She Didn't Return

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I pay my greatest respect and condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack and their families.

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



A young girl she was when the song began

The lyrics that raised the adolescent her

Fantasy of movie romance and love

Fairy tale and prince charming that might occur


The day he met her was fast with rhythm

Like every song in her phone she listened to

Coincidence ensued by a shared playlist

An interweaving melody of two hearts anew.


She saved up everyday, penny and pence

The ticket to that concert was her dream

The calendar drew closer to her birthday

The same day threaded to the concert’s seams.


He saw her birthday ticking down

Her childhood wish wrapped within his gift

One concert ticket with all his savings

Every fire ablaze and dream adrift.


She saw her mirrored reverie coming true

Among rose balloons and purple lights

Her idol’s voice was all she could perceive

The rest of the world faded from her sight


He called her once more before it began

Happily sipping the sweet cheap red wine

Cheerfully waiting for her to return with joy

Until he saw the television headline.


The first explosion shattered the happy air

Bloody nails tearing flesh and bones apart

She was relieved she didn’t get hurt

When the second bomb went off by her heart.


He raced sixty miles per hour down the highway

And ran through the barricaded street

He pushed through the officers at the door

And felt the explosions’ waves of heat.


She was stunned, couldn’t comprehend anything

The laughter suddenly warped to scream

A thousand knives stabbed through her torso

Tonight she didn’t return from her dream.


He treaded through the bodies on the floor

And saw her lifeless face and blank eyes.

Feelings imploded inwards, crushing emotions

No one could hear his weak desperate cries.

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