulled back, the rope tightened around his throat, he was jerked back like a disobedient dog. Blitz fell to the ground. The grip of the rope tightened.

Opening his eyes without warning Blitz threw the attacker over him they hit the floor with a heavy thud and lay motionless not far from where Knightmare was positioned. Capitalising on the advantage Knightmare unclipped his dagger. Blitz charged towards him, the dagger life his hand. Like a missile it found its target. Piercing the defence of the knee cap, the German screamed in agony.

Knightmare ran towards his injured foe, a thrust kick to the other knee it broke like a twig. Screaming Blitz fell to the ground. Defenceless he rolled around in pain. The Bounty Hunter clocked the trigger on his pistol. Lola got back to her feet and accompanied Knightmare who was looking down on the fallen assassin.

Chapter Seven

Oberon thrust Daphne backwards and forwards, whilst fucking he still couldn’t erase the image of Ola out of his mind. The lapse of concentration proved costly this time. Daphne saw his eyes leering elsewhere. She pulled forward, Oberon’s cock slide out much to his annoyance he wasn’t finished yet.

“What the hell is the matter with you”? Oberon cried

“you’re thinking about her again” Daphne snapped

“I’m not, and even if I was I am with you aren’t I” Oberon smiled

Daphne didn’t buy into the lack lustre charm offensive displayed by Oberon. She jumped down off the bed.

“Where are you going”? Oberon shouted

“I’m not fucking while you’re thinking of that blonde bimbo” Daphne replied

Rage lit Oberon’s eyes like fire no one could call Ola names or disrespect her in such a manner. He grabbed Daphne’s arm with such force it pulled her back. She tried to shake the grip off but Oberon’s hold was too powerful. Next he took off her feet and threw her on to the bed.

“No” Daphne shouted as she struggled to break free.

Oberon quickly overpowered her, he pinned her down and thrust his cock inside her, she tried to struggle but soon she gave into the sensation. Angrily he fucked her, Daphne began to moan with pleasure. Irritated by the noise Oberon clamped a firm hand over her mouth, in silence he climaxed and smiled at Daphne.

“You happy now, you fallen whore” Oberon mocked

Daphne said nothing, which said it all although it angered her that Oberon loved Ola the fact he fucked her was all what she carried about. As a member of the Fallen a group of Angels who sided with Lucifer in the great war against God, she knew Oberon risked it all by seeing her in the first place. Should Oberon get caught he would be cast out of heaven. Something he couldn’t afford, particularly now the plan was in motion.

Ola glided down the corridors, anxious she was unhappy her father Chayliel had sent Angelus to deal with Terror Man. Soon she found her father who was contempt in the great hall reading as usual.

“Why did you send Angelus to deal with Terror Man”? Ola quizzed

“I didn’t” Chayliel replied

“Why would I when we have bounty Hunters”

“Oberon said you gave the order” Ola pressed

“I gave no order Ola I can assure you” Chayliel replied

Silence entered the room. Chayliel looked up.

“Go back to your chamber now and wait further instructions” Chayliel ordered

“Why”? Ola quizzed

“Somethings wrong” Chayliel replied

“Guards take Ola to her chamber now” Chayliel ordered

Quickly the guards assembled and took Ola away.

“Everything alright my lord”? Leo quizzed popping his head around the door

“Leo I think an attack is looming Angelus is missing and so are his men” Chayliel told

“I’ll go down there with a team now and find him “Leo told

Leo disappeared. Ola saw him dashing down the corridor.

Worried for Angelus she tried to order the guards away, but the next thing took her by surprise. A punch in the stomach Ola was winded, her body went forwards the pain throbbed, she was soon pulled back viciously a hand clamped of her mouth she couldn’t breathe, the lights went out.

Carefully the guards took snook outside the side exit, quickly they loaded her into the van. The vehicle sped off.

The phone rang. The first guard answered.

“Do you have her”? Wrath quizzed

“We do” Zepar smiled

The next stage of the plan was complete.

Chapter Eight

Blitzs crawled towards the front door, Knightmare and Lola were closing in. They paused. A rolling sound came from outside the door. Then it stopped. GRENADE! The blast pushed both Bounty Hunters back, the flames engulfed Blitz like a predator engulfing its prey. The flames roared the blast thundered, the apartment was now in pieces, ripped to shreds. Blitz was gone. Both Knightmare and Lola lay their motionless.

Zepar and Crocell continued to drive, slightly cautious with their speed as they hoped not to draw attention to themselves. The mood was sour in the van. Crocell was pissed.

