The Perception and other short stories

The Perception and other short stories

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



It is a book full of thriller, mysterious and adventurous descriptions. Read it and enjoy yourselves!
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It is a book full of thriller, mysterious and adventurous descriptions. Read it and enjoy yourselves!

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Perception and other Short Stories

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 23, 2017










The Perception

(Muhammad Murad)



“The Outcome of wrong and misunderstood Perceptions is definitely a downfall”

Muhammad Murad









A Stupidity


Daniel was wandering alone in the streets of Nottinghamshire. It was a cold winter night with the continuous thunderstorm. The streets seemed to be mum and in such a stormy night Daniel was strolling in a really audacious fashion. Ms. Ginny Sobers, Daniel’s Mother, was too much concerned about him. Mr. Sobers was sent before him to take him back home. Everybody was aware of his stubbornness that when he had made a commitment, he would go for it no matter what he had to do it. Mr. Sobers found it grim to find him although, but he kept on doing. The storm was getting immensely vigorous. Daniel was out of his senses and his whim of marrying Emma Murray was adapting to his commitment and he would no more listen to his family restrictions of not marrying orphan women, Emma Murray.

“I shouldn’t care for my parents if they don’t regard my decisions and desires. Yes! I should marry Emma; she would be perfect for me!! ”

Daniel murmured.

“Stop Daniel! Oh please stop! Enough is enough”

Mr. Sobers found him progressing towards the door of Emma’s aunt’s house.

“No! I won’t for this time! I am fully convinced to marry Emma and I am not responsible for the results. Have you got it, Dad?”

“So you think that you are all grown up to make your decisions yourself?”

“Oh please! I have the right of it”

“Do what you want but make sure that you don’t have to repent and then we will be dead for you.” 

“I won’t regret! Only you two will regret when you people wouldn’t see my face.” 

“That’s your misapprehension, Daniel!”

Said Mr. Sobers.

“Time will decide this Dad. Let’s see! Who regrets!

 Daniel passes into the entrance of Emma’s aunt’s house. “Hello, aunt! Is Emma home?”

“Yes! She is”

“Oh! Thank God! I would like to give her a surprise!”, “Sure!”

Daniel enters Emma’s room.

“Hey, Emma! What are you doing?”

“Daniel you! What a surprise. Aren’t you going to your office today?”

Said Emma.

“How could I go today when it is the birthday of my dear Emma?”

Daniel exclaimed.

“Oh, Daniel! You remember my birthday! So sweet of you!” Emma said in a captivated manner.

“So you are surprised. Aren’t you?”

“Yes of course I am! Even I forgot my own birthday”

“On this happy day my dear! I have planned a surprise for you! Let’s go”

Daniel said overjoy fully

“To where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise my charming lady”

“But I have a lot of work today, Daniel”

“Are you gone mad? Don’t be so silly! Let’s enjoy the day!”

“Ok! Then let’s go, Daniel!”

Daniel took her to the most hypnotized place of the city, The Hampshire Beach

“So how is the surprise?”

Said, Daniel.

“Oh, Daniel! Thanks for this!”

Cried out Emma joyfully, by seeing a boat ready to give them a ride.

“Let’s enjoy! Come on Emma!”

“Hoo-Hoo! Let’s go, Daniel! I’m ready”.

Both of them rode the Boat and went among the waves of the sea-water. They enjoyed the whole day and then were Back home soon.

“So Ms. Emma! Did you enjoy the day with me? Have I made this birthday of yours, such a day as couldn’t be forgotten?”

Asked Daniel.

“Well! It’s unquestionably true that you always do that Daniel!”

Replied Emma by suppressing a smile.

“Can I ask you one more question?”

Said Daniel in a bit of confusion.

“Yes Please!”

Said Emma gently.

“What do you think about me?”

Asked Daniel although he knew the answer.

“What kind of question is it? Of course, I like you and you are my best friend and you know that. Then why this question?”

Replied Emma in a surprised manner.

“For relief my dear! Will you marry me?”

Murmured Daniel in a bit of confusion.

“What? Are you mad? To like you doesn’t mean that I will marry you”

Replied Emma furiously.

“What do you mean? What about the time you spend with me?”

Daniel said in an almost crying tone.

“I’ve my career ahead and Daniel! Just leave me alone. I want you to get out from my life and my house also. I don’t want to see you anymore, just go and never even think about me and there is no need to come to my home anymore”

 Emma shouted loudly.

