Is Channeling Spirits Dangerous ?

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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017




May 21, 2017

6:54 am

  Last night when I went to bed, I was more or less attacked almost right away by these negative spirit attachments. I was feeling the strange vibration sensation that I so often feel, but this time it was quite intense, more intense that I have experienced it in quite a while. I was also hearing the usual harassing voices. Many of these voices were speaking through my pillow and right into my ear. This is a tactic that these harassing negative spirits have been employing for a number of months now and it does seem like they are going to keep employing it.

  So, last night was pretty bad with the disturbances. But all in all, things have generally been on the milder side recently as far as they go. The night before last, the voices became quite intense about an hour before I turned in, but fortunately I was able to get to sleep without too much trouble at all that night. Last night was a different story. I very much got the impression that these harassing spirits were essentially making an extra effort to disrupt me and prevent me from falling asleep. It took something like five doses of sleep-aid before I finally passed out.

I have been rather preoccupied recently with other things such as work. Perhaps these negative spirit attachments were just trying to convey the message that they are still around and that they will still try to cause me problems and disruption. They know that I’m the most vulnerable when I’m trying to sleep, so this is often the time when they’ll attempt to escalate things.

Well, this morning is pretty mind all in all. I’ve been hearing the voices faintly; their presence is rather weak at the moment. But, they are still present. I have a lot of work to do today so that should keep my focus directed elsewhere.

May 19,2017

8:49 pm

The voices have been quite strong this evening, much stronger than they have been recently. I am feeling quite fatigued and I do believe that this is a contributing factor. I’ve been very busy at work this week and have been getting home later than normal. It’s the end of the work week (almost) and I am feeling quite burnt out this evening. I do believe that this feeling of fatigue is contributing to me perceiving these voices more intensely this evening. I’m about to turn in for the night. It’s a couple of hours earlier from when I usually turn in, but I’m having a hard time staying awake and quite honestly, I’ve had enough for today of dealing with these harassing voices.

May 20, 2017

9:13 pm

All in all, it’s been a pretty mild day as far as dealing with these harassing voices today. Today, I was very busy at work, so I was simply too preoccupied to take much notice of their presence. So far tonight, the voices of these harassing spirits have not been as strong as they were last night. Last night, about an hour before I went to bed, the voices became rather strong. I don’t know what was up with that, but I was exhausted and these voices were taking advantage of that and I just didn’t have the mental strength or energy to block them out that effectively.

  As I have stated numerous times before, these negative spirits are constantly trying to play mind games. Often, they’ll play these mind games with me by repeating these obscure riddle-like phrases over and over again for a length of time. Recently, I’ve been hearing these voices say “you’re the first one who…” They often fill in and change the last part, but the phrase always starts with “you’re the first one who…” or “you’re the only one who….” I’ve been hearing them say this for a while now, so, just like with the “higher life form” talk that they’ve been repeating for months, it would seem that they’ve added this new phrase in terms of their repetition tactic.

11:46 pm

I just tried to sleep. I almost got there, but it was as if I was being attacked by the harassing spirits. This is nothing new for my situation of course, but tonight the attack was a bit more intense than it has been in a while. I was mostly feeling the strange vibration sensation and it was quite strong. I was also hearing voices coming up through my pillow again.

As I was writing about earlier, they have been playing this riddle/mind game recently where they will say “I’m the only one who……” or “I’m the first one who…..” I was hearing this as well this evening. It’s so obvious to me that this is all just another one of their deceiving mind games, it is very much blatantly obvious to me. I’m not really paying too much attention to this, but it’s another example of how they often say these obscure phrases in an attempt to get me to think about what they mean. Of course, they really don’t mean anything because it’s all just more of their strategy of playing psychological mind games.

  Well, I just took a little more sleep-aid and hopefully that does the trick. I’m going to make attempt number two to get to sleep tonight and hopefully I’ll be successful. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow (which they know), so I really need to get a full night of sleep tonight.