“Is this what were reduced to, kidnappers” Crocell snapped

“No you don’t know who she is, she is of importance the daughter of some Angelic lord” Zepar hissed

“And, we can’t we just invade and conquer like we use to instead of being errand boys for Wrath and his master” Crocell replied

“We will soon, just trust me” Zepar snapped

Zepar knew his friend’s frustrations well, so well that he felt them himself he did feel like an errand boy instead of a great Duke who lead legions of Hell Soldiers into battle. Trusting Wrath, the Duke decided to go with the flow, but soon it would be too much patience would be lost and anarchy would prevail.

The alarm blared Eae had barely enough time to compose himself, Reaper was like a rabbit in the head lights caught up in the commotion.

“We have to go” Eae instructed

“What’s going on” Reaper quizzed

“Trouble we will drop you back on Earth” Eae told

Rallying his men Eae prepared to transport as they stood at the gates. Completely caught off guard shoots fired, one, two Eae fell forward writhing in pain, three, four more shots rang out like trees falling the body count soon became apparent. Eae glanced up trying to see the attacker. The gunman came into view. The pained expression Eae had turned into frozen shock.

A hard kick in the stomach Eae rolled over. Reaper glanced around at the carnage and then looked at Eae. It was done. Unclipping a grenade, he tossed it, into the bloody massacre. BOOM! Reaper intercepted the gate.

Chayliel and Leo armed themselves heavily. The alarm sounded. Trouble was afoot. Oberon galloped down the corridor. Quickly he intercepted both Chayliel and Leo.

“What’s going on”? Oberon quizzed

“We’re under attack, gather as many troops as you can and come with us” Chayliel ordered

“Yes my lord” Oberon replied

Chayliel turned to Leo.

“We need the others Cassius, Gabriel and Michael, go and get them I’ll be fine I can hold them off” Chayliel told

“My lord” Leo replied

“Do it if they get into the upper heavens it’s over Leo we both know it” Chayliel told

“As you wish my lord” Leo replied

Leo darted off. Chayliel rallied his men.

“Where have we been breached”? Chayliel quizzed the gateman

“The attack is coming from lower depths of hell” the gateman informed

“Good not Lucifer’s domain” Chayliel sighed

“Send us down”

Oberon charged with his men.

“We need to go after Chayliel” Oberon barked

The gateman prepared the gate. Oberon pulled out his pistol. BANG !!! The gateman fell. Shocked. The rest of the soldiers armed themselves and charged towards Oberon, who narrowly missed being struck. Tossing a grenade. Some soldiers blew into pieces whilst others evaded the weapon. Laughing Oberon boarded the gate. And headed after Chayliel.


Chapter Nine

Chayliel ushered his men luckily for him the outer depths of Hell were dominated by feeble demons who didn’t pose much of a threat until now. Oberon sprinted soon he caught up with the others.

“Chayliel” Oberon uttered

“Where’s the rest of the men” Chayliel quizzed

Before Oberon could answer the charging roar of demons sounded. Wrath led the charge. The fight soon descended just outside the lower depths of Hell. The onslaught by both sides seemed even. But then it became deadlocked.

Reaper marched towards the battle. Hands firmly on his pistols. Shoots were fired and bodies fell around the Angelic lord. The look of shock appeared on Chayliel’s face, treacherous bastard he thought as he saw Reaper’s betrayal unfold. But there was no time for a confrontation. He called for backup. But none arrived.

The numbers declining Chayliel was on the losing end of a battle for the first time in ages.

“Surrender, it’s over” Wrath ordered

Chayliel refused with what men he had he continued to fight. A valiant effort none the less but it didn’t pay off. The bodies continued to fall. Fatigue soon gripped the lord pulling him downwards.

Chayliel made one last ditch attempt to gain something from the fight. Suddenly he felt the icy cold blade against his neck. Surrounded. The Angelic lord threw his sword down. The men left did the same.

“Surprise” Oberon whispered

Oberon lowered the blade.

“Kill the soldiers but take Chayliel” Oberon ordered

“You bastard” Chayliel spat

A punch to the face silenced the angelic lord who was dragged in hell by force.

Oberon turned to Reaper.

“You know what to do” Oberon told

“I do” Reaper replied

The Bounty Hunter scampered out of view to proceed with the next stage of the plan.

Chapter Ten

Knightmare and Lola slowly got up, their heads banging like a loud noise. Both looked surprised as they saw Blitz had gone.

“What happened”? Lola quizzed

“I was on my way to apprehend Terror Man who had escaped again, before I got attacked by the German Maniac” Knightmare told

“For some reason someone didn’t want you to apprehend Terror Man again” Lola replied

“But how did he escape again” Knightmare asked

“I don’t know” Lola replied

“Something isn’t right” Knightmare told

“It’s not safe here, we should go”

“Where”? Lola asked

“That I don’t know but we need answers and fast” Knightmare told

“We need to find Reaper” Lola told

“Last time I heard he had apprehended the Harvester, we find the Harvester we find Reaper” Knightmare replied

“Any idea where he is” Lola asked

“Somewhere in Reaper’s district” Knightmare told

The sound of heavy footsteps thundering towards them grew closer and closer.