 “Don’t do this to me, Emma! I’ll die without you! I can’t live without you! You know that I have even left my parents for you!”

Daniel bent on his knees.

“That’s not my concern, I said leave so leave! You are not my love and I won’t spare you if I came to know that you are here to meet me again and take heed of not even contacting me, understand! Now move out of my house!”

Emma grew red-faced this time.

“Ok! I’ll leave but remember that you’ll repent one day and then you will have nothing left behind. Good-Bye forever, the love of my life! I will always love you!”

Daniel left by shutting the door wrathfully.

The next day, Daniel was very depressed and he proposed Katy Thomas, who was his friend and she often told Daniel that she loved him intensely. She was the daughter of his boss. His boss accepted the marriage proposal of Daniel on the basis of certain promises, which Daniel accepted and promised; Katy and Daniel were soon engaged. Now Katy was Daniel’s fiancée.





















The Tragic Ending


“Daniel stop it! Are you still angry with me? ”

Asked Katy Thomas. She was the fiancée of Daniel.

“No, not at all! Who said this?”

Replied Daniel gently.

“Then what makes you so annoyed these days?”

Asked Katy again.

“I am alright! Ok, Katy! I have to go, take care!”

 Daniel rushed towards the door.

“I won’t let you go, you’ve come just know and you’re about to leave, that’s not great. Tell me what the matter with your temper is? I’ve noticed a transition in your mood, tell me what’s wrong?”

Asked Katy soberly.

“I’ve told you that everything is ok, don’t you worry about it”

Daniel left.

It was a clear morning, the birds were chirping delightfully and the scene was a real charming. Daniel went to propose Katy and she agreed thankfully. Both of them married and shifted to a new house in the Canterbury Street, Nottinghamshire.  The newly-wed couple enjoyed the life for years. Everything was going on towards the right path.

One day, Katy’s cousin, Mike Tulle came to their house for a one-month official tour of his company named The Real Estate Company, Birmingham.

“So how are you Mr. Tulle?”

Asked Daniel from Mike.

“I’m all good and you! Mr. Husband of Katy?”

Mike added laughter.

“I have a name, Mike! You can call me with that name, I won’t mind”

Said, Daniel.

“Just kidding! I’m always jokey, don’t mind!”

Mike added.

“How come you find our house, Mr. Mike?”

Daniel asked in a serious tone.

“It’s never difficult to find the house of your love!”

Said, Mike, while passing a smile to Katy. Daniel was noticing them.


Daniel asked astonishingly.

“Of course the love of my life, Katy! Just kidding Danny!” Mike said again while seeing both to Daniel and Katy. Daniel didn’t like that jokey person at all but he controlled his emotions.

After the dinner, Katy said:

“Come to Mike I’ll show you the room where you’ll live”

“Yeah, sure! I’ll be honored”

Replied Mike while smiling.

“So, here’s your little but comfy room, now you can take a nap and see you at the breakfast, Good-night!”

Said Katy.

“Katy! Oh, my dear Katy! Let’s talk for a while! I’ve met you after a long time and have lot of things to tell you”

Mike insisted Katy sit with him. Both of them talked until the midnight. Daniel kept waiting for Katy and this continued for a few days; Daniel was getting doubtful about the relationship of Mike and Katy. At last, by breaking the ice, one night, Daniel got frustrated on Katy when she came to her room at about 2’0 clock at midnight. “I think you’d better have a stay in Mike’s room. Don’t you get tired of this formality of coming back in this room?” Said Daniel in a mocking tone.

“What do you mean?”

 Katy questioned astonishingly.

“So you think I’m a fool? I am not blind and can see what’s going on between you and your so called cousin?”

This time Daniel got out of control.

“What do you mean to say, Daniel?”

Katy got aggressive.

“I think you are mature enough to understand. Aren’t you?”

Daniel replied gently.

“He’s just a cousin of mine! How cheap is your thinking Daniel! I can’t even imagine that you’ll be such an odd-minded.”

Said Emma in a frustrated manner.

“And I can’t even imagine that you’ll be characterless Katy!”

Daniel teased her.

“Characterless! You said I’m characterless! Don’t make things complicated! He’s just a cousin and no more”

Katy added.

“I know very well about your relationship!”

Daniel mocked again.

