The Darkest Night

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Awake

Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



Alnoa, Sector 14, 21:20 PM


She had expected the staircase to be dark and musty, full of crystal webs, and all sorts of disgusting and possibly dangerous insects.

It was. 

Not to the extent she had thought, however. Embedded within the walls were strange glowing stones, warm to the touch, emitting a weak golden light, allowing them to find their way with relative ease. 

As for the insects and crawlers; there were just some common crystal weavers here and there, weakly shimmering in the dim light. 
That's what she was going to tell herself anyway, deciding to pointedly ignore the several downright humongous thousand leggers she sometimes spotted crawling on the walls around them. There was, after all no need to be alarmed. Being alarmed led to panic, panic led to screaming and flailing, while loud noises and sudden movement lead to the blasted things attacking, if she correctly recalled what she had read in that biology manual.

Brushing aside a crystal weaver that had landed on her dress, she looked upwards to see the entrance at a great distance above them, the much stronger light of the temple flooding only the first couple of steps. 

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she briefly wondered if the statue would reappear, blocking the exit, or if Dave was just leading them into a trap. She tried not to pay those thoughts too much attention. It was as Xenos had said. If she worried about every little thing that could go wrong, she would just turn into a panicking mess. She needed to keep a level head, and face any problems head on. 

Including whatever was waiting for them down there. She had a bad feeling about this.

Still, they kept going, and before she knew it, the entrance was already out of sight. 

Opening her mouth to ask Dave, who was at the front of the group if there was an exit in sight, she quickly closed it upon seeing the others stop. A couple of steps further, and she reached the bottom, where her friends and the drone were standing in the doorway to a room.

As they entered, Mefira could see a gigantic chamber; much, much bigger than the one above, maybe even bigger than the temple itself. She gaped at the ceiling, which seemed to be made out of several layers of a white crystal, with minuscule patterns criss crossing its insides.

The mineral seemed to go on forever, giving out a strong light, and allowing them to see across the room. 

The room  itself was empty, with the exception of a circle surrounded by a stone border in its center. 

As they neared the circle, -which couldn't have been more than a few feet in diameter- they could see what seemed to be a crystal stalactite hanging above it, as well as four pointy, colored crystals jutting out from the border -brown, red, purple, and blue-splitting it into quarters.

The floor within the circle was missing, offering a charming view of the seemingly unending darkness, reminding Mefira that they were in an ancient, possibly structurally unsafe building, suspended over a bottomless abyss.

'Still beats detention.' Mefira thought with an internal shrug, and, seeing the others already inspecting the strange crystal, started getting closer to the circle as well.

As soon as she did, however, the four smaller crystals began to light up, emitting a high pitched sound. First brown, then red, then purple and blue. 

And, finally, with a shrill, resounding sound, the white stalactite gave a blinding flash of light.

The high pitched squealing now stopped, Mefira had to blink a few times to get rid of the spots in her vision. There seemed to be another source of light now, and, looking at the circle, she could see a transparent white shape, hovering above the pit. 

The only speck of color on her was the kaleidoscope in her eyes, but Mefira still recongnized that long hair and those regal features from the statue in the room above.

As the other alnoans regained their sight, they gaped at the figure. Dave only offered a raised eyebrow, and a look of slight surprise.

The shape spoke in an ethereal, echoing tone.

"Who disturbs me from my rest?"


I hope you guys liked this chapter. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions, critics, or opinions.

I'll try to post another chapter this week (Probably Saturday or Sunday), so that we can find out more about the weird floaty echoy chick, and maybe find a way out of the underground (who knows?)

I bid you all farewell and a nice day


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