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Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



You tell me that you care,

You promised that you'd forever,

Forever be there.

You told me that you've been there,

You said that I could trust,

But I say I don't understand.


It's 'coz all my life I've been crushed,

They say that all these things are passing,

So why... do they make me wanna cry?

My head is all burning!

So when you tell me to give you just one try,

I don't understand.


You say you're gonna make,

You told me you'd help me take,

All the pain away.

You said I shouldn't get used to,

Living the way I do,

But I can only say I don't understand.


All those times I tried to trust,

They left there to bite the dust

I couldn't take it anymore.

The flames are all burn out.

So when you ask me for just one more,

I don't understand.


My heart's locked up, my mind has the keys,

But I have some questions so come on tell me.

Will you do everything you say?

Will you keep your promises?

Will you fix the broken pieces?

Or would you tell me you're going away?


So tell me now,

Cos I don't understand.


If you're gonna hold me,

If you will love me forever,

If so maybe this could happen.

If you teach me to try,

If you show me that it's easy to fly,

I might understand then.

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