The Set-Up

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Amber sets her sister Josephine up to talk to a boy in their class

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017



It was the first day of school at Piney Point High. Josephine Hart and Jason Clark were putting books in their locker. Jason turned to Josephine when he finished. “I am Jason Clark,” said Jason shaking Josephine hand. Josephine stood there for a moment. “I am Josephine Hart but my friends call me Joey,” said Josephine. “Joey, it is nice to meet you. I will see you around,” said Jason walking off. Josephine stood there and watched until Jason was out of sight. “Joey, how stupid can you get. He will think you can’t talk,” said Josephine to herself as she slammed the locker shut in frustration.


Josephine and her step sister Amber Foster were sitting quietly in music class waiting on the music teacher. Amber noticed Jason kept his eyes on Josephine. Music teacher Wilson Stephens came into the room. “Good Morning class, welcome to the first day of school. I am Wilson Stephens, and today we are going to discuss the piano,” said Wilson. He discussed the history of the piano and asked the class how many had played the piano. Josephine, Amber, and several others in the class raised their hand.


“Ms. Hart, I want you to turn to page 125 and play the introduction on the piano,” said Wilson handing Josephine a song book. “Me? Are you sure. It’s been a long time since I played the piano,” said Josephine trying to get out of doing the assignment. “Yes, Ms. Hart,” said Wilson.


Josephine sat down and started the introduction but was off key. She started over several times and the class began to laugh at her. She became upset and looked like she was fixing to start crying. “I am sorry. I can sing better than I can play a musical instrument,” said Josephine hanging her head. “They would have to evacuate the school if your singing was as bad as your piano playing,” said Chris Lawrence a student sitting in the back row.  


Josephine stood up and was fixing to go back to her seat. “Stay right there Ms. Hart,” instructed Wilson. “Each person has a musical talent. It maybe in the form of playing a musical instrument or singing. The main thing is to find your musical talent and love every minute of it,” said Wilson. “Ms. Hart, I want you to find a song and sing the introduction,” continued Wilson handing her a song book. “Evacuate-Evacuate,” shouted Chris making fun of Josephine.


Josephine began looking through the song book. She found a song that she knew by heart. “You can do this. You can do this,” said Josephine to herself. She closed the songbook and began to sing the song from memory. The class was amazed when she sang every verse instead of just the introduction and how beautiful it sounded. When she finished the last verse the entire class began clapping.


“Mr. Lawrence, I believe you owe Ms. Hart something,” said Wilson, a few minutes before time for the next class. “You're right,” said Chris with a sigh because he had to apologize for making fun of Josephine. “Joey, I am sorry for making fun of you, said Chris. “It’s okay,” said Josephine. “The only reason that little dweeb is sorry is because Wilson made him apologize,” thought Amber to herself as she sat one row behind Josephine and one in front of Chris.


Josephine was stretched out across her bed reading a fashion magazine. Amber came into her bedroom and sat down beside her. “That was so cool the way you showed that Chris Lawrence in music class today,” said Amber. Josephine continued looking at the magazine not paying attention to Amber. “So, who, is the cute boy that introduced himself and couldn’t keep his eyes off of you?” asked Amber. Josephine closed the magazine and put it on a nightstand beside her bed. “I think his name is Jason, but I am not sure,” said Josephine. “Oh-my-gosh you think he is cute and got crush on him,” exclaimed Amber with excitement. “No, I just met him today. Besides he would probably like you more than me,” said Josephine. “What do you mean?” asked Amber. “He probably like girls that dresses up and wears make up. Which is not me,” said Josephine. “You like to dress up and put on makeup. Me, I am like what is the use. When the evening is over and the makeup comes off I am still the same Joey Hart,” continued Josephine. “Joey, you keep saying he probably - he probably; have you talked to him or tried to get to know him?” asked Amber. “No,” said Josephine. “Ok, then maybe you should talk to him,” said Amber. Josephine didn’t say a word.


The next morning Jason was walking down the hall headed to class. “Jason, Jason, Do you have a moment,” shouted Amber running trying to catch up to him. Jason turned around to see who was calling him. “I am Amber, Joey’s step sister,” said Amber. “It is nice to meet you,“ said Jason. “What do you think about her?” asked Amber. “She is pretty and has an amazing voice,” said Jason putting a smile on his face as he thought about Josephine. “Would you like to talk to her and maybe  get to know her better?” asked Amber. “Yes, but I don’t know if she would talk to me,” said Jason. “Oh, she would like to talk to you and get to know you better. She just wasn’t sure if you felt the same way,” said Amber telling a lie. The class bell rang. “I got to go, it was nice meeting you,” said Jason walking off.


It was Saturday morning and Josephine was in her bedroom watching tv. Amber came into her bedroom. “Joey, do you have any plans around 11:30?” asked Amber. “No why?” asked Amber. “Well, I was thinking about going to Pizza World. All the people I know have already  made plans and I would really-really like to have some company,” said Amber. “Ok, I will come,” said Josephine. “Great, I am fixing to go make a phone call,” said Amber.


“Look at all the people here,” exclaimed Amber as she pulled into the parking lot. Josephine had a puzzled look on her face as their were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. “Why don’t you go find us a table while I find a place to park,” said Amber. Josephine was still confused about what was going on. She got out of the white jeep and went inside. To her surprise Jason was standing there. Josephine put her hands over mouth. “Amber set me up,” said Josephine. She walked up to Jason. “Oh, Jason, I am so sorry,” said Josephine not realizing that he had helped plan the set up with Amber. “Don’t be,” said Jason as he took Josephine’s hand. The two sat down at a table and started talking. A few minutes later Amber quietly came in. She had a big smile on her face as she saw Jason and Josephine talking.


Amber was sitting on her bed. Josephine pretending to be mad at her stormed into her room. “I am so mad at you I could strangle you,” shouted Josephine. “Joey, I didn’t mean to; I was just trying to help,” said Amber in a nervous voice. Josephine started laughing and sat down beside her, “I was only kidding sis,” said Josephine. “You are not mad at me?” asked Amber. “Mad? Why would I be mad at my sister after the wonderful time I had, that she helped plan,” said Josephine hugging Amber. “You mean you and Jason are now a couple?” asked Amber with excitement. “No, we  talked and he is a pretty cool guy,” said Josephine. “Joey has a boyfriend, Joey has a boyfriend,” sang Amber. Josephine picked up a pillow and hit Amber with it. Amber reached over and picked up a pillow and hit Josephine. “Pillow fight,” exclaimed Josephine with excitement.

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