the Renegades

the Renegades

Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



A hushed town that is forgotten by most. A corrupt government that rains down their drums of death and desolation. There is a girl who has never seen a need to stand up and face her oppressors, until they gave her a reason to one fateful night. An obstinate girl who must learn how to change her uncouth ways to be of any use to a group that may have a chance to change their world. If she succeeds, her people will see what freedom means. If she fails, the cost is grave.
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A hushed town that is forgotten by most. A corrupt government that rains down their drums of death and desolation. There is a girl who has never seen a need to stand up and face her oppressors, until they gave her a reason to one fateful night. An obstinate girl who must learn how to change her uncouth ways to be of any use to a group that may have a chance to change their world. If she succeeds, her people will see what freedom means. If she fails, the cost is grave.

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Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



The ground is dead beneath my feet. My legs are pumping fast as I run against this dry, hard dirt. Fear is seeping through my body. Anxiety eating away at my flesh. I keep repeating the same three words in my head.

This isn't happening.

My whole life hangs on these three precious words. They're feeding on them. Sucking them dry. If I say them long enough, hard enough, then it will manifest into reality. It must.

He had come to my door—my friend, Blake. I knew something was horribly wrong. One look at his face contorted in agony told me an unwritten story of all the things that were wrong in this world. Blake never looks like that. Not Blake who always has a smile on his face, spewing the most sarcastic remarks to keep the laughter.

His words had come out like a whip cracking against my face. I can still feel the sting of them as I run.


Reality became hazy the more he spoke. My mind became a jumbled mess of malformed images that didn't make sense. He didn't have time to finish what he was trying to tell me before my legs snapped to life with a mind of their own, taking off flying down my street.

Vaguely, I register the sound of him running after me. He can't be far behind, but it sounds like he's miles away.

The night around me is eerily beginning to gray. There are no street lights here. We've learned to navigate through our darkened town from a young age. Every night at nine the electricity from our homes shut off, but I've run this path many times, so much so it could have been designed precisely for me.

The air around me is thick. There is a warm wind brushing against my body. Suffocating me. The night knows of the dangers ahead. The sky above me a vulpine mass that must have predicted the events that would occur on what was meant to be a calm April night.

I know I'm getting closer when I start to hear familiar voices. The sound of them propels me forward faster. It should have been impossible for me to get here as quickly as I have, but there was a force fueling me that couldn't be held down.

I begin to hear the cries and panicked voices that I wish would dissolve into the night. If I don't hear the fear that swims within their vocal cords, then I can pretend that none of this is true and life can go on like it should.

I round the corner of Lana's block, lifting a hand to shield my eyes from the blinding lights of the guards' trucks. I know it's the theirs because our town is not permitted to own vehicles, but I've seen raiding trucks all my life when they come and storm our town looking for illegal activity.

I'm too late.

I push away the thought that keeps assaulting me.

Distorted faces are huddled together across the street from my friend Lana's house. They're clinging to one another, crying. Torn between wanting to step up and do something for their neighbors, and knowing that in doing so will bring repercussions for them.

My throat is rusty. My veins blooming with frost. My eyes are flinging around rapidly till they land on something that cripples me.

Two guards in their black uniforms, with the silver collars, are holding up a sagging boy who refuses to use his own two feet to stand on. I recognize that it's Lana's brother, Trent, immediately. I watch as his head falls forward in sorrow. Unwilling to watch the destruction that he caused.

A third guard comes up behind him, twisting his hand into Trent's blond hair, making his head stay up. All that escapes his mouth is one solid scream that about knocks me off my feet. Her brother Trent is still contained, so it can't be too late. I tell myself this lie, because in reality it doesn't matter if the punishment has been served yet. In the end, there's nothing I can do.

I want to help him, but I can't. I need to help her and the rest of their family. Before I have a chance to move, I see a figure dart out from the worn home. Lana runs in my direction as if our skin is attached to each other. Like she knew I'd be here and exactly where I would be.

Her body slams into mine, forcing me a few steps back. When she looks at me, I see that her face is etched with terror. Her delicate features have gone rigid. Her golden eyes have been drained of their radiant color as she clutches my upper arms. Her lips are cracked in thick heavy lines when she parts them.

I whisper her name just as I see movement in my peripheral vision. My eyes dart back toward her house as two guards drag her father out. He's fighting with everything he's got to try to free himself, but it's no use. Her mother is the next to be brought out in front of everyone. She isn't fighting at all. She's walking with her head held high, knowing the fate that waits her for her son's actions.

I want to turn away, but my eyes stay glued to the scene in front of me. I manage to take Lana's face in my hands, turning it away from her parents just as the first strike of a long blade enters her father's chest. I wanted to protect her from such a sight.

I'm struggling to breathe. It's like my body has become paralyzed. Her father falls to his knees. I force myself to look back at her. “Run!” I shout. “Lana, run!” My demands push against her. Trying to get her to leave. My mind won't process why she's still standing here clutching me.

“No,” her breath is hot against my face. Her forehead has little beads of sweat begging to fall over. “It's too late for me.” I shake my head, trying to tell her that it isn't, but my mouth won't open. A part of me knows that she's right. I can't say that lie to her, no matter how badly I want to believe it. “Listen to me, Sadie, she's alive. She's at the place where we once hid.” She begged me to understand. “I need you to get her. Take her away from here. Keep her safe. Promise me.” Her voice rises on that last request. 

