she visits every night

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I hesitated to post this, written a few months ago..

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



she visits every night
to clasp, wrap and gasp-
my dream girl gone in
calling her in waves, thin

dapple skin, ebony beauty
shining pupil- fake mercy
rebuff for desperation, cling
to the thought - naught a thing

sips of water in flashing light
twirling dancer, trickle aflight;
she goes 'cross states wide,
the road her companion abide

wandering that path, lovely alone
yet reside I by her side- atone
with forgiveness of self and her
for escaping every morning's blur

a relationship grew fraught in fall
detach and reattach for purpose withal,
still I grow to abandon in cold thrall
succor winds rebuff my failing grovel

"she visits every nigh-" taking breath away
"to clasp, wrap and g-" breaking the focus
"my dream girl gone-" yet near at the fray
"calling her in waves-" her gentle lotus

tell me, how often does thine breath escape
or fail to pass between holy lung balloons
when we lock gaze across this cosmic scape
and every passing stare is none to soon

tell me, when will we agree to run freely
right off into a sunset- as burning leaves
should we drift and float, smoking bloat?
our amalgamation would be love a'gloat?

I fear the joined creature of such passion
for when does standard fail, if in such fashion?
yet her smile always draws me direly there
a crease wider and happier than may fair

when do we flag in our dedication to bear,
if at our weakest we return to a glare-
remember the legend smile and blow gusts
for life is fleeting in file, no fuss


© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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