“If you don’t trust me then don’t I’ll not give proofs anymore to you because you don’t trust me”

Said Emma in despair.

“Of course! You’ve broken my trust and you’ll pay for this deception”.

“Stop it, Daniel! That’s it. I don’t want to discuss this matter anymore”

Emma got furious.

For two days, both didn’t talk to each other and then finally, Daniel regret about what he did with Katy and went to Katy to say sorry to her. Daniel entered the room. Katy was reading a detective novel.

“Hey, Katy!”

Daniel tried to attain her attention, but she didn’t reply. “Come on! You’re still incensed, that’s not fair, and you haven’t talked to me for two days, that’s enough! Please forgive me and forget about the past!”

Daniel begged Katy.

“Yes you’re right that’s enough of your excuses!”

Said Katy.

“I am saying sorry, please forgive me and I promise that nothing like that would happen ever again, now please forgive me and I’ve to give you a surprise!”

Daniel tried to convince her.

“But for the last time Promise?”

Katy gave Daniel the last chance.  

“Ok! The last chance, Thanks!”

“Won’t you ask about the surprise?”

Daniel grinned.

“Hmm... tell me what’s the surprise?”

Asked Katy excitedly.

“The reason of our clash has left for his own home!”

Said Daniel cheerily.

“Was it a surprise? You’re always making gags! Hahaha!!” There was a long laughter in the room. Both of them again started to live happily.

On a cold morning when Daniel left home for his office, the door-bell rang. Katy went to open the door.

“Is this Daniel Sobers’ house?”

She was a middle-aged girl who asked for Daniel from Katy.

“Yes! But who are you? And why do you want to meet him?”

Katy began to question in a single breath.

 “Will you keep questioning or will you ask me to come inside”

Said that girl.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Please come inside”

 Katy took her inside. Both of them sat inside and the girl begins the conversation.

“Well! I’m a class-fellow of Daniel”.

“That’s great!  What you’ll take; Coffee or Tea?”

Asked Katy.

“No thanks! I’m here just to talk to Daniel”.

 Added that girl.

“If something’s really important then you should contact him!”

Katy gave her a suggestion.

“You haven’t told your name yet!” Katy inquired.

“Ginny Roberts!” she replied.

“Who are you to Daniel?”

This time Ginny questioned.

“Oh I’m his wife ‘Katy Thomas’

Katy answered.

“Nice to meet you, Katy!”

Ginny said.

“Nice to meet you too Ms. Ginny!”

Said Katy and she gave Ginny the address of Daniel’s office.

“Thanks, Katy! Now I’ll take a leave! Good-Bye!”

Said Ginny and she left home.

Daniel was in his office working on a project when Katy called him and told him that a girl wanted to meet him and she visited their home and also that Katy has forgotten her name and she has told her the address of his office. “Excuse me, sir! A girl wants to meet you. She is sitting outside should I call her inside your room?”

Said Bryan, Daniel’s Secretary. 


Said, Daniel.

“Sure Sir!”

Said Bryan, Daniel’s Secretary.

“May I come in Sir?”

The girl knocked on the door.

“Yes please come inside!”

Daniel answered.

“You!!! How did you find my office? Why are you here?” Said, Daniel.

“Yes me!! It’s not difficult to find dearly loved! And of course, I’m here to meet you and to talk to you, Daniel!” Said the girl.

“Look Emma!! It’s too late now and I suggest you should leave right now I don't want to see your face either I want to talk to you! It’s better for you to leave right now or else I’ll call the guards and then you know what’ll happen”

Daniel warned Emma Murray.

“So this is your love for me! You used to claim a lot of your love for me so what happened now? Why did you marry someone else and didn’t bother to tell me!!!” Emma was about to cry.

“Listen, Emma! It’s true that I used to love you and I even left my parents for you and the same is that I still love you but…”

While Daniel was saying this, Katy entered the room.

“So that’s you, Daniel! I’m quite impressed by your love-triangle game. That’s amazing! You call me a cheat but what are you yourself? You are a beguiler! You betrayed me!”

Katy begins to cry.

“Nothing’s like that as you…”

Daniel tried to prove his innocence but Katy interrupted “I’m not a child! I’ve heard everything!  I don’t want to live with you anymore!”

Said Katy and left Daniel’s office.  Daniel chased her but she hired a taxi and left. Daniel took his car and began to follow the taxi. Katy reached her home and ran quickly and locked herself in her bedroom. Daniel ran behind her and knocked the door.