My jaw is unhinged, hanging open. A thick strand of my chocolate brown hair falls in my eyes. “I promise,” I whisper to her. Knowing that I would do anything I could to keep that. I know that she would do the same for me.

In a swift movement, her body presses forcefully into mine, beginning to dance strangely against me. The reality of what's happening lags as my brain tries to catch up.

Blood flies from her mouth, splattering against my face as I hold to her tight. Two guards are behind her, I just realize.

I see a flash of metal forced into her in a frenzy of motions. Her head falls on my shoulder. She's letting out wheezing gasps that will never leave me. I don't have time to process what's happening. I don't have time to understand what just occurred, before it's all done and over.

I know she's gone when her breath slows down against my neck, until it ceases all together.

No scream leaves my throat. No tears pour down my face. The only sign of my grief is through the trembling of my hands that are sticky and wet. Their laughter is what brings me back to the surface. All my sorrow leaving me for now while anger swells up.

Her body is being tugged. I can feel the weight of her leaving me. I try to cling to her. When our connection breaks I watch as the tall guard tosses her body to the ground like trash; letting her blood soak into the damaged earth.

“At least your friend left you some meat to eat,” he laughs. “You have my deepest sympathy for never getting to taste the real thing, but now you should feel grateful for her sacrifice. Would you like us to carve her out for you, or will you be doing that yourself?” The tall guard says. Sadism is the only thing that laid in his eyes. His lips were twisted in a belligerent grin. The raiding guards live for this. The kill.

The short guard with the thick neck snickers as his friend baits me. They're both coated in blood. They want me to slip up and attack. They want another reason to take someone else out. It's almost as if their souls only feed on carnage.

He gets his wish. I'm a loose cannon. I've never been good at controlling my anger. I'm seething with rage. I want to rip those soulless eyes out from his skull. I want to tear apart the malicious lips that sit on his face. I want to dig my fingers into his chest and rip out his heart until nothing but dust lay where I crush it in my hands. My anger is what propels me forward. I'm not thinking straight. He only looks pleased as I rush at him.

Suddenly, two arms come around me, pulling me back away from the guards. I know my name is being said. Blake is telling me to stop, but nothing matters besides the man in front of me that I want to kill.

He's stronger than me, but I'm faster. I use my body to kick, hit, and flail. My leg kicks back, making contact with his knee. His grip on me loosens just enough for me to slip out of his arms.

“That's right, Kitty, come here.” The tall guard motions his left hand at me, while his other hand holds his knife tight; fresh blood still coats it. He bends his knees slightly and cocks his head with pleasure as I race toward him.

The same two arms find me, wrapping themselves around my chest that's heaving with fury. I'm baring my teeth, yelling at him to let me go, but he won't. He makes the mistake of getting his arm too close to my face. I don't hesitate to bite down, tearing into his flesh. His blood fills my mouth mixing with hers, making my tongue taste the acrid metallic flavor of them. He yelps. It was enough to have him let go of me. Not that I make it a foot when Blake's hand twists in my long hair, yanking my head back, delivering a punch to the side of my skull that knocks me to the ground. Black specks start filtering my vision. It's not long before misery is spinning around me.

My mind whirls with thoughts. Lana's body will always lay in that spot. Her parents' bodies will always lay on the ground where they fell. The wet blood will begin to rust with time. It's illegal to move them now. If they lived without crime then they would be buried, but since Lana's brother was a criminal, their bodies would lay for all to see out in a gruesome display. It's a message to the rest of us that they have control in this corrupt system. They are cruel. They want us to have to watch our loved one’s decay in front of our eyes. Now, three more bodies litter the streets for their pleasure.

Our town always smells like death. They are not the first ones to be slaughtered and rot away. They are just the first ones that I knew and loved. The putrid smell that we live in is familiar to us. We're accustomed to the scent that we try to escape.

My mind thinks of Trent, Lana's brother, being held up by guards as his family is slaughtered in front of him. It's his punishment for the crime he committed. He will not be put to death, or go to prison. We have no prison's here. He is the guilty one, but they punish his innocent family instead, like they do to so many others. He will always have to live with the pain of what he's done, that’s the price he must pay. A constant reminder that we are nothing more than ants that are easy to crush beneath their boots.

I picture Lana in her last moments. Her eyes wide and scared. The beauty from her face had vanished. She knew there was no escaping death that was knocking on her door. The promise I made to her is harsh music in my ears telling me that one person did survive it all. Her little sister Annie is hiding and waiting for me.

I feel the throbbing ache of the punch my friend Blake delivered to my head. Saving my life, the only way he knew how to get me to stop being relentless.

Fury is swelling to a lethal level inside of me. All I can think about before the world turns black and I pass out, is that I want vengeance on the Sire—our ruler. The man who has ice flooding though him instead of compassion. I want revenge on the Courts, the ones who stand by his side and help him rule in this tyranny. I will slice each guard down like they do us. My fist will raise and destroy the earth around them, as well as anyone who stands in my way. I can't do it alone, but I know who can help.

It's in that moment I swear that I will ally myself with the Renegades.

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