Please Carry Me.

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I wrote this as a joke to my two straight friends. I don't know if I'm gonna continue this as a series or not.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



It was a cold Rochester night on the RIT campus and Neil just spent the night trying with Ben to raise his LoL main to Diamond V like Ben. “Man how long have we’ve been going at this” sighed Neil in League Ranked 1 in the Discord server. “About five hours” replied Ben. They both agreed it was time to take a short break, as Neil was only Plat. 1 after the five hours. Both limply walked into the living room both with their drinks of choice to cool them off. Both fell on the couch as a sack frozen Tyson Chicken. Neil now breathing heavily from the five hours of his life he know he will never get back looks over at Ben. Ben now sweaty and almost panting takes a sip of his drink, as he did Neil noticed how when Ben sweats it really brings out his dark curly hair. Neil now panting puts his hand over his heart. Ben looks over in concern and asks “What’s wrong”. Neil said “My chest feels heavy”. Ben replied “That’s not good, maybe you should spend the night”. Neil agreed that was the best thing to do, as it probably wouldn't be safe to drive then out of nowhere have a heart attack. So he spent the night at Ben’s sleeping on the couch. As the next morning rolled around Ben walked out into the living room to find Neil still sleeping. Ben just smiled a little and shrugged. As noon rolled around on that equally cold Rochester day Neil finally woke up happily to find that the pain is his chest seemed to pass. Still tired from the night before Neil sleepily walked into Ben’s room to ask if he wanted to go to Salsa’s. But as Neil rounded the corner to Ben’s room Neil started to breath a little more rapidly, and as he laid eyes on Ben the heaviness in his chest came rushing back. Ben looked at him in concern and asked “Is the pain back?”, Neil just nervously nodded yes. Ben now a little more concerned patted his hand on his bed and told Neil to sit and to tell him what it feels like, so they can understand the situation a little better. Neil plopped down on Ben’s bed and told Ben what it feels like. Neil started by saying “It feels like a strange heaviness in my chest, not necessarily painful but just strange”. Ben now sitting cross legged like a psychiatrist just nods his head as he is trying to understand the situation a little better. Neil continues by saying “And when the pain in my chest comes my hands start to shake, not a lot just like little twitches, and it's hard to stop them from doing that”. Ben now understanding a little more about the situation uncrosses his legs. Ben cuts off Neil in the middle of a sentence and says “When did you start to have these feeling in your chest”. Neil looked puzzled for a second and replied “After the games we played and when I looked over at you on the couch”. Ben now fully understanding the situations stands up and grab Neil’s wrists throws Neil onto his bed, Neil making a soft pomf sound as his thin body hits the green sheets. Neil just looks up at Ben, Ben now sexually looking down at Neil, says “You’re a lot lighter then you look”. Neil still confused at the whole situation is starting to understand what exactly is going on. The pain in his chest wasn't a heart attack brought on from years of only drinking Dr. Pepper , it was his burning passionate love for Ben. Just as Neil realizes this he realizes something else, Ben is sliding his hand down Neil’s baggy skinny jeans. As he felt Neil now rock hard cock. Ben let out a almost smug smile. Neil stopped Ben hastily, and Ben just looked at him puzzled. Neil out of breath at the event that just happened over the past thirty seconds, just said “ You carried me last night, now let me carry you”. Ben just looked at Neil with a joyful look on his face and said “Ok”. Just then Neil stuck his thin hand down Ben’s shorts and grabbed Ben’s throbbing hard dick. Just as Neil’s hand wrapped around Ben’s member Ben let out a barely audible moan. But Neil could hear it and just looked up at Ben and smiled, as he was now moving his hand up and down. As seconds turned to minutes, the two new lovers never realized that Ben’s shorts have come completely off Just then Ben’s face squinted. Neil knew what time it was, just then Neil let go of Ben’s now twitching cock and got on his knees on Ben’s floor, and opened his mouth. Ben in a hurry stood up on his floor and wrapped his own hand now around his furiously twitching dick and looked at Neil. Neil then said “Don’t miss my mouth”. Ben looked at Neil now mouth agape, with eyes almost begging for Ben’s hot seed. Ben just let out a chuckle and said “I’m a ADC main I never miss”.


© Copyright 2018 Dasiy Paech. All rights reserved.

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