The Cottage of the Village

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A story emphasizing on the experience faced at a village depicting on the theme of a Haunted Cottage existing from the early times of the British.

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



Para-1: Today, the story i am sharing with you was experienced by me when i went to my Grandma's house for the first time.

Para-2: When I visited my Grandma's house for the first time i was not really 5 years of age at all. At that time no electricity stepped into the village and the people worked with hand fans and candle lights. The village is although good and the people there were too good and kind hearted. There, when any trouble occurs each person stood for help for another. Although everything is good of the village but something is wrong as the village had very evil names as explained by the people. Everything is quite well during the day but the story begins to run at night. Everyone who goes for work outside returns back as soon as possible before darkness could ruin upon them and lock their doors. I was very small at time and thought that after a long day's work the people rush to their house to spend some time with their family but I was proved wrong. The story curved out in a different way irrespective of my thought when i asked about it to one of the villagers. I came to know that not more than 1 mile from my Grandma's house at the middle of the village was a old ruined English cottage which the villagers think is haunted. According to the people the story begins now.

Para-3: The cottage as already stated was an English cottage built by Sir John William one of the well-known general of that time for the officers of the English East India Company. Everything worked quite well but the trouble started when the British Parliamentary Head visited there to have a look. The well-known Congress leader Jai Krishna Patel attacked him with his sub-ordinates. The Britishers under the order of Sir John William fired upon the sub-ordinates and killed them except Congress leader Jai Krishna Patel. The Parliamentary Head of the British ordered his officials to bring him in the roof of the cottage and hang him till death. Before hanging him he ordered an Indian man to remove those dead bodies and clean the floor. But the thing is that instead of cleaning the floor with water he cleaned it and inside and the surroundings with petrol. As the leader is about to be hanged the Indians threw fire on the floor and set it on fire. The leader jumped into the lake at the back of the cottage and was save but the Britishers along with Sir John William and the Parliamentary Head of the British died by burning. From then it is said that the spirit of Sir John William along with the Parliamentary Head of the British roams about in that place. From then anyone who goes there at night is lost forever. Thus, this story continues till now and has no end to it. Everything has changed there the electricity also entered there now but this story continues.

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