One Step At a Time - Episode #4 - Along Came Tiffany

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This is Episode 4 of my Soap Opera Blog! Check the first episode for the full summary of One Step At a Time!

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



One Step At A Time

A Soap Opera Blog

by Jay Sims


Episode Four

Along Came Tiffany


Previously on One Step at a Time…A mysterious entity calling itself “The Messenger” sent letters to most of the residents of Appleseed not exactly threatening to expose their dirty secrets, but just letting them know that they are nothing more than puppets and that there is someone higher calling the shots. Coincidentally, Blake and Octavius are sending out invitations to a Welcome to Appleseed dinner party for Da’Waylon and his family, but The Messenger can’t be them because Blake received a letter as well. Rashad decided to step up his game in exposing his dad, and his dad is going to be more careful about his dealings with illegal activities. Meanwhile, Justin has plans to meet his dealer, The Mayor called things off with Timothy, and Phyllis and Phoebe are still feuding over the contract created for Phoebe to get support for her baby. This may come as no shock, but the only person who didn’t receive a letter was Phyllis, which would make anyone wonder if she is the infamous Messenger. I guess we’ll find out soon…

And that’s what you missed on One Step At A Time!



 After Dinner


**This entire episode takes place in the Douglas home


The time is 6PM on a Sunday afternoon.

Everyone has finished eating a lovely meal and are mingling amongst themselves. A storm is in the works and looks as though it is about to strike any minute.




Phyllis: (Sipping on an Apple Martini) Darling, it was so considerate of you to have the dinner party here since your brother is under house arrest.

Da’Waylon: (Hugs Blake) My bro is da bomb!

Princess: Yeah, thanks for doing this Blake. It’s nice to have family here, even if we’re not all technically related. (Looks at Phyllis)

Phyllis: Thankfully!

Princess: (Walking off) Come on baby, let’s go get dessert.

Phyllis: Oh honey, your ass doesn’t need any more carbs! (Princess flips her the bird) Ghetto bitch.

Blake: Phyllis you’re only glad I threw the party here because you hate my house, skank.

Phyllis: (Laughing hysterically) I can never lie to you, can I?

Blake: Not when we were younger and you claimed to be a virgin, or when you stole that defibrillator for God knows what reason, and certainly not now!

Phyllis: Ok, ok. On to more serious things. Did you get the link to that website I sent you?

Blake: (Pulls Phyllis into a secluded corner) Ho, you had me clicking on a private assassin website! I could get disbarred if someone finds out I’ve been on there! Why do you want to have your own daughter killed?

Phyllis: I don’t want her killed I want it killed! Don’t you get it? This baby cannot be born! It’ll ruin our family!

Blake: Keep your voice down. And you idiot, assassins don’t kill unborn fetuses.

Phyllis: But they’re assassins.

Blake: (Sighs) Look, if you want to come up with a way to safely get rid of the baby, why don’t you just drug her and take her to a specialist. You are her mother and you have to give consent anyway, right?

Phyllis: Hmm. That could work.


Suddenly, the front door bursts open and reveals a woman dressed in a sexy red dress


Da’Waylon, Rashad, Justin, Michael, & Charleston: (Altogether) Damn!!!!

Da’Waylon: Who is you?

Blake: Tiffany? Tiffany Rose?

Tiffany: That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

Blake: (Running over to hug her) Oh my God girl! How have you been? It’s been too long!

Tiffany: Hey Blakey-Poo! Oh my God I know, I know!

Phyllis: Oh great, look what the homeless man screwed and dragged in.

Tiffany: (Rolls her eyes) Hello to you too, sis.

Octavius: Whoa, that’s your sister?

Phyllis: Half-sister, but yes, I’m related to the Bride of Chucky.

Tiffany: It feels so good to be back here in this quaint little town. I almost missed it driving on the freeway.

Phyllis tries to attack Tiffany, but Blake holds her back.

Blake: Whoa, calm down Phyllis, shit! What’s the matter with you?

Phyllis: This bitch needs to leave, now! Wherever she goes trouble follows her, and we have enough to deal with as it is.

Phoebe: There is nothing going on, mother. How dare you shun your own sister? (Phoebe takes Tiffany’s raincoat and walks with her to the other room)

Phyllis: The two of them together is the worst fucking thing to ever happen, Blake!