“Katy! Please open the door! There’s nothing like that as you’re thinking! I swear to God! Please believe me, Katy!” Daniel presented his innocence.

“No more Daniel!”

Said Katy and Daniel heard a very loud scream.

“No!! Katy!! No!!”

 Daniel crushed the door and there he saw Katy dead. She committed suicide.

“No!! What have you done Katy! At least once you should’ve listened to my innocence before self-annihilation. I won’t forgive you, Katy!!!”

Daniel began to cry loudly.


Few months had passed after Katy’s death, Daniel felt himself all alone. He decided to go back to his parents but then he remembered about his comments and his obstinacy for marrying Emma Murray, against his parents wish. He began to recall his sweet Mom and his loving Father and tears came down from his eyes.

“I shouldn’t have gone against my parents wish!!! God will be angry with me too for that false verdict of mine”

Daniel talked to himself. His conscience was condemned for his past decisions and doings.

“I should go to my parents and I’m sure they’ll forgive me! It’s very alone without my Katy here!!!”

He once again spoke to himself.

The next morning he was on his parent’s door.


An old woman opened the door.

“Who are you?”

Said the woman.

“I’m Daniel Sobers. I wanna meet my parents, Mr. Gary Sobers and Mrs. Ginny Sobers! Can you please call them?”

Daniel questioned the woman.

“Oh! So you’re the one who left his parents for an orphan lady!!”

The woman said. Daniel felt ashamed but he stood there. “Look Mr. Daniel! You’re so late!”

Replied that old woman.

“What do you mean?”

Asked Daniel.

“It’s because of you that your Dad died just a few months after you left home! A few months later to his death, your mother also died because she couldn’t bear the two biggest incidents of her life; one was your departure from your home and the other was your father’s death”

The old woman began to cry while telling those tragedies happened with Daniel’s parents.

 “What? No! You must be kidding!! That couldn’t happen!!!”

Daniel got out of mind.

“Mr. Daniel you’re the most unlucky child and you are an abject person. Who leaves his parents for a girl only?”

Said the old woman while continuously crying and cursing Daniel.

Daniel cursed himself and cried continuously. 

“Mom Dad, I’m your offender! Please forgive me, please!! I just want to see your face once please!!”

Daniel was getting mad. He injured himself and kept on saying that:

“I am your guilty Mom and Dad!” He regretted about his wrong decision he had taken to marry Emma Murray by going against the decision of his parents.

He was in a flashback:

“Do what you want but make sure that you don’t have to repent and then we will be dead for you.” 

“I won’t regret! Only you two will regret when you people wouldn’t see my face.” 

“Oh my God, What wrong have I done with me and my dear Family? I have no right to live!! I should die!!! Yes!!! I should definitely die!!!!”

 Daniel exclaimed. While he was saying this, a bus from his back side crushed him and he died on the spot.














A Strange Alliance

It was such a thing as never happened to me; I am glad as well as depressed. Everything seemed ambiguous to me except for some traces but I want to strive for it. The next day, I wake up with a strong intention that

“Yes! I have to do and I’ll do compulsorily”.

Then I begin to devise some master plans for my mission. I took a camera as well as a dagger with me, in case of emergency, I may need that. Then I took a tape-recorder as well. Then I begin to think how I will go there because the way was quite bumpy and troubling. All was ready except the conveyance. I begin my journey on foot because none other than that was possible. On my way, I met many kinds of people who protested against the Government for not establishing the roads and some of them even went back but I said nothing and I continued resolutely because my case was different than theirs. I found people who fell down because of their instability and I give them a hand to rise again. I walked with extreme caution and so unlike them, I didn’t fell. The way was more threatening than I thought it is. There were beasts on the way and they even attacked me but their attack wasn’t physical rather it was personal and verbal. Some even mocked me for adopting that way but I didn’t pay heed to their words and continued progressing. There I met wild beasts too, who tried to harm me physically, but I wasn’t afraid of them because they were distinct and had no veil. So, I killed them with my dagger quite conveniently but the presence of verbal beasts was irking me as they could not be managed with a dagger. I even get diseased because of the stress they gave. Then I find a solution; I hear their words from one ear and let them leave the other one. It worked a lot for my recovery and then I begin firmly again. Soon, I came across a large building; it was a Church, Christian’s worship place. I was tired and wanted to observe Christianity and their religious practices, so I entered their holy place. I entered the Church without my shoes. Everybody looked at me with such an expression as if I killed someone. It irritated me and I asked one of the Christian about the reason and he told me that my shoes were a trouble.

