What a Jam

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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



What A Jam


- You are.

Stuck in a seat at six. You’re my morning fix.

Black Coffee in hand. In the passenger seat.

The other holding up my strings.

So, I never fall.

So, my spirits are uplifted.

So, I willingly give you my time. my love.

I sit in this Jam, uncut and raw.  


Ruby eyes staring got my veins pumped,  

A cacophony of noise. These Singapore streets never sleep.

And I don’t know how, but you got another free hand.

On my back. You always got my back. My Sole Mate.  

I feel your warmth long before the rays of the morning sun.

Now, everyone knew. Even Him - My Sole Mate – And You.

I would buy a dozen, if you came in a male form.

And no other man, would I crave their love from.


But it was a weird Jam.

Tasted funny. yet Sounded wise

Looked unpolished. yet Felt Trusty.

Like I’ve been here before.

Like it’s Déjà vu. Then I remembered.

It was a daily affair. I was a little weird too.

I am stuck to this seat at six. I want to.

We are a concoction of weirdness, mutually satisfying.


Distinct in my memory, by a bench across the reservoir.

Just us two.

Wait no, it was Us and Chemistry.

Unmistakable, Unexplainable, Uninterrupted. Chemistry.

It wasn’t invited, nor

Taught in the past, nor

To be collected in the future.

It’s just there, a Present. A mutually satisfying concoction.


You asked,

“If I were to die now, would I go without regrets.”

At 17, It was a yes, I had to change the world.

But you. Confident, Bold said No. And now I know.

You could say that, because you’ve already changed my world.

Oh, what a Gem you are! 

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