I'm sure this is it

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Hitting a emotional brick wall, fighting til there is no fight left and you're just tired of hurting of the wait that's slowly draining your life.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



It began when I looked into your eyes and your soul was unfamiliar, I searched every inch of your face and could not find the person I was in love with that I had fallen in love with so many years ago. That is when I knew it was time, that is when the other part of me that held on to hope for so long,that prayed for you to come back, that refused to let go knew that things would never be the same and realized it was time to let go. The Band-Aid made of hope that kept my shattered heart together was ripped off by realization with disregard to any pain it may cause as everything I once thought possible, everything I hoped and longed for so SO badly all crumbled and gathered at the floor of my soul. Each shattered piece of My Heart desperately pumped to it's own out-of-tune beat desperately trying to find its rhythm to live. Finally now that my heart and mind are on one accord when I look at you I feel deeply sadden. Not because I can't have you, not because you no longer love me, not because you said out of your own mouth that you don't need me when I am the one that needed you, not because you moved on, not because you are showing more than just interest in other people, no these are things that just hurt me but that doesn't matter anyway right? Ok right. But this is why, it is because everything that I believed in, everything that I ever wanted , everything that I've loved is right here! standing in front of me and I feel nothing. Staring at your beautiful brown eyes and soft face, eveything I ever loved ,what I once believed and planed to make my future at any cost, looking at you now I feel empty.. It is because my dreams have become hollowed, that my life seems to be a meaningless day-to-day routine, it is because our love has expired and I have accepted it now. I have no choice but to if I want to live. I'm sure this is it, I think I'm over it.

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