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When they take your love and leave. Just wait until they see you were right.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



I do not need words. . .

I have emotions when thinking of you.

You ran when the sparkle appeared to be glitter and the excitement toned down in a waterfall view.

Pain follows as every other breath pushes against and through my lungs, Ever so fleeting as my throat swallows.


It's all in slow motion, so slow.

But it's okay my bird you didn't know... you didn't know.


I tell myself it's just a chemical reaction in my brain. that if it were love there'd of been rain.

Not just this make believe pain.


Not just this feeling of her on your lips.

Not just the last warm touch that lingers upon my fingertips.


You see you almost had me.

I thought that you were real.

But that's impossible for only real men feel.


My demons took your heart and put it on display.

And you can't have it back. Hell no. No way...

If that upsets your soul then sit back and reflect.

For my angel's lullaby will remind you of how you gave it to me for keeps, even if you were to do wrong.

So when you can't give it to her she will cry and move on.


I'm in a frozen version of hell as memories push and shove at my skull in excitement to make you remember.

I smile and mumble, "Not yet my beauties. Wait for the perfect moment of perfection to lure."

They all try to come back realizing all too much too late.

They say it's meant to be, its fate.


No worries for me tho my love.

When it rains smile and look to the skies above.

Live through the memories all over again and again.

Because my darling I, in fact, was your perfect sin. . .


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