“What of shoe brother?”

I ask him and he replied:

“You’re supposed to wear your shoes while in the Church” I was shocked and hurried to wear my shoes and then I came back to the church. After the group worship, most of the people left and only the confessors were left. I heard many of them confess their sins in front of the pardoner. “Pardoner I committed a sin of murdering a wife in front of his husband and I received money for that, I feel so ashamed of my sins and I’m worried that her husband will find me and will kill me, please save me!!”

One of the confessors admitted his sins in this way.

“O’ boy I can’t forgive you and even God can not because the murdered woman’s husband has witnessed that sin and if he’s alive you should find him and seek for absolution from him”

The pardoner advised that confessor.

“Pardoner I got a contract by a businessman who sad that if I’ll kill Mr. Bruce’s wife, he’ll pay me what I wished and I lost my humanitarian senses and accepted his proposal. Then, one day, I found the couple outside a Hospital and shot Mr. Bruce’s wife at the spot and ran for my life. I regret that I brought such devastation to that couple just for wealth!!”

I stood up aggressively and went close to him and took out my dagger.

“Are you insane? Don’t you fear the God before committing such ferocious sins? No one can forgive you now”

“I know sir that nobody will forgive me now!”

I begin again:

“Except me dear!”

He was shocked and amazed to hear this and said astonishingly:

“You? How can you forgive me when I don’t even know you?” 

I added:

“Because you bring me nemesis!”

“Say it clearly whatever you want because I don’t remember how many people did I brought the curses” The confessor cried.

“If you have destroyed many houses then why do you seek clemency for that one particular sin which brought devastation to my life only?”

I was stunned and at my question he replied:

“Are you Mr. Bruce?”

He felt happy.

“Yes! I’m the one whom you seek, but answer my question otherwise, I’m going to kill you right now!”

 I lost my temper.

“Because previously I killed the persons who did wrong to me but neither your wife nor you did any damage to me, that’s why I repent because I murdered an innocent lady. Since I’m a murderer, I must die and please forgive me for killing me at least!!”

 He kept crying fiercely and closed his eyes as if he were ready to face death now” I cried out loudly:

“Bella!!!!!!! Look I’ve found your murderer”

The whole church seemed to be trembling.

“May your soul Rest in peace”

I said and left for my home. I felt like a newly born child who has no ego. My mission was done and I felt serenity.

After few days, I received a letter. The letter was from some unknown source. It read:

“My life has changed and now I’m establishing homes for the people like me who have no home and no parents, so that no one in the future tends to be a contract-killer like me. By forgiving me at the Church, you proved that you are my savior as well as my guide. I didn’t expected to be pardoned at that instance and even when you said

“May your soul rest in peace”, I thought you’re going to kill me but after you left, I realized that it was a disgrace for me to be forgiven for the deadly sin of your wife’s murder and so I decided to kill myself. Soon, I comprehended that it was useless to do so and then I decided to become the guide of the young generation so that no one else dares to commit deadly sins as I did. Now I’m satisfied with what I’m doing but still I seek forgiveness from you. Please do one favor of pardoning me. May your perished partner rest in peace!! I’m Mark, You and your wife’s culprit but now I continuously pray for your wife’s soul’s tranquility and your contented life as well”

I smiled appreciatively and prayed for Mark as well as serenity of Bella’s soul and then I made Mark my friend and now we live together and we often listen to the recordings which I made of Mark in the Church while he was confessing his sins as it was the cause of our bond and he often seems apologetic to me but I advise him in the words:

“Mark! Please forget what happened and move forward in your life, I have absolved you and now we’re best friends. I play these recordings not for you to feel ashamed but to make you realize that we’re friends because I forgave you at that time and later on it became the reason of our acquaintance and you know what Bella has forgiven you? Because I know her”

He always felt gratified after these comments.













Out of the blue


Henry was totally obsessed by his feelings of blissfulness as well as repentance. He was feeling ashamed but he thought that he was free from slavery at last.

He was a tall youngster with an impressive figure and wore a felt hat usually and he lived in Cambridge on the river Cam. He lived there with his family but often he had to travel here and there.