Blake: I don’t think Tiffany is that—

Phyllis slaps Blake in the face—hard.

Phyllis: Snap out of it man! Tiffany is bad news! I should know. It was her who exposed my first affair and tried to steal my Charleston away.

Blake: (Rubbing his face) Bitch, did you just slap me??

Phyllis: Focus! I need you to play nice with Tiffany and see what she knows. She wouldn’t come here without an agenda and I know damn well she’s been spying on us.

Blake: Okay, first of all— (He pinches Phyllis)

Phyllis: OW!

Blake: Second of all, you’re on your own. I’m not about to be in the middle of you two again! Hell to the no!

Phyllis: Need I remind you that you have something that came from inside me…

Blake: Goddammit Phyllis if you bring that up one more time!

Tiffany: Sorry to intrude on an intimate moment, but I just had to butt in. (Turns to Phyllis) If you even think about coming near me, you’ll live to regret it.

Phyllis: (Gets in her face) Bring it, bitch.

Blake: Ok, let’s go get some dessert, shall we? (Blake pulls Phyllis away)

Tiffany: (Smiling) Seems I came at the right time…





While everyone is eating dessert, Charleston & Timothy talk in private.


Charleston: I thought I told you we were over? (Looks around) We’re in public place, Timothy.

Timothy: I don’t care. I needed to see you again. Look, I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t do this, I can’t be apart from you.

Charleston: (Sighs) Timothy—

Timothy: No, don’t Timothy me. I’m not a kid, ok? It’s time you start treating me like an adult.

Charleston: Fine. What we had was good, I’ll admit, but we need to be realistic. If word gets out that I’ve been sleeping with a seventeen year old—

Timothy: Eighteen!

Charleston: Whatever. Maybe one day when I’m no longer Mayor and you’re a lot older.

Rashad and Michael walk by.

Timothy: Yeah, The Mayor’s Scholarship sounds perfect for me.

Charleston: What?

Timothy gestures behind him and Charleston sees Rashad who is within earshot.

Timothy: You know something, I really liked your—scholarship. I actually think I love it. I’ve never had those feelings before—for a scholarship.

Charleston: (Stifles a laugh) You think you love my scholarship?

Timothy: Yes.

Charleston: You sure it’s not my big Mayor’s Grant?

Timothy: (Laughing) Eww—I mean I didn’t know you had a big Mayor’s Grant. I thought it was more on the small side.

Charleston: Hey!

Timothy: Just kidding Mr. Mayor.

Charleston looks behind him and sees that the coast is clear

Charleston: Just to be clear, you secretly meant you loved me, right?

Timothy: (Rolls his eyes) I just know that I have strong feelings for you Charles, and I don’t want to end things this way. So what someone knows about us.

Charleston: Wait what? You received a letter too?

Timothy: Yeah.

Charleston: (Starts pacing around) We need to figure out who it is before they try to blackmail me.

Timothy: We’ll find them, but I need you to promise that you’re not going to shut me out just because you’re afraid of a stupid bitch who likes to hide behind fake ass letters.

Charleston: I can’t make any promises, Timothy. All I can do is try.

Timothy: I wish I could kiss you right now.

Charleston: (Smiles) Later.

Tiffany walks up behind Timothy.

Tiffany: Long time no see little man! (Runs her hand along his back and shoulders) Wow you’ve gotten so big! (Looks at Charleston) Well hello there stranger! What are you two lovebirds talking about?

Timothy and Charleston give each other a worried look.

Charleston: (Laughs) Funny, but I’m happily married thank you.

Tiffany: (Snickering) Happily married, huh?

Timothy: Yeah, and I have a—girlfriend.

Tiffany: Oh honey, don’t even try to cover it up. Like I told both of your fathers years ago, there is a certain scent that only comes from gay men and I can smell it from a mile away. This place is filled with it.

Charleston: If you don’t mind, I was getting Timothy ready for his interview for The Mayor’s Scholarship.

Timothy: You actually think I have a chance Mr. Mayor?

Charleston: Excuse us. (Pulls Timothy across the room and out back) We are to never speak in public again.

Timothy: (Sighs) Ok. I’m going to question my dad’s about Tiffany. She seems odd.

Charleston: I’ll question Phyllis. In the meantime, we need to pick a place to meet and I need to get us new phones. I’m going to tell Phyllis I have Mayor related work to attend to. Go tell you fathers—

Timothy: Dude, chill out with the orders. I know what to do.