“Either way we need to go now” Knightmare instructed

The horde of soldiers barged in, SMASH!! The glass of the side window shattered and fell like snow. Gunfire fired. Knightmare and Lola hit the unforgiving concrete below. One of the men cursed. The bullets showered over them, missing them by an inch.

Shielding themselves the bullets stopped raining as the soldiers choose to start pursuing. One after another they dived on the concrete. Dressed it all black their faces covered. They continued to fire.

Knightmare and Lola made a run for it. They crossed the street. Narrowly missing speeding cars some drivers shouted others cursed. Either way the Bounty Hunters choose to evade, as fighting in front of mortals drew unwanted attention.

A car appeared to vacant. Smashing the driver’s window Knightmare launched himself in followed by Lola. The bullets clattered against the vehicle. Jason pushed the pedal downwards the car reeved loudly, thick black smoke ushered out. They sped off. The group continued to fire, whilst they watched the pair speed off.

Chayliel was marched down the weaving corridors. Wrath stood rather proudly at the side of the makeshift throne, while Oberon beamed please that the plan was slowly falling into place, rather like a jigsaw.

“Surprised” Oberon smiled

“Why”? Chayliel growled

“I’ll show you why” Oberon grinned

The guards hoisted the weakened lord upright, they went down a long narrow corridor. Either side appeared to be thick black cell doors given away by the bars on them. They came to the end of the corridor. Oberon nodded the guard opened the door.

“You first” Oberon smiled

The guards pushed Chayliel in. Instantly his heart sank tears crept in his eyes, the sight of a bound and gagged Ola on a make shift bed, hurt like a knife to the back, completely defenceless she lay they sobbing in hardly anything.

“Noooo!!” Chayliel screamed

“Yes!” Oberon hissed

“You see this is what it’s all about your daughter” Oberon shouted

“You bastard I’ll kill you!” Chayliel screamed

The angelic lord lunged like a savage beast towards Oberon, but missed any chance of connecting with him. The guards pulled Chayliel back, a couple of punches to the stomach the lord was winded.

“You never had any faith in me and never did she, instead you both picked Angelus a fool who knows nothing, he doesn’t care for you Ola like I do” Oberon screamed

“You all put me down, laughed behind my back because I wasn’t as strong as the others I wasn’t soldier material, Angelus mocked me all the time, bullied me to the extent I slept in my own tears, my father did nothing he was like the rest disappointed I never became a soldier, my mother ha well she did her best, but now who’s in control. Angelus is dead and I’m in control” Oberon shouted

“They will find you” Chayliel replied

“Who Knightmare is dead, the rest of heaven is cut off from here, the main Bounty Hunters have aligned themselves with me” Oberon sneered

“You always have been a coward no wonder your father thought you were a disgrace” Chayliel shouted

“Bad move Old Man” Oberon replied

Oberon grabbed the dagger from the side hold. Ola tried to scream but couldn’t she struggled, as did her father. A quick slice the blood filtered out, Ola sobbed. Chayliel fell to his knees the blood oozing out. Oberon smiled.

“Now it’s your turn” Oberon sneered as he looked at Ola.

Chapter Eleven

Angelus murmured, the pain still hung around, without warning he bolted upright, sweat dripped from his forehead as if it were a leaky tap. Slowly he swung he legs around, blocking out the pain for a moment. Trying to walk Angelus stumbled with a loud thud he landed on the cold concrete floor.

Trying to push himself back up, Angelus saw a familiar bright white glow, the light blinded him as if it was the sun shining. The figure glided further towards him. Angelus shielded his eyes the best he could. The glistening white shadow floated soon it was in touching distance.

The entity spoke.


Wearily the archangel looked up, the light appeared to shrink and shrink until it was no more. Andzela stood over her brother, she knelt helping her elder brother back to make shift bed.

“Andzela” Angelus uttered

Took by complete surprise Angelus sat down.

“It’s good to see that your safe sister” Angelus told

“You need to stop this” Andzela replied

“How I don’t even know where to start”? Angelus said

“There is a Bounty Hunter called Knightmare for some reasons unexplained whoever is behind this wishes him dead, you need to find him” Andzela replied

“Where is father” Angelus quizzed

“With the others Gabriel, Michael, they are trying to reconnect the gates” Andzela told

“And Mother”? Angelus questioned

“Protected by the higher guards, you need to find Ola she has been taken” Andzela replied

Angelus gulped the sheer anguish of the pain struck him his wife his beloved missing and no one knows where, perhaps Andzela was right, this Knightmare character might have some knowledge, perhaps he knows. Either way it’s a good place to start Angelus thought. Whilst planning his next move, the wounds soon dispersed although weakened. Angelus was ready to fight once more.

