Exiting Opportunity

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Start of a new and improved Auto Business.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



I have thought about it for about one minute and I’ve decided I’m going into the new car business.

Most automobile manufacturers are offering rebates to entice the public to buy a new vehicle. The average appears to be about $2,500 for each vehicle. This is a way for the dealers topay you to buy a new vehicle. Several of the caricatures from the lake side neighborhood have done just that during the last year or so. They go to a dealer, pick out the one they like, and the dealer gives them some money. In some cases all you need to do is to test-drive a new vehicle and they will (once again) pay $50. Just go to a dealer, ask to drive a new car or truck and receive $50. What a country! You are not required to buy. Where I come from, $50 for no more than a half-hour of work is not too shabby.

Now here is my plan, and if I can say so myself, it appears to be fool proof. I have spent a long time investigating this idea (about two minutes now). I will quit my day job and visit dealers as a full time profession. Yes, you read that right. Quit working! I will target the dealers who are known to give money for rebates and test drives. If I can take a test drive at least two times a day I will receive $100 a day, 5 days a week, or $25000 a year. If I buy two vehicles a month I will receive $5,000 a month or $60,000 a year. $60,000 plus $25,000 comes to a grand total of $85,000 a year just working a few hours a week. Now I know you are going to ask what about the cars or trucks I buy. The beauty of my foolproof plan is I can open a car lot and sell the vehicles and make more money. The figures do not lie. If I average a profit of another $2,000 a vehicle and sell just two a month that comes to $4,000. An additional $48,000 a year.

Now lets add this all up.

$85,000 for buying cars and trucks.

$48,000 for selling same vehicles.

Equals a profit of $133,000 a year working just a few hours a day with plenty of time for more important things such as fishing. Maybe a few brewski’s. Just think what my earning potential would be if I worked hard. This is an exciting opportunity.

Works for me.

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