Charleston: Sorry.

Timothy: Just for that I get to choose the hotel.

Charleston: Motel, it’s more unpredictable.

Charleston checks to see if anyone is watching, then kisses Timothy. There’s four things they are unaware of; the three cameras outside and a lurking Tiffany in the shadows.



More Dessert


Rashad takes Michael on a secret tour of the house while everyone is eating



Rashad: (Checks his surroundings) Okay, out here is where he does his Butt Operations or whatever. Right through there. (He points to the pool house)

Michael goes inside.

Rashad: You see anything?

Michael: (From inside) Nope. Nothing.

Rashad: Check the attic! And hurry!

Michael: Holy shit! There’s someone still in here! (Comes out of the pool house) He’s been illegally operating on people?

Rashad: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Come on, there’s more for you to see. (He pulls Michael towards the front of the house)

Michael: He’s hiding something here?

Rashad: It’s actually pretty genius.

Rashad bends down and pulls a bush up from its’ roots and reveals a secret safe.

Rashad: I don’t have the tools to open it and I don’t know what’s inside but it has to be something illegal, right?

Michael: I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t go through the trouble of hiding it here if it were a secret stash of candy.

Rashad: So can you bust him? Throw him in jail?

Michael: I have enough to get a warrant and come back with backup.

Rashad: Yes!

Michael remembers the letter he received from The Messenger. He needs to stay out of the light.

Michael: Actually kid, I might have to do more investigating.

Rashad: What? More investigating? You just saw a fucking women recovering from having her ass enlarged!

Michael: Cool it, kid.

Rashad: Fuck that! You cool it!

Tiffany walks outside and notices the guys and goes over to them.

Tiffany: Hello there Rashad, how have you been? (Turns to Michael) Officer Matthews, it is certainly a pleasure seeing you again.

Michael: Tiffany.

Rashad: I’m trying to speak with Michael in peace about something serious please.

Tiffany: Oh don’t mind me. Go right ahead and finish telling him about your old man.

Rashad: (Gasps) What—how?

Tiffany: Word of advice, you might want to get your own ducks in the row before you try to expose your own flesh and blood.

Rashad: What the hell are you talking about?

Tiffany: (Laughs) Oh don’t act dumb, I know everything about you.

Michael: I need to get out of here.

Tiffany stops Michael from leaving.

Tiffany: Before you leave, I have to say you seem troubled. Whatever is on your mind just know that if you do as Rashad here is asking, you won’t even have to worry about it. Trust me.

Michael: Excuse me?

Tiffany: (Shoos him away) Off you go now! Run along!

Michael: You get weirder every time I see you.

Tiffany: Bye!

Michael goes back inside.

Tiffany: Listen you little bastard, you’re going to tell me who your dealer is and now!

Rashad: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t sell fucking drugs!

Tiffany: Of course you do. I got a tip from someone who said a young male could be of value to me in Appleseed. You’re the only young man here other than Blake’s son, but I know he’s clean.

Rashad: I’m not who you think I am, and I’m not the only young male here. What about Justin?

Tiffany: Who?

Rashad: Michael’s son.

Tiffany: What? Wait a minute. So you don’t remember what happened last Spring? (Tiffany carefully studies his face)

Rashad: Am I supposed to?

Tiffany: Oh shit.

Rashad: Look, Justin just walked out. Go question him and leave me the hell alone. (Rashad walks off)

Tiffany: Continue pursuing your dad! It’ll pay off in the end, I promise. For both of us…




Even More Dessert


Justin and Brittany are talking together at the dinner table alone


Justin: Any luck finding out who The Messenger is?

Brittany: No. I still can’t believe you were so careless that you let someone discover your secret! I thought I taught you better than that?

Justin: Uh, who’s the oldest one here?

Brittany: Well you certainly don’t act like it.

Justin: Did you find anything?!

Brittany: Yes and no.

Justin: Ok, I’m waiting.

Brittany: Well, this person has been sending letters to all of us here in Appleseed. I overheard Dad telling mom if she knew anyone by that name, as if someone would actually have that name in real life. And mom told him that Blake received a similar letter.

Justin: So do you know who it could be?

Brittany: That was the yes to my yes and no reply, and no I don’t.

