My Friend The Moon

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Late night conversations with the sky, when the rest of world is sleeping

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



On The Far Side of the Moon where I keep my anguish and doubt darkness creeps over, the Shadows blend in ,secrets and pain cry to be let out. On the Dark Side of the Moon the side farthest away is where my pain lies where I wish for it to stay. Cast the blame on me she says, my dusty crust is where it dies so you may go about your day. The hurt and trouble will subside just talk into the night, cry your tears while I shine upon your face, each drop I know is for a challenged faced. I cartographed my stars for you they twinkle as they dance just to keep you calm at night, I rather you sleep than be dead. I know beauty was quite rare today so I shine extra bright. In the midnight hour I'll watch over you through the night sleep away my friend Ill be keeping the darkest part out of sight. I wish I can be with you always, some days I try; hiding fading away in the bright blue sky but we both know that can't happen so until later we say goodbye. Until then my friend I say dont give up the fight. Continue on left foot right. Don't give up and know that I'll be there waiting for our talk tonight, you can cast your pain on me. I promise to keep it on the farthest side on the dark side of my moon, where our conversation reside. The only way I know to help you stay alive.

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