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Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



I’ve never wanted kids.




I like them, sure. But I always pictured myself as that cool auntie - the one who flies in from some outrageous trip overseas; who sneaks my niece and nephew a beer when no one’s looking. The one my sister’s kids could talk to as they grew, when they couldn’t talk to anyone else.


But that’s never going to happen for me, is it? Not down here. Not anymore.


I note my thirteen-month anniversary in this place with silent sobs in the shower – I’ve become a master at silence since my first week and my first broken rib. But you haven’t learned that yet, have you?


You’re new. I’ll explain the rules.


Number one is simple - in fact, you’ve probably already guessed it – remain silent until told otherwise. As little as an ill-timed cough can earn you a black eye. (My own addition: While he works, its best not to even move. On a bad day, the rustle of clothes or the squeak of the floorboards will… well, it’ll be worse than a black eye.)


Number two is probably a bit harder to digest. That was a joke, because this one is about food – get it? No, I didn’t find it all that funny either. Breakfast and dinner comes from that cupboard over there (you can’t see it from here). He counts them; don’t eat more than two containers a day. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to try hard to guess what the punishment would be for eating more. Or less.


I don’t want to tell you number three just yet. Like I said, you’re new; too much too fast isn’t a good thing. Besides, it won’t apply to you for now. Not for a while at least.


Now, what more do you need to know? Oh, of course! I’m Sophie. And you’re Rosie.


Now, now. Don’t kick your foot like that. Your name is Rosie and that is the end of that discussion. He chose it for you and you will keep it. It’s easier, trust me. So, Rosie. Let me take you around our home.  This is the bedroom we’ll share. Don’t worry, your bed will get here in time!  Through that door is the toilet and shower. The trick with the shower is to remember that the taps are reversed – cold is hot and hot is cold. Out here is the living room. Straight ahead is the bookcase (he brings us new books every anniversary, so we’ll get some more today!) and some board games – we’ll have fun once you learn to play, trust me. Be careful of the squeaky floorboard by the stove on your right. And that’s it. We might not have windows, but at least we’ll have good skin (another joke!).


Oh, Rosie, that door under the stairs… Don’t go near it. At least, not until he lets you. That’s one of the Unspoken Rules.


I shouldn’t really tell you about the others (another of the Unspoken Rules – you’ll catch on to them quick, don’t worry). But I think you’re more spirited than they are. You aren’t the first, sweetie. You see, I’m not even the first. But we do have something over them, Rosie; they never made it past six months. The blood for the last girl was hard to clean up - by the time he brought me here, it had dried to a crust, stained the sheets and soaked into the mattress. I was new then, but a different type of new to yours, Rosie.


I’ll try and make you understand.  All that blood I told you about? That came from a teeny tiny girl that was your kind of new – she was older than you. Nine months and three weeks. But you Rosie, you’re special. You’re punctual.


You’ll make him happy. He has, after all, been waiting for eight months and 27 days.


And that brings us to rule number three. Never keep him waiting.

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