“Where is Knightmare headed?” Angelus quizzed

“No Souls bar” Andzela told

Bidding his sister good bye Angelus headed straight for the bar they call No Souls. An establishment where mortals didn’t exist.

Night after night Oberon viciously raped Ola, every time she wriggled and squirmed like a fish out of water, the constant sobbing had soon dried up as if they were no more water to run down from her eyes, a complete drought. But Oberon was loving life, for the first time ever he had power and the woman he always wanted.

Zepar and Crocell became disgruntled, Wrath continued to play the loyal soldier. But the two were pissed off. This isn’t how they planned it, sitting around waiting for orders, they were Grand Dukes of Hell for god’s sake!

“We need to get out of here” Zepar said

“Where do we go”? Crocell quizzed

“Back to the depths of Hell for all I care” Zepar snapped

The two crept out but suddenly they stopped, a click of a trigger forced them to stay put. Both demons turned Wrath stood there with armed with his pistol.

“Going somewhere” Wrath quizzed

“Actually yeah” Crocell snapped

“Shut up” Zepar hissed

“This isn’t what we had in mind sitting around doing nothing” Zepar continued

“I have news for you” Wrath smiled

“Go on” Zepar sounded intrigued

“Oberon has a mission for you, you need to unlock the Destroyer it’s time to conquer all” Wrath smiled

“That means going against Lucifer himself fuck that he will kill us” Crocell snapped

“Not if he’s out the way” Wrath sneered

“You want us to turn on the Prince of Hell, never”! Zepar shouted

“Go on pull the trigger” Crocell goaded

Wrath did the bullet skimmed by both Hell lords a scuffle broke out.

“Guards”! Wrath yelled

The gun went off, Wrath screamed. Outnumbered the Hell Lords ran for it.

Chapter Twelve

Knightmare and Lola continued to the No Souls bar, located in No Man’s land a place neither distinguished by Heaven or Hell. The old broken wooden saloon doors creaked open. Reaper was sat at the bar.

Instantly both Knightmare and Lola recognised him. Filtering through the on lookers and those who were minding their own business they reached the bar. Knightmare placed his hand on Reaper’s shoulder. Reaper turned.

Out of nowhere a bullet soared like a missile the combination of screams and shouts filled the room. Reaper jerked forwards as the bullet connected. A group of demons chose to arm themselves. The lights flickered. A horde of demons ran through the crooked doors.

The group of about half a dozen demon men waited. The wind whistled, brushing by the doors. Knightmare gripped his pistols. Lola had Reaper in her arms. The wind whistled again. One after another bullets were torpedoed into the bar. BANG! BANG! One, two the bodies fell.

Again, the lights flickered the remaining four demons went closer to the entrance. Three, Four, the body count continued to rise. Again, the lights flickered Knightmare ducked. A dagger brushed by, a bullet soon followed. Five, Six no more.

Knightmare got back up. He glanced upwards his eyes staring into the barrel of a pistol.

Angelus stared at the seemingly powerless duo.

“I don’t why the Hell you are saving that spineless bastard” Angelus smirked

“He’s one of the good guys” Knightmare growled

“Is he really”? Angelus

Knightmare lunged tackling the angel to the ground. The gun went off; part of the ceiling fell. Lola stayed with Reaper. Angelus kicked Knightmare off, sending the Bounty Hunter crashing into some nearby tables.

Quickly he marched towards Lola and the fallen Reaper. Lola lunged but was knocked instantly. Reaper got up. Angelus shot him again. Knightmare spun the angel from behind, the punch sending him tumbling to the floor.

Lola got back up. A hand from behind covered her mouth, the sliver blade glistened as it connected to her neck.

“Play time is over boys” the voice spoke

Both Knightmare and Angelus stopped, shock had taken its hold on both.

Angar screamed, the sound pierced both Knightmare and Angelus’s ears before sending them crashing to the floor. In one swift move the throat was cut, the blood trickled out. Lola fell to the ground.


Chapter Thirteen

Lola’s body disintegrated as if were ash floating from a fire. Angar smiled, drooling at the taste of blood. Angered Knightmare made a lung but it was too late. The Demon screamed by disappearing himself.

Jason knelt beside Lola tears accompanied his eyes, gently he placed the body down. Taking a tight hold of his sword, Knightmare pushed the doors open with such velocity that they fell on the ground.