May 14, 2017

8:52 pm

Not much to report today really as far as these negative spirit attachments go. I’ve just heard them on and off throughout the day going on AGAIN about how they were “higher life forms.”  Talk about annoying, they can seriously take it to an extreme level. Why do they keep saying this? Do they seek reassurance from me that they are in fact higher life forms? It really beats me why they have been going on about this for the past few months now.

  For me personally, I don’t really put much emphasis on what kind of life forms they are because really, I simply have no way of knowing with certainty and I also don’t want to empower them by assuming things about them that I really have no way of being certain about. I do not want to assume that they have various strengths from the get go. Instead, I stay observant of their weaknesses. I do not assume from the get go that they can do this or that, I observe that they cannot do this or that they cannot do that. A large part of the struggle against these intruders of the mind is to adapt and overcome, to recognize their tricks and tactics and then become desensitized to them so that they are rendered much more ineffective.

Recently, they have been going on about how they are “higher life forms” from Sun-up to Sun-down. Whether this is all just part of some mind game strategy of theirs, I really don’t know. But, for the most part, I’m also quite indifferent to it by now, so if they had some grand scheme in mind, it may already have failed. Hopefully it did. What they have achieved so far with this, is to be quite annoying and to give me the impression that they are extremely vain.

May 16,2017

7:00 am

  There was not too much disturbance from these harassing negative spirit attachments last night when I went to bed. I recall feeling some minor physical sensations, but it was nothing that intense. Yesterday was quite stressful at my work and I could just tell that these harassing entities were trying to add to the strain. But, I can report that this year, they are not bothering me at work nearly as much as they did last year. I think that they are still trying to just as much as they did last year, but I’m better able now to keep my focus on my work and not on them.

8:54 pm

  It was one of those days where I was for more aggravated by job bullshit today than by these harassing negative spirits and their constant de-motivating chatter. I barely noticed them at all while at work. I didn’t really pick up on their presence until I got home exhausted and I collapsed on my bed for a while. Then, as usual, I was feeling the physical sensations/disturbances and the voices that I call “Pippy” was speaking “up close” to my left ear. Basically, it was the same old situation. I’m hearing them now, at the moment they are speaking through the noise of my frig. Like I said, same old situation.

10:05 pm

  I’ve been getting the ringing in my ears again quite a bit during the last few days. It had seemed to be subsiding somewhat for a while, but it’s back again. This just drives home to me that my hearing has never been the same since I was experimenting with EVP back in 2015. In some way that I do not understand, my hearing has been altered.

  Back towards the end of my experience with EVP, I was hearing these negative and harassing spirit voices on my EVP recordings. But, then something happened. I began to hear these same harassing voices outside of my recordings with just my ears. Not long after this first began, I was hearing these harassing voices at all times, all day…every day. My oppression at the hands of these hostile negative spirits had begun in full force at that point.

  I have seen this happen to many others as well who engaged in some form of spirit communication activity or channeling on a routine basis. At first, we all established contact with these voices by whatever means of communication sessions and we began to hear these voices on a regular basis, sometimes external, sometimes we hear them internal. This is a very real danger when engaging in any form of channeling on a routine basis. The voices can go far beyond the limits of any channeling sessions, they can become attached to your life.

May 14, 2017

  Just a few weeks ago, I met another person who is experiencing something that for the most part, mirrors my own situation. Just like me, this individual began to hear intrusive and harassing voices and also experience physical/bodily disturbances after engaging in spirit communication activity for some time via EVP. Just like me, this individual was deceived by a malevolent entity that during the initial communication sessions, pretended to be the spirit of a departed family member. This sadly, is a common tactic of deception often used by dark force entities. They can be quite masterful at deception and they will say just about anything to get you on the hook so that they can lure you in to interacting with them more and more. All the while that this increased interaction is taking place, they are gaining more and more access to your perception range.

Once they have gained access, they will often drop the benevolent act and then proceed to torment you. In a sense, they will torment you from within your own perception range. At this point, you may begin to see them, hear their voices and also feel them. In fact, that’s how it was put to me exactly early on in my own situation. I remember hearing “we can see you, we can hear you and we can touch you.”