Justin: (Slouches in his chair) UGH!

Phyllis sits down at the table and drinks someone’s leftover martini.

Phyllis: What’s got you all bummed, kid?

Justin: High school problems.

Phyllis: Drop out. I did.

Brittany: Yeah Justin. You could drop out and marry a Mayor too!

Phyllis: Watch it little girl. As the Mayor’s wife I could have you and your family living on the streets in a heartbeat.

Brittany: I was just kidding, gosh. I’m actually just like you.

Phyllis: Oh are you now?

Brittany: (Looks at Justin) I know what I want and even if I don’t know how to get it, I always find a way.

Phyllis: Attagirl!

Brittany: Speaking of finding a way, I’m gonna excuse myself.

Justin: I better get going too.

Phyllis: Sit back down.

Justin: (Already standing) What?

Phyllis: Sit back down.

Justin sits down.

Phyllis: (Looks around then leans towards Justin) What have you told her?

Justin: Who? Jessica?

Phyllis: No, my bitch of a sister.

Justin: I haven’t even spoken to her.

Phyllis: Good. Say nothing to her. She may act like she knows everything, but that’s just a ploy to get you to spill all of your secrets.

Justin: My secrets?

Phyllis: I wish I could tell you more, but it’s too risky.

Justin: What the fuck is going on?

Phyllis gets up to leave while Justin checks his cell phone and reads a text for him to come to the park by nightfall to collect in person.

Justin: (Searching for Phyllis) Where the hell did she go?

Justin leaves the house, thinking Phyllis is outside and bumps into Tiffany.

Justin: Uh, sorry.

Tiffany: No, it’s my fault young man. You must be Justin—Justin Matthews. I’ve been looking for you.

Justin: Um, I was just leaving.

Tiffany: (Steps in front of him) No you’re not. Not until you answer some questions. Who’s your dealer?

Justin: Look, whatever is going on with you and Phyllis please keep me out of it.

Tiffany: I see she’s spoken with you. Dammit! Just tell me who it is!

Justin gets dangerously close to Tiffany.

Justin: I don’t know, ok? Now leave me alone.

Tiffany: (Laughs) Oh you know who it is. And unless you tell me, you can kiss your freedom goodbye—murderer.

Justin: (Gasps) What the fuck?

Tiffany: That’s right. I know what you did last Spring.

Justin: It can’t be.

Tiffany: Who is your dealer?

Out of nowhere, Phyllis attacks Tiffany.

Phyllis: Leave him alone you small tit bitch!

Tiffany: (Throws Phyllis off of her) Fuck you! (Throws herself on top of Phyllis)

The two continue to roll around in the grass and everyone comes outside.

Phyllis: Get the fuck out of here, looking like someone set your face on fire and tried to put it out with a fork fugly slut!

Tiffany: Not until I get what I came for! And your face looks like you’ve been using it for a doorstop you skank bitch!

Justin: (To everyone) Is anyone going to break them up?

Octavius: It’s best to let them have it out.

Michael: If it gets bloody I’ll intervene.

Blake: But for now let’s just enjoy the show. Princess are you recording?

Princess: I got my cell phone, then the two cameras out here will get it from other angles and I told Rashad to get a shot from behind them. I’ll have copies out by tomorrow morning for everyone!

Justin: I don’t have time for this. I’m out. (Justin walks away from the house)

Brittany catches up with him.

Brittany: Leaving so soon?

Justin: I just got a text from my dealer I think. They want me to meet them in person. And guess what I just found out?

Brittany: What?

Justin: You know that bitch Tiffany?

Brittany: Yeah?

Justin: She’s The Messenger!





The End


So the short lived “Messenger” is Tiffany, but not everyone knows—at least not yet!

Also…Why is Phyllis and Tiffany so angry with each other? Why is Tiffany friends with Blake but still sent him a letter? Will Charleston and Timothy get caught? Who is Justin’s dealer? Will Michael finally bust Da’Waylon? Why is Brittany even in any of this? And finally, one question I know most of you are wondering…Who the fuck is going to win that catfight between Phyllis and Tiffany? My money is on Phyllis!


Tune in later to find out the answers to SOME of these questions and more!

Remember, life would be a breeze if we just took it…One Step at a Time!


*Drops mic*


© Copyright 2019 Jay Sims. All rights reserved.

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