“Where are you going”? Angelus called

“I don’t know about you but I’m avenging my friend’s death” Knightmare snapped

“I have an idea where Angar might be” Angelus replied

“You haven’t even told me who you are” Knightmare responded

“My name is Angelus my wife was taken I was left for dead by Oberon who is behind all this, we find Angar we find Oberon we end this mess” Angelus told

“Then let’s find Angar” Knightmare replied

A few days had passed Wrath hadn’t bothered in his pursuit against the treacherous Dukes. Zepar proceeded to the outlands a place only Fallen Angels and Demons go, to unwind. Crocell accompanied him. Both were cautious a constant glance over the shoulder became a routine. They passed one bar but then chose to settle for the next. Soon the drinks flowed like a river. Demon women began to dance. The night was complete.

A soft smooth grip on his hand Zepar looked up a woman pale white with red hair looked down on the duke with lust lit in her eyes. The Duke nodded to his friend and continued to be enticed. Not long after a girl came and got Crocell.

The woman undressed Zepar’s eyes lit up, he marched towards her, he grabbed her hair and stuck his tongue down her throat. A kick to the groin Zepar fell to the ground, surprised caught off guard he looked up and saw the ravishing beauty gazing down on him.

“Your pathetic” The Woman sneered

Zepar sprang to his feet shaking off the pain the best he could, he charged towards the temptress. Anger in his eyes the rage building up. Thrusting his hands around her neck he began to squeeze the life out of her.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” the Woman choked

The TV in the room switched on Zepar turned his attention to it. Crocell was on his knees, wailing in pain.

“What have you done” Zepar shouted

“If you don’t get the destroyer your friend will die” the woman smiled

The Duke released his grip he got off. Zepar stormed out it was time to rally his men.


Chapter Fourteen

Amy smiled as Zepar bolted out the room she soon followed but in a different direction. Wrath looked down upon the weakened Reaper.

“You could have been one of us” Wrath told

“Shame really”

A tap on the shoulder Wrath turned Amy stood behind him, gleaming with joy.

“Good work” Wrath smiled

“Anything for you” Amy mused

The two entwinned, clothes fell on the floor, Reaper paid no attention the constant beatings had rendered him in and out of consciousness. Pushing her against the wall Wrath thrust in and out Amy tilted back the sensation pleasing her, she moaned. Wrath climaxed it was all over.

“Hope you enjoyed the show” Amy sneered

Reaper said nothing. Wrath laughed and the two lovers left the cell. Oberon sat on his make shift throne. Angar appeared.

“Did you take care of the Bounty Hunter” Oberon quizzed

“There was a problem an Angel attacked I killed the woman Bounty Hunter” Angar reported

“which Angel”? Oberon seethed

“He had a pistol and threw a dagger, fair hair” Angar told

“Angelus how the fuck is he alive!” Oberon screamed

“Wrath”!!! Oberon screamed

Wrath appeared.

“Angelus is alive he’s teamed up with the Bounty Hunter” Oberon screeched

“Is Zepar on course to get the Destroyer”?

“Yes he is my lord” Wrath told

“Angar gather some men and take them both out they can’t ruin our plans” Oberon said

The Grand Duke proceeded with his legions to further depths of Hell. No one questioned the Hell lord’s motives as the legions marched. They journeyed further and further. The familiar corridor filled with dark black molten cells on either side, could be seen.

Zepar and his men continued. Suddenly the legions stopped. A ball of fire from nowhere took out half the men. Screams and wails of dying demons filled the corridor. Zepar ducked as the fire narrowly avoided him. Quickly he got to his feet and armed himself. The remaining men followed.

The Duke got to his feet he stared ahead in complete surprise Maze was standing right in front of him. Out of nowhere soldiers descended from both sides slaying the Duke’s men. His legions massacred Zepar stood alone as the soldiers began to surround him.

The lover of Lucifer smiled.

“Take him to Lucifer now” Maze ordered

Chapter Fifteen

Angar rallied his men. Knightmare and Angelus had left No souls bar and proceeded to look further for the screaming Demon. Both decided to head for the lower depths of Hell. But the lower depths weren’t easy to find. They were heavily concealed as were the rest of Kingdom.

The Screamer saw the duo seemingly wandering aimlessly. Now the time was to attack he sniggered to himself.

Zepar was shackled and dragged, what seemed to be a long way. Someone knew he was coming, someone had tipped off the Dark Prince But why? The Duke was thrown before Lucifer who sat on throne looking down on the pathetic lord.

“What the fuck, Zepar, did you really think I’d let you and your Angel buddy get to the Destroyer so easily” Lucifer laughed

“What are we do to with him my lord”?  Maze asked

Lucifer walked down the flaming steps. For a moment, he stared at Zepar. The Dark Prince walked up to the Duke. A quick thrust the sword penetrated the Hell lord, choking on the pain Zepar dropped to his knees. Another swing, the head rolled off the body and to the ground.