  From then on, I heard voices, intrusive and harassing voices that seemed hell-bent on turning my life into utter chaos. It has been a long and difficult battle of the mind to push them out of the center of my psyche. But, the struggle continues. They constantly seek to gain and hold my attention. They constantly seek to instill fear and anxiety in me as they once did. They constantly seek to be in a position where they can manipulate me like they once did. They do indeed attach themselves, but not necessarily to your physical body at all times. They attach themselves to your life once they have access to your perceptions.

 During the initial communication, before they have sprung their trap, communicating and interacting with them can become an obsession. I often say that it’s like being mesmerized. But, how they seem in the beginning while they are still deceiving and individual, is not how they will seem at all once they drop the act and attack.  Deception and treachery exist beyond this world, just as it exists here. Engaging in pursuits that directly interact with these types of intelligent beings of unknown origin can essentially be like trying your hand at Russian Roulette.

May 14, 2017

1:34 am

  I was feeling quite exhausted when I came home from work this afternoon. I don’t know why really, it was a rainy day and work was rather quiet, but I still felt drained of energy. I feel asleep for about six hours and woke up just past midnight. I was so out of it that I initially had no sense of how long I had been out. I thought at first that it was morning and that I needed to start getting ready for work soon. However, while it was indeed morning, it certainly was still a bit too early to be getting ready for work.

These harassing spirits did not bother me much when I fell asleep after work. I don’t think that they even had much of a chance to honestly, I was out that fast. When I awoke, their presence was barely noticeable at all. Just within the past hour their voices have seemingly emerged from the background with greater strength. It’s almost as if they themselves were asleep for a time or perhaps they simply left and went someplace else for a while, while I was passed out.

But, they are back now. I just took two doses of sleep-aid and am about to take another. I’d like to get back to sleep if I can. I can hear them now in the background talking, but it’s very fragmented. I cannot make out much of what they are saying. I’ve heard my name called a few times. But, I’m not really trying to listen….I don’t have to. This is a key thing to always remember. Even though I may hear them at times, when it comes down to it, I don’t have to listen to them. That choice is still my own.

May 12, 2017
7:33 pm
It’s a bit colder today, even though it’s May. In fact, this whole week, the temperatures have seemed to drop a bit. Where last week I was running the air conditioning in my condo, this evening I’m back to running the heater. To no great surprise to me, these harassing spirit attachments are using the steady noise to project their voices over.  They are talking the same kind of usual shit talk, not much ever really changes with that, at least it has not yet in my own situation.
 They are still going on about how they are “higher life forms”. Quite frankly, I’m very tired of hearing this, they have been saying it quite a lot for many months now. I really don’t know what the hell they are talking about so I try not and dwell on it. In fact, I try not to dwell on anything that they say because all that ever seems to lead to is slipping back down the rabbit hole. It is obvious that they are still always trying to get me to “drink the Kool-Aid”, but I’m not falling into their traps anymore. 
  I just tried to rest for a bit as soon as I got home from work after a particularly aggravating day. That didn’t go any better than usual. The physical sensations/disturbances that these negative entities were causing me were quite intense this afternoon. The more that I experience this, it often leaves me with the impression that these entities are feeding or draining energy from me. 
  Sometimes, these physical sensations seem more intended to simply cause me disturbance and aggravation. But, other times it seems more like they are latching on to me for some other reason, perhaps draining energy from me in some way that I just don’t fully understand, but I must say that I’m getting this impression more and more when I experience these strange physical/bodily sensations that these harassing entities cause me to feel. 
 I do often feel quite worn down and tired. But, I’m also very burnt out with work right now, so of course that could be a contributing factor as well. But, I’ve just been getting the sense recently that there is something else going on here, at least some of the time, when these entities cause these physical disturbances.
11:38 pm
  The rest of this evening has been pretty uneventful for the most part. The voices have been on the milder side, though they are still spewing their same bullshit talk. I’ve been hearing some whispered voices get in close and speaking into my ear a bit this evening. They have also been speaking over the noise of my frig motor. This is very common. If there’s a source of steady background noise in your immediate environment, then they are certainly more than likely to use it to make their voices appear to be louder and more menacing

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