Paper Love

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Hope can be the light in the most darkest of situations.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Love is like paper, it can be ripped and torn, burnt and sometimes even cause you pain even if you handle with care not to get cut. What I find that love and paper have the most in common is no matter what you do for that paper there's always going to be a piece too small for you to get rid of and if you try hard enough and put in the work the effort and use the right tools even the smallest of torn pieces and even ashes of what was can be used to make a completely different picture.... Don't be so quick to give up on people, Love isn't easy, it takes dedication and time, constant work. Yeah it hurts sometimes but you'll be a liar if you said it was all bad. People make mistakes, they mess up we're all only human but they learn from them so don't judge to harshly and hold that against them. So if there's any love left at all even an ounce of the tiniest piece use it. You use every tool you have and work at making a new masterpiece. Just because something has been damage or broken does not mean it can't be changed into something new and beautiful.

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