“Release the Destroyer” Lucifer commanded

Like a predator Angar stalked his prey, the perfect ambush no man’s land where anything could happen. Caught off guard the Screamer screamed projecting both Knightmare and Angelus firmly in the air. Landing with a hard thud.

“Kill them” Angar screamed

The group of a dozen soldiers split into two groups. Knightmare clashed with six, his word cut two of them down. Four left. Reaching for his gun he fired bullets which flew into the soldiers who screamed before dissolving. Two left. One soldier lunged forward Knightmare lowered his sword, slicing the demon almost in half. The other soldier leapt on the bounty hunter from behind but was met with a miserable end. A gun shot splattered the demon’s brains.

Angar cursed the half a dozen surrounded Angelus. Two were slayed practically with ease. Four to go. Throwing his word one soldier was impaled to the ground, the other three charged forwards BANG! BANG! two down, one to go. Another bullet another death.

The screamer was about to scream a dagger became wedged in his throat coughing violently the blood flowed out. Angar fell back his hands grasping at the blade. Knightmare looked down on him.

“I’ll make it quick if you tell us where lower hell is “Knightmare growled

“Take this is guarantees you entry” Angar spluttered

The Demon passed over what looked like a golden a coin but slightly larger.

“It opens the portal you will need” Angar told

The Demon turned his head. The screamer could scream no more.

Chapter Sixteen

Abaddon looked surprised as the cell door lifted, he smiled. It was time. The Destroyer waltzed causally towards the direction of Earth. It had been years since Abaddon had walked the plains of Earth, confined to an enforcement cell for his own safety and the safety of those around him. The destroyer held no limits, obeying the Prince of Darkness only he knew what he was expected to do.

Coming from Hell, Darkwick seemed quiet the day was Saturday but the sun was shining like a radiant beauty on display. Taking it all in the Demon stood still for a mere few seconds. He roared so loud the mortals scattered in all directions, confused taken hold by fear. Behind the legions of Hell stood firmly. A glance towards his men, gave the signal away. It was time.

Angelus and Knightmare were now at the entrance of Lower Hell, the Angelic soldier gripped the large golden coin firmly his only chance of getting in since the heavenly kind were not welcome. Soon their eyes met with the guards.

“He’s with me Lord Oberon requests him to be delivered to him at once” Knightmare growled

“If so then we will take it from here” The Guard remarked

“If you value your life then you won’t obstruct me” Knightmare told

The guard backed off and gestured for them to enter further. A wave of relief swept through the both. Quickly they dashed down the corridor.

“We need to find Ola” Angelus told

“I know, we will head to the cells” Knightmare replied

The two scampered along the molten red corridors lit by the flames of Hell. It wasn’t long before they found the cells. Frantically Angelus searched.

“I’ll find Reaper if he’s anywhere he will be here” Knightmare told

Knightmare darted further down the corridors. Angelus soon found Ola. She was tied up, and gagged she looked like she had beaten mercilessly. A hard strike the cell door came off its hinges.

“Ola” Angelus cried with relief.

Ola said nothing, too weak, she smiled, the two embraced for a short while.

“I hate to break up the reunion but we have to go” Knightmare called carrying a beaten Reaper

Angelus hoisted Ola off the bed and carried her. The sound of snarling came from down the corridor. Guards soon appeared cutting all any chance of an exit. Knightmare slayed open the wall the four some went through it, the guards cursed completely baffled and angered for being outsmarted so easily.

The soldiers gave chase.

“Leave me” Reaper whispered

“No” Knightmare snapped

“It will be easier” Reaper whispered

Knightmare stared into the widened eyes of his friend he knew he was right. He sat Reaper down.

“For old times’ sake” Knightmare smiled passing Reaper a grenade

The sound of snarling grew closer.

“Go” Reaper shouted


Reaper’s sacrifice took out the guards. But still the group was lost. More guards chose to approach Knightmare fought them off.  Angelus tried to help but wasn’t much use. A barge to Knightmare sent the bounty Hunter crashing into the angelic ones. They fell through a dark wall. The room they entered had been consumed by darkness pitch black.

Out of nowhere the flames roared the soldiers surrounded them. Oberon sat up high peering down on his fallen foes.

Chapter Seventeen

The Destroyer and his men continued to wreak havoc. Gabriel and the others were still trapped in heaven.

“We need to fix the gate” Gabriel shouted

“The only who knows how to do that is Oberon” Leo sighed

“We are powerless while those who we are meant to protect suffer” Gabriel hissed

The death of Zepar sent Crocell into a blinding raged he awakened. The female guard tried to apprehend him but no use his sheer might over powered her as he crushed her wind pipe. Poison or no poison revenge was on his mind. Quickly he changed form into an Angelic soldier. He slayed the rest of the guards with easy, his sword covered deep in thick red blood.

Oberon smiled.

