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Little girl lives with multiple disabilities.

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



My daughter, Brie Suzette, was born with cerelbral palsy, a heart defect (she's had two heart surgeries before she was two and she faces at least two more in the next few years; but right now she's doing okay), vision problems, and is partially deaf.  She can walk with crutches, but for longer trips she uses a wheelchair to get around.

It's been hard at times (especially when Brie is in the hospital or is recuperating from surgery), but we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. We love her far too much.  Brie is one of the best things that could have ever happened to us.

Brie is the second youngest of three children.   Besides Brie, we have Yvonne Marie (9) and Phiippe Marcel (2); Brie is, meanwhile, four.  We can't imagine life without any of our children, especially Brie.  Brie was not expected and when we got pregnant with her (rather, when I got pregnant), it was nothing short of a God-given  miracle!

Brie is a typical little girl in so many ways, even though she is disabled.  She loves to roughhouse with her brother and sister and the neighbborhood kids, she loves to sing and dance (yes, even when on her crutches or when in her chair, she still dances), watch TV, read, draw, write, and go to church.  She is very smart and is in the GAT (Gifted and Talented) class at her preschool; there is nothing disabled with her mind!! Her disabilities are all physical!

When she grows up, Brie wants to be a animal trainer or a veterinarian; she absolutely loves animals!  She has a kitty cat named Jaspurr; Jaspurr is a tabby short hair with green eyes; they are the best of friends!

Brie is very cute with long, dark-bronw hair that she wears in pitails, big, bright-blue eyes, a turned-up nose, and freckles adorning her nose and cheeks.  She is very tiny in size; she looks no older than the age of three; her little brother is bigger than she is, even though he's younger!

Well, I hate to go, but Philippe and Brie both are clamoring for my attention, so I'd better see what they want.  I will write in here again soon with another entry in my story about Brie, and also Philippe and Yvonne.  Until next time, this is your new friend, Annaliese G. Ertstz, signing off; take care and God bless!


*End of part one!*

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