“How soothing is the air today, O’ God keep it cool forever” Henry looked at the beautiful sky and cried out with amazement.

“Where were you when the world faced cruelty and barbarous encounters? Where were you when I..?”

Henry stopped at once when he saw his son coming towards him.

“Dad! What are you doing? Come on enjoy my birthday!”

He was only seven years named Jason.

“Ok son! I’m coming, you go and entertain yourself”

Henry wanted solitude but he was aware of his responsibilities being a husband and father.

“It’s better to go inside and give rest to my brain”

Henry talked to himself and then went inside his house.

“Happy Birthday Jason! May you have much more!”

Henry handed over Jason, his present for his seventh birthday.

All family celebrated Jason’s birthday enthusiastically and then they went to their rooms to sleep as it was getting dark.

“You look distressed Henry. Tell me if something troubles you”

Josephine looked at her husband worryingly but Henry didn’t reply. She looked more disturbed.

“Tell me Henry Please! Is everything in order?”

“Everything is fine except my..”

Henry stopped suddenly.

“Except your what?”

“Except my health, Josephine Let me sleep please!”

“Yeah, sure!”

“Goodnight Josephine!”

“Good-night and get well soon”

Henry turned off the lamp on his side table and turned his face on the opposite side of Josephine’s as if he didn’t want to face her.

The next morning he woke up quite early, wore his jogging shoes and went out to the nearby ground and walked for few hours.

“This is what I like; the purest in the universe without any obscurity and appearances”

He looked around everywhere on the ground and everything seemed a blessing to him.

“I must become like this now; no mixing, no show-off; extremely pure and spontaneous”

He murmured to himself and felt determined and went back home. He went inside his house. After entering his room, he moved towards his side table and opened it. He took out a bag and left while carrying it with him and left the house.

“I will never use these in the future”

Saying this, Henry threw the bag in the Cam River and became happier than ever before. He enjoyed the whole day in nature’s company and after the lunch with his family, he went to his room.

“Josephine I’ve recovered now, I’m feeling so excited that…..”

Josephine shoots him with his own revolver.

“You are a threat to my children and their bright future, so you must die!”

She killed him and threw away his body secretly in the Cam.

“If I had known your real face, I wouldn’t have married a criminal like you, I blush to call you my husband”

Josephine got furious and after getting a hold of her, she went back to home and she entered her room. She jumped on her bed and took Henry’s pillow and begin crying. As she carried the pillow, she saw a letter under it.

“A letter? Let me check it”

She talked to herself and opened the letter and read it. The letter read:

“From your Boss!

Henry, you left the job of target-killer for your family and you or your family will pay for it. I mean how dare you leave it. Wait for the harsh outcomes now”

Josephine was extremely shocked to learn that Henry had left the job of being a serial killer but her grief and repentance couldn’t bring Henry back. So, she tried to save herself and her family at least and left the country.












An Incredible Story

(Muhammad Murad)


I woke up and just had breakfasted when Thomas and Angeline came with a kind of proposal.

“We have decided to enjoy this summer in Hampshire, and we want you to accompany us and please don’t reject our proposal, Craig!”

Angeline looked at me anxiously like a child and they both wanted my reply at once. My mom heard all that and she called me in her room.

“Tell them you’re not going with them”

I knew it was impossible to convince her when once she made up her mind but I insisted because I was willing to go.

“Mom Julia will be here for you and Adam as well. Let me go please, it’s our pre-planned adventure”

I waited for her reply but she grew red hot like red chilies.

“I think you know what the word “No” means”.

“Ok sure I’ll reject their proposal”

Although I blushed to discard their plans but I had no other option.

“Sorry guys, I can’t join you. I hope you understand the situation and please don’t feel bad for it. Go and enjoy yourselves”

Both of them looked at me surprisingly.

“You assured us that you’ll join us then what happened? Did your mom say something?”

Angeline asked while she seemed so disappointed.

“Nothing happened children, Craig is going Hampshire don’t worry at all. Eat these yummy pastries”

It was a surprise blow by Mom. How drastic I thought she was but that incident forced me to re-ponder and amend my thoughts.

“Thanks, Aunt, you don’t know how glad we are by your surprising agree”

Thomas looked grateful.

“Pack up for this Sunday; we’ll pick you at 8’0 clock in the morning”

This time she was Angeline.

“Oh Yes! I’ll start it today because I can’t wait anymore”

There raised a huge laughter after my comment.

