I'm coming for you.

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I lost control. And I can't remember when.

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



They took you away from me.

Pain so long and deep it's as if they ripped my sternum from my chest.


They applied useless weight and tried to keep me silent.

Laying in the dead earth I take in a deep breath that could be my very last, and I scream as if angels were screaming at death.


I keep fighting for you not even sure if you love me back.

Sometimes I think you will reach back for me.


But then I smell the chemicals and know the rivers of gasoline have come to feed the fire.

Watching me drown tends to be something that they admire.


I could blame a lot of things for all of this.

But it is hard to remember the exact moment that I lost control...


But I see you in my eyes.

And I cry tears for collection to see your reflection.


For the fire has made sure to keep a wall of mirrors and smoke against your eyes.

And it is here that I wish you could tell truth from lies.


The reflection only lasts a few heart beats, but it is there that you begin to awake and scream back at my face.

Is that out of love? Or disgrace?


No matter don't answer, for it doesn't matter at all.

I will honor this love, I'm coming for you, I will not let you fall.

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