Wall around my Heart

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Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



My insecurities have become a wall,

Each brick a thought or feeling unexpressed;

Filled in with the mortar of my tears,

Hardened to protect me if I should fall.


My silence splits the air like a piercing scream

And the silence that echoes is the only sound

While my hardened heart has begun to lean

Toward the isolation by which I am bound.


Tears well like blood when the blade cuts too deep

my walls accept it's flooding embrace

Though it floods, I will refuse to weep.

I'm not strong and sturdy, but I can bear this pain


Though brick and mortar shalt not sway

What can catch it when it breaks?

Who will be the one to save me if I fall?

Who is brave enough to break down my walls?


The emptiness is so great it fills up my soul

To the brim and over the edge into the unknown

The current is strong and my walls are weak

Finally, the plight has come, and I begin to weep.


© Copyright 2019 Abigail Halfmann. All rights reserved.

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