After few hours of companionship, Thomas and Angeline left and I went to Mom’s room.

“You made the day my dear Mom!!”

She retained her temperament.

“But remember not more than five days and you should wake up early each day and eat your meal punctually and…”

I laughed at those instructions. It seemed as if I was a kid.

“Oh my sweet Mom, you’re so caring. Don’t worry I’ll follow your instructions”

She smiled finally when I kissed her hand.

I waited for Sunday anxiously and at last the most awaited day came.

“Go check at the door-bell, Craig! Maybe Thomas and Angeline are at the door”

I went hurryingly and even crashed with the sofas.

“Yep, they both are there, come inside guys and have a seat, I’ll go to say goodbye to my family. You guys wait here Ok?”

“Sure, but be swift because we don’t want to be late anymore”

“Ok I’ll be back in five minutes”

I went to Mom and said goodbye to her and then to my brother and sister and then I rushed towards my friends to leave.

“Wait, Craig, take this diary with you and be sure to read this when you miss us all”

Mom handed me a small diary but I didn’t give much importance to it.

“Sure Mom, bye”

“Bye Son, take care!”

I, Thomas and Angeline departed from Sussex for Hampshire. We had planned a railway journey. They had the tickets with them so we easily entered our designated train and find our seats.

It was a train for middle-class people. We sat in our allocated seats. It was an awesome experience, especially the scenes outside the side-windows. The captivating landscape attracted us all and we got amazed to see such places which we haven’t seen before.

Our train stopped at several stops. I was feeling so hungry and fortunately, the train stopped for a few minutes at a nearby stop.

“Guys, Let’s go and fetch something to eat”

“Yeah sure, I was just talking to Thomas about this”

Angeline and Thomas agreed and we went down the train.

“There’s a restaurant, let’s get there and bring some food for our journey”

I pointed towards a restaurant and we went towards it.

“Aha! It’s a beautiful little restaurant”

Thomas looked amazed.

“To my astonishment, there is nobody in here”

I added and we moved towards a table and sat down.

“I think it’s a kind of serve yourself restaurant!”

Angeline mocked, we all laughed and then we went towards the cooking room and there we saw such thing which we are unable to forget.

“How strange is this, how much food is present here but without any cook..”

I exclaimed surprisingly.

“Don’t care for all this, just pick up food of our choice and let’s move towards the train or else we will be left behind”

Thomas gave his opinion and we did the same.

“Ah! Pick up the pizzas and hamburgers as well”

Angeline said and I did the same.

Then we left the restaurant. As we exited the restaurant, police captured us all.

“Why are you seizing us? What did we do?”

We all looked distressed but they didn’t respond and hurried towards the prison and left us in the prison.

“Oh my God, we missed the train and police seized us, what we’ll do now?”

Thomas said in desperation

“Don’t lose hope, everything will be alright Thomas!”

Angeline tried to solace him.

“I don’t really think so”

I asked them to calm down and think of some plan.


They said that they are arrested on the solid basis, so there are no chances of their bail.

“But we can escape, it’ll be more adventurous than Hampshire visit, what do you guys say?”

I questioned them however I knew their answer.

“Not at all Craig, are you gone mad?”

Thomas and Angeline looked terrified.

“Don’t bother the future, we’ll be safe I guarantee”

I assured them but they were still reluctant.

“Come on guys!”

I tried to buck up them and they agreed.

“But you’ll make the plan Craig”

“Yeah sure, I have made the plan, just work out as I say!”

I told them the plan.

“What? It’s not so cool Craig”

Angeline seemed dissatisfied and so was Thomas.

“Believe me, we can do and I’m sure we’ll make it possible”

I tried to solace them again and they became determined.

“Look at him guys, he is walking to check all the prisons. When he’ll come closer to us, we’ll try to converse with him and after he’ll be so close, I’ll snatch the key cautiously. Remember that you guys have to divert his attention. Is that Ok?”

I told them the genuine plan and they said “Don’t worry”

We all watched him but he didn’t come towards our prison. We didn’t lose hope, he came after about an hour and Thomas tried to get his attention.

“Excuse me, sir! Can you please come here?”

He looked at Thomas ferociously like a wild beast and Thomas get horrified at his glimpse.

“I can’t do this Craig, I mean look at that wild monster!”

“Don’t be afraid I’m here with you, just focus if you want to escape imprisonment otherwise forget about all this and be ready to face your fate”

I motivated him and he agreed. The policemen came closer.

