Avatar 2 - Tomorrows World

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Something tells us where we will find our new visitors from unknown universe. It is not battle for survival why they are here. A lot more around the smoking room where it started. :)

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



Freely space thank this creation to be new everywhere. Today back in future someone join our actor in one voice that is going to depict history again. This is like whatever we are going to seek ahead may be a story that will lead us back to somewhere we already saw what has happened again. do you feel this day remake some event already happened in history? May be like there is a source of all souls that will come back from the past guiding our actor towards future towards the beginning where we will be like childrens of an extraordinary race here. Nothing in existence will change but a smoking room will emerge where everything will coexist on this planet. If you like to draw some portrait about any such event you have witnessed, what will first come to your mind? Will you paint on this canvas story of angels or demons? The only change we seek is the happening turning point how we will live for a drop of water where the likes in life of angel leads us to love everything in the first cry. It shapes event we will never forget as a lot makes us what we are. Just feeling if artificial intelligence in your smartphone will trace your mindmap with its instinctive history. Today do you feel this technology will finally make us its slave ? very critic? just to know your opinion ?

Yes I think there is a great danger. May be everything that lead us a new route beyond evolution is already in front of us, right? Here do you feel human evolution will adapt its new role through technology beyond genetics with virtual smoking story? But what do you know about still don't know what you mean by smoking story ? I mean where mindsets are mutually fallen in a scenario that creates sensational exploits that we get trapped where we go outside for a experience. This is the literal meaning of smoking story as it indirectly influence everyone for some confusions. Let us see how far it goes.

A new born is influenced by the darkness he come out into this world for making a perfection in each steps. right ? Imagine in future there is a smoking room that directly engage us into a virtual world where the mindsets are shaped behaviorally through technology. It has started through smartphones now. Are we getting into procrastinations ? Hey I am not enemy of this science. When we talk we should explore both sides where view points itself will showcase what we know towards where we will be. I think our mindsets are already shaped.

Once in this world the scenario was haves and have-nots. What will we see in future where this gets changed with what we engage now ? real and virtual ??? Some restricted areas where meetings will happen virtually from everyone living anywhere. Other side where real people will be engaged to productively make something that shapes the rest for a universe unknown. Have you read the script of the next movie in 2020, namely avatar 2? It speaks a lot about this story. What i liked all about this scripts is someone from past is guiding our actor towards the change we like to witness for comeback of a home for all ? I really loved this story again as the actor will be like our guest in a new world order. The story starts with the smoking room. again avatar 2 remake a real event for our heaven here. A good happy ending. did you search in this script about smoking room ? asked the actor finally.

I will be happy to greet you daily. They are comming back to restore the lost treasures in this planet. Yet it is going to be a story from an uncertain times that speaks a lot about why we seek this change. When these words caution you, daily we will be asked to make a progress binding the haves with virtual world that can be anywhere beyond hologram and as we mold those who work in the real world for this change must seek happiness for a progress through the salt of our soil. It started out of a question that make the vulnerabilities weak as no answers know where the smoking room existed. It is told about the making of a smoking room which channeled our actor in Avatar 2 to retold why they are back. From a time when everyone seeks answers for right or wrong, nothing created by man in this universe ever changed as the actors of this future tale will restore peace in the unwinding darkness. A visit back from time will help our actor relate the presence of a seeking truth that the independence day will be won without a battle again. All will go back home for joy in this escape sequence of a time for the right knowledge everyone who purged science and the truth knew we still are here for one ultimate duty that will not change with time but seeks rebirth in a caution that the third world where research will be done will donate new lifeform to the need of our planet. This step will seek how it will be restored from the visit of a strange force already labelling this smoking room.

An order where humans live will be ignited by fear at the instance of a carpet rolling in the visit from an unknown time. They will bring a gift that will win our existence for the new implants everyone seeks to survive. Here roots of fear will be forgoten for the need within the entire universe will answer our call. I hope this movie shapes our belief for the next quest back restoring lost life that can be brought back from past and tell us how we can serve mankind doing the duty of preservence and faith in the ultimate truth. Both streams of spiritual darkness and ignited scientific theory will coexist in our actor who will be back here for a new guest in our heavenly home, the planet Earth. Ask within, call has come for a unity for this force that needs some answers how we will make this smoking room where all forces of creation will be guest real artifact connected through virtual soul.

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