40 things I love about you

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Old poeam.Just "40" things that I adore about my love. I could go on forever but I'll just use this since my forever will be spent with her.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



1. I loved how you loved Selena. 2 When you did the washing machine move you're hip always would first go to the left before dancing no matter how you stood. 3 How aggressive you would get watching football, that was cute. 4 The annoying way you would smack loudly on your gum yet I loved it. 5-10 I loved the way you smile, how your nose would push up and your eyes smiled back. The way you lit up and danced when a song you liked came on in the car. How you called me baby like I belonged to you. The sweetness that dripped from you voice when you talk of things you feel passionate about. How you sing loudly in the shower.11 how you'd peek your head out and say are you coming in or what. 12 the way your dimples fit perfectly into your smile. 13 your cold feet, 14 your little nosed that touched me every night when you kissed me thinking I was asleep. 15-20 The way you always tried, how you'd wait for me to come home, your I miss you text when I'm at work, your Goodmorning text, Goodnight kiss, your I just wanted to say I love text and calls throughout the day. 21 your warm brown skin 22 being captured in your strong legs as we would wrestle 23 you're perfectly executed cat eyes although your beauty is natural. 24-25 you loved the stars and dressed based on how you felt that day. 26 you worried about me, which told me that you care. 27 you always say that you weren't the best cook but yet you did, even if a friend secretly helped. 28-30 I love how you pick at your fingers and hum when youre in deep thought, the way you constantly fluff your hair and ask how do I look even when your nervous, I love the way you start to run and stop on your toes leaving you off balance. 31 I love that you understand me. 32 your many many facial expressions 33 The way you stare back when people stare too long 34 The fact that your simply amazing 35 You're kind, even when you shouldn't be 36 your laugh 37 laugh hard enough you begin to snort lol 38 Your goofiness is contagious 39 You're the best thing that could happen to anyone 40 I could not have met a better friend 41 God broke the mode after he made you.. I know I said 40 but 42. The way you used the word Nooky instead of sex. 43 you stayed breaking the rules.

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