The Darkest Night

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I'm sorry for posting so late. I know it's a short chapter, but I should be able to post the next one much sooner (it'll also be much longer). This summer was much more hectic than I anticipated...
In any case, I'd like to give a big shout out to 1stEinherijar on Reddit for taking the time to help me improve my writing, for giving me ideas and suggestions, and for proof reading this chapter.
You rock!

Chapter 12 (v.1) - What really matters

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



Alnoa, Sector 14, 21:08 PM




Enoa Nuran was familiar with things not going the way she planned them throughout her life. Her parents, for instance, had always given her a hard time because of her choice of career, doing everything they could to discourage her. 

"You'll miss out on your entire life if you work in the government." Her mother had uttered, fiddling with the wedding ring on her bony finger as she spoke. Still, Enoa had a clear goal, and was determined to reach it. The frail, sickly complexioned woman that had raised her had spent most of her life working as an art teacher. She was extremely disappointed when her daughter showed a leaning towards the sciences rather than any artistic endeavors.  Going as far as threatening to kick her out if she continued with her ‘silly’ dreams of grandeur, the woman had grossly underestimated her daughter’s inherent stubbornness, for the constant pressure and disapproval only served to spur the girl on.

After a grueling five years of extra studies, with only her grant money and some odd jobs to sustain her, she had finished with highest honors, and had made it into the government's research department. 

During her graduation ceremony, she could see both her mother and father seemingly shrink in on themselves in shame, most likely for their lack of support throughout the years, a fact that was well known throughout the faculty at that time. It was too late for regrets in any case. All she had to offer them now was a dismissive glance. 

She had learned a valuable lesson that day, standing on the podium, hearing the cheers of her classmates and teachers: no matter what life would throw at her, she would always power through it, and see any obstacle reduced to nothing. There was nothing that could take her down. 


But now, for the first time in 20 years, staring at the massive crevice that had swallowed half the school, she felt utterly helpless. She looked around, seeing three couples in the room, some with stony expressions on their faces, others barely containing their tears. 

She could hear the principal say something, but she could not understand the words, feeling as if she were stuck in a dream, and expecting to wake up any moment. Earlier that day, she hadn't spared a glance at her son. Xenos had gotten in trouble again, and was supposed to stay for detention. He went to give her a hug before setting out for school, but, in her anger she had simply shaken him off and gone to work. 

Before she knew what she was doing, she was already out of the classroom, and quickly making her way to the bathroom. She could hear the principal call after her, but she couldn't bring herself to care. Opening the door to a stall with shaking hands, she sat down on the toilet lid, fumbling for the lock. 

Before she could shoot the bolt, however, she saw a shadow on the other side of the door, which opened seconds later to reveal a tall woman in her thirties, with golden delicately coiffed, chin length hair. A classy yet casual black dress hugged her slim features, the dark material standing in stark contrast to the sterile lighting overhead. 

Meora Xalion, Enoa's long time friend was usually a cheerful and kind, if somewhat eccentric person. Now, however, her purple eyes held a crushing sadness, looking completely devoid of hope. 

"They didn't cry." She started, face stony. "They didn't scream, they didn't even look sad." Her lower lip started to tremble, and, a few moments later, she was on her knees, sobbing, with only Enoa’s arms as support. "Who- who does that?" The woman continued between hitched breaths. "I mean, they're her parents! How could they just not care?!" Enoa lightly patted her back in a feeble attempt to calm her down. 

Clenching her teeth, she futilely tried to hold back the burning behind her eyes, finally breaking down crying next to Meora. There they sat, two friends who had lost the most important people to them in just a few hours, drowning in despair and sorrow.

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