“What do we have here”?

Angelus and Knightmare looked at each other the soldiers outnumbered them completely but it was either fight or flight. The Angelic Soldier lowered Ola. The guards charged. The battle soon begun. Oberon watched with intent. Soldiers died and the body count was rising. A sharp pain gripped Angelus’s back, he reached around he pulled the dagger out and tossed it to the floor. The Angel screamed but the anguish of pain knocked him down, he was on his knees. He glanced upwards. Ola stood over him. The shock betrayal knocked down Knightmare the soldiers pounced like lions unleashing an onslaught of violence.

Oberon cheered clenching victory in the palms on his hands. Wrath peered around the corner, carefully he watched the scenes unfold. He ran down the corridor.

“It’s time to go” Wrath motioned to Amy

The two darted towards the exit, soon they vanished. Oberon walked down the black steps, eager to embrace Ola finally he thought he had won her. The traitorous Angel embraced Ola who seemed to return the favour. A sharp blow to the stomach the blade wedged itself in. The look of horror and surprise appeared as Oberon’s expression as he fell back clutching the weapon.

Ola disappeared Daphne appeared.

“What the Hell”?! Oberon cursed

“Hahaha” Daphne laughed manically

“You thought you were fucking that pretty blonde bitch all along but it was me, me, me !!!” Daphne screamed

“After all I did for you I loved you but still you wanted her it was always her”!!!

“Your stupid bitch you ruined everything” Oberon shrieked

“I hope I have” Daphne smirked

Oberon thrust the blade outwards he charged towards Daphne. Angelus intercepted him the two wounded Angels brawled. Knightmare took down the deranged Daphne. Disarming her with ease.

“It’s over” Knightmare told

“Oh but it’s not, Wrath and his men have invaded Earth” Daphne laughed

The two warring Angels broke off from each other Oberon clutched his stomach the blood still pumping out. Thumping the blade into Knightmare’s leg the Bounty Hunter screamed in agony. The Demon skipped towards the exit pleased with her work.

Once again the two Angels locked up. Angelus drew his sword. Oberon charged. The sword speared into him. Angelus pulled the sword back in one swift move the head of Oberon rolled.

The two headed towards the exit it was time to stop Wrath.





Chapter Eighteen

Crocell was close to one of the gates, the ironic thing was that no one could leave Heaven but anyone could enter it. Wrath’s plan was simple take over Earth and then use a combined army of Earth’s and Hell’s forces to destroy Heaven once and for all.

The golden gate lowered itself Crocell stepped in. The trigger clocked the Demon turned. BANG! the bullet knocked his head back. Crocell feel to the floor his body lifeless.

Knightmare and Angelus were now on Earth immediately they joined the fray slaying as many of Hell’s soldiers as they could. The numbers over powered them. Wrath saw his forces being slayed. Cursing he told Amy to stay put.

“It’s over you two have lost” Wrath sneered

“This was your plan all along wasn’t it, you only used Oberon to get what you needed” Knightmare shouted

“Hahaha of course, as if that puppet would rule me” Wrath laughed

A gun fired. Knightmare and Angelus turned around. Lola pointed the gun.

“Back from the dead” Angelus sneered

“Something like that, then again it helps if you die in the first place” Lola laughed

Knightmare’s heart sank he had truly liked Lola. The disappointment and sadness clung to him.

“Aww what’s the matter Knightmare it looks like you’ve seen a ghost” Lola taunted

“Why”? Knightmare growled

“Because it’s time we bettered ourselves, its time us the Bounty Hunters took what we were owed, instead of being Heaven’s dog bodies we can rule instead” Lola smiled

“Never had you down for being power mad” Knightmare replied

“You never knew me then” Lola sneered

The gun went off Wrath feel back clutching his stomach, he howled in pain. A white light came from nowhere, blinding all three.

The white light soon disappeared. Lola was weakened. The figure approached.

Angelus stared at the figure in complete shock. Chayliel stared back at his son in law.







Chapter Nineteen

Daphne walked away from the body. Skipping her way towards the battle field, she smiled. From behind a bright light grabbed her, a sword thrust its way into her. The Demon fell forward.

Gabriel stepped over the body.

“Come on we need to save the people” Gabriel cried

The Angelic forces rallied behind their leader and soon clashed with the forces of Hell. Chayliel turned he cursed this wasn’t part of the plan. Wrath was still on the floor clutching his stomach.

The Angelic lord turned and made a run for it Angelus followed. Knightmare scooped up Lola.

“The plan worked” Knightmare whispered

Wrath pulled himself up to his feet. He lunged towards Knightmare, catching the Bounty Hunter off guard. The two grappled on the ground. Amy emerged from the chaos. A sharp kick to the stomach Lola rolled over.

