We Talk

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The longer we sat there, the more we talked the more clearer it became on where we both went wrong.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



The sunlight dances on my fingertips through the windshield as I sit in the passenger side of the car, him in the backseat opposite of me. We talk; talk about life,we talked about pain, we talked about hardships, we talk about me&you, him&her, you&her, me&him, but never of him and I. We talked of loss, we talked about love. He opened his mouth and bore his soul, I opened my mouth but my soul I do not bare. My heart thumps loudly and I wonder if he can hear it. I watched and listened as pain pooled in his eyes taking the form of liquid. Memories as he spoke escaped his eyes like raindrops racing down his cheeks. I watch & I listen, he ask me questions like "what should I do" "what should I say" I'm in no predicament to be giving advice look what happened with me and her, I'm in the same boat my heart is broken too, I want to yell but I don't. I feel for him so I nod and tell him the most logically things I can think of in his situation; I say, do what makes you happy, no nevermind I say do what is best for you because what makes you happy isn't always what is best for you. My mind floats back to you, everything I should have said, everything I should have done. I say listen to her, hear what she is saying understand where she is coming from. I think of your smile and say to him be there for her don't give anyone else the opportunity to make her smile don't let her think she's alone. Your eyes, I say be her friend not just a lover show her that you care let her see you just by looking into your eyes. I think of your heart, my soul stirs, your love I no longer have my hearts breaks I feel every crack. We talk, I tell him you can't control a person you must communicate and let them decide, come to common ground and if you can't please do what's best for the both of you before anymore damage occurs. His tears have dried,mine silent and uncommon escapes with a blink. We no longer talk, we sit in silence and now the Silver Moon Shine on our faces me in the passenger seat him in the back seat opposite of me two broken hearts still filled with love we can't give.

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