from very first sight

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she was a mess that never left her house until she laid her eyes on her mystery man.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



She stood there smiling, she knew what she had been through. But there she was standing up there on the altar, looking across at the man she loved. He changed everything, all the bad thoughts he had turned into strengths.

As she stood there she remembered the day she met him. It was at a party of a mutual friends. She had been dragged there by her best and only friend. When she got there all she could do was stand in the corner. She hated talking to people especially people she hadn't seen since school. She decided to go for a walk to the front yard. 

She saw a guy standing there, he was leaning on the fence, he was wearing a leather jacket and had a cigarette in his mouth. She decided she wouldn't get any closer but just watched him from afar. He turned around and smiled at her. Something in that smile was sincere. He had the most amazing smile and piercing blue eyes. 

A week after the party her friend dragged her to the movies to see some Disney film. She didn't want to go or even see the movie she knew which one and what it was about and wasn't interested. She knew her friend was bringing a date and that the date was bringing a guy for her but she knew she wasn't going to talk to him and that was her decision. That was until she saw who it was. It was the guy from the front yard. With the beautiful eyes and smile. 

He asked her what her name was and she answered her dull name which was jess she hated it. But then he said his name and it just rolled of his tounge. His name was Benjamin.. but they called him benny for short. Having Ben sit beside her throughout the movie made the singing furniture a bit more bareable to watch. Ben asked for her number and she of course said yes. 

That night they talked and talked for hours. She learned that he played gutair and used to sing in a band. He hated snakes but could deal with spiders and bugs. That he had never been in a relationship that lasted more than a month just because no one ever gave him a chance. That his birth parents gave him up for adoption but loved the parents that he had now more than anything. 

She liked him more and more with every fact she learned. The next morning when she woke up she was tired but oh so happy. She was on the phone to Ben until 4am. They talked about everything they could in that time frame. Like there fears, dreams, past and present life. 

He also asked if he could take her on a date and she of course was jumping for joy and said yes.So she got up that day and did her normal thing, she went to work, cleaned up around the house but all the time she was waiting for her clock to say 4pm so she could start getting ready for her 6pm date. She chose her outfit which was a simple top paired with jeans and boots. Because he said to keep it comfortable. 

Then the doorbell rang. It couldn't be. It was 6. She was so nervous she thought of all the excuses she could use to get out of it. She got a flu. She was vomiting. Her parents were in town. Ella her friend was having issues and needed her. But something inside told her not to. It told her to walk to the front door and let him in. 

looking back to this on her wedding day she was so thankful she opened that door to him that night. She was now married to the love her life. 

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