“I’ll teach you to shoot my husband” Amy shrieked

Amy went for another kick, but Lola caught her foot, pulling her down to the ground. Both women clawed away at each other like cats. Angelus pursued Chayliel. By now they were away from the battle field, just on the edge of No Man’s land.

A white blast Angelus fell to the ground. Chayliel emerged.

“Ah my fallen son in law” Chayliel grinned

“Why”? Angelus uttered

“Firstly because I despise you, you sided with Lucifer after all but God gave you a second chance, but that wasn’t my main reason I did it because I wish to make Heaven better the only way I can do it is by ruling it. I knew Oberon hated you so he worked perfectly to get things going as did his girlfriend Daphne until she fucked up, it’s because of her the Angelic forces are her she killed Crocell but her shot knocked him into the gate resetting all of the co-ordinates so now Heaven is open again” Chayliel said

“But at least I get to do one thing and that is rid everywhere of your existence”

Chayliel drew his sword, Angelus rolled out the way. The steel scrapped the floor. Angelus got back to his feet and withdrew his sword. The two charged at one another.

“Where is Ola”? Angelus shouted

“You’ll never find her” Chayliel grinned

“Does she know of your betrayal to heaven eh” Angelus replied

“No because no one other than you know and you are going to die” Chayliel told

The two went back and forth. A slash to the arm, blood trickled from Angelus.

“It’s over” Chayliel shrieked

Knightmare over powered Wrath sending him tumbling to the ground. A shot from behind sent Knightmare flying. Lucifer appeared.

Chapter Twenty

The Dark Prince stood over Knightmare. Amy stopped her assault on Lola as Maze stared her down.

“It’s over for you Bounty Hunter” Lucifer hissed

“Just in time brother” Wrath smiled

“I was thought you were smart Lucifer” Knightmare called

“I am, that’s why I will make it quick” Lucifer smiled

Chayliel charged once more, Angelus side stepped slicing the stomach of his father in law. The angelic lord cried out in agony, dropping the sword. Angelus placed the sword on the old angel’s throat.

“Do you yield” Angelus shouted

“I do” Chayliel replied

Lucifer released his power soon it wrapped itself around Knightmare crushing him, he could feel his breath slowly leaving. A white light blinded the Dark prince Knightmare dropped to the floor with such velocity he landed with a hard thud.

The light disappeared.

“Angelus” Lucifer mused

“Lucifer” Angelus replied

“Aww what’s this a petty family argument” Lucifer mocked

“If only it’s you have been deceived” Angelus smiled

“How so” Lucifer quizzed

“Your brother sent Zepar to release the Destroyer without your knowledge, he had struck a deal with Chayliel the two of them would rule Heaven and Hell” Angelus told

“But you’ve always looked out for your brother so you killed Zepar and released the Destroyer anyway”

“Lies” Lucifer hissed

“If only” Angelus replied

Wrath said nothing. Amy lunged towards Lucifer, A quick blast she was in ashes. The Dark Prince took hold of Wrath choking the life from him. A hit pit appeared Wrath was cast in it. A black hole opened. The forces of hell were consumed in it even the Destroyer. The Angelic forces watched as there enemy soon disappeared. All traces of Hell had disappeared.

Chayliel saw his chance he grabbed Angelus’s sword and swung it towards him. Angelus dodged the attacks and grabbed his dagger, he flung it. Chayliel fell back the dagger stuck in his chest.

“Until next time” Lucifer told as he disappeared


Blitz woke up.

“Where am I” the German uttered

“Where you belong, once again the world will fear us” the voice told

“Who are us” Blitz replied

Another soldier came in.

“Hail Hitler” the soldier said to the other.

It soon became clear that his saviours were not from a different kind of Hell.

Knightmare and Lola continued to hunt rogue Demons and Fallen Angels who plagued Earth with their terror. Heaven was restored to its former glory at the same time Lucifer kept a low profile and continued to rule Hell with an iron fist.

Angelus entered the land of the fallen, keeping a low profile he searched for Ola but he didn’t know where to begin. Then it occurred to him the allies of Chayliel were none other than the sins a group of Demons who represented each sin of mankind.

The Angel wandered further. He came across a hotel. Hotel Lust it read an obvious name. But it worked the first sin was found.

Wrath cuddled the ashes of Amy.

“Why the hell did you have to attack him, that wasn’t part of the plan I know you were trying to protect me” Wrath sobbed

A guard wandered by the cell door. The anger of Wrath kept building and building. A great fire raged. Panicked the guard came rushing towards the cell, the door opened. The flames engulfed him. His screams were soon heard by other guards who stormed into the cell.

The raging bright red flames consumed them too. Their bodies became crisp and were blackened. Wrath stepped over the bodies and exited the cell. It was time for revenge.






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