Rose Petals On My Pillow

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He put rose petals on my pillow that morning...

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



He put Rose Petals on my pillow that morning, soft pink Rose Petals and told me he loved me.  He patted my pregnant belly and left, there was a heaviness in the air even then, I felt something was wrong I did not want him to leave, it was as if the Lord was speaking to me, I hurried behind him as quickly as I could, begging him not to go, he was going to work, but something was wrong, I felt it hours before that first plane hit the first tower the tower my husband was working in.  I had never believed that this was going to happen that this could happen.


"Somethings not right." I told Jimmy.  "Something big is going to happen today, can't you stay home?"


"I have the same feeling Tessa but I have to go, if something big happens I need to be their.  They will need me not only at the office but they will need hands to help."


For over an hour I heard nothing the tv played for background noise then I heard, a plane has hit the first tower, and smole started billowing through the sky, I prayed Jimmy would get out of that building, but I really did not think that things would blow up the way they did.  When the first plane hit I thought it was an accident but when the second plane hit and then we heard of the Pentagon and Flight 93 it was aparrent, terror had stuck our shores, I felt the babies kick as I watched this, I was carrying twins the doctor said and Jimmy had beamed with the news.


Time seemed to move slowly almost stand still but then on the televesion we watched the towers fall, the tallest buildings in the world nothing but a pile of rubber and many stuck in the rubble.


My heart stood still, this was not happening, I was going to wake up and find that this was all a nightmare.


But it wasnt a nightmare.


Hours Passed, no news from Jimmy.


Days passed, I prayed that he would be one of the miracles, one of the people that came out alive.


Weeks passed, a body was found, a leather wallet covered in soot, a picture of the sonogram the children he would never hold and our wedding pictures.


Some mornings even now as our five year old girls come in I think I smell Rose Petals and hear Jimmy's gentle laughter.





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