It was an unexpected result. The key to the cell was in my hands.

“We’ll leave tonight, be ready guys!”

I talked to Thomas and Angeline who were very happy as well as a bit terrified.

“What if we get caught?”

Thomas’ question was rational.

“Don’t worry I’ll handle, just get ready!”

I got their confidence.

Time passed slowly till night but at last the awaited moment approached.

“Look around and tell me if the guards are awakened”

I gave a talk to Angeline and she began her duty. She looked around like an eagle.

“There is one sleeping there and the other one is walking”

“Keep watching the one in motion and tell me when he is out of sight”

After a few moments, I started to open the prison door.

“You’re making noise be careful the sleeping one has woke up and he’s coming over here, let’s act like we’re sleeping”

Thomas advised us and we lay down on the floor and acted as if we were sleeping. The guard came closer to our cell and had a sharp look inside. After assurance, he went to check the other cells.

“I think he’s back to sleep!”

“Make sure and inform me again!”

I said to Angeline and she again began her responsibility.

“Craig! This is the last chance and if we get caught we’ll live here in the cell forever!”

Thomas said after being told by Angeline that the guard was back to nap.

“Don’t apprehend the possibilities, Thomas!”

I advised him and went to open the door.

“Let’s go, friends, we’ve got the right time now”

I opened the door and murmured.

“Be careful not to give any clues to the police!”

We all moved towards the entrance gate.

“Stay here, I’ll check out there!”

I moved forward and crouched near the central entrance.

“There are two guards walking there and one is sleeping. What to do Craig?”

Thomas asked and I checked there.

“Move on, we’ll handle!”

We kept on moving but Thomas seemed dissatisfied.

“We should be vigilant; it’s imprudent to move on Craig. I’m not moving ahead because I don’t want to be enslaved again!”

“No Thomas we should move on because if we’ll go back now, we’ll be caught red-handed!

“Who’s there?”

Someone yelled and we hid behind a desk.

“Don’t speak a single word please otherwise be ready to be imprisoned for lifetime”

Angeline advised us and I requested Thomas to keep silent.

“I’ve caught you. You think you can escape me?”

Policemen caught Thomas who left us to avoid imprisonment.

“Oh no Craig what will happen to him now??”

“Leave him to his fate! Let’s move towards the gate”

“Don’t be selfish, let’s save him after all he’s our amigo!!”

“I said leave him if you want to be saved yourself!”

Angeline stopped awhile but soon she was back with me.

“I regret that we deceived Thomas!”

Angeline said remorsefully.

 “He opts that himself, don’t repent and concentrate otherwise we’ll be caught like him forever!!”

I advised Angeline and she got better a little bit.

We listened to the conversation between the policemen and Thomas.

“Are you a captive?”

The only on-duty policemen investigated Thomas.

I took out a coin and threw it near sewerage.

The policemen got distracted and went to see the coin and as soon as he gets there, he fell down the sewerage and Thomas ran to close its lid forever.

“I’m proud of you my friend. You are really a sincere friend Craig!!”

Thomas and Angeline both embraced me.

“Let us leave tonight or else it will be too late to escape!”

I bucked them up and we went in the ground of police station.

“I think there’s nobody here. It’s a best chance to escape!”

Thomas said and we nodded.

“There’s a secret passageway amid this ground. Let’s escape through it!”

I was extremely excited but I was pretty careful as well.

“Here’s it!”

Angeline pointed towards the passage and I advised them to enter it without any noise.

Thomas and Angeline entered it and went through it.

“Come back, I’ve seen you!”

A Policemen pointedly ran towards me and I was extremely confused because if I l had left, he would order others to catch us from outside the passage and if I kept standing I’ll be caught as well.

I kept standing because it’ll be safe for my friends.

The policemen came closer to me and seized me.

“You aren’t that smart boy!”

He took me inside the police station and beat me well. I was completely bleeding.

“Tell me who was with you?”

“I told you before that I was alone!”

The policemen beat me again and I was in a subconscious state and he imprisoned me.



 A few moments later I was extremely shocked when my ears heard surprising news from a policeman.

  “You are free to go. We are advised to release you guys because you did no sin for which we could imprison you. So go and be careful next time while eating from a restaurant without permission”

The policemen allowed me to get a shower and then he released me.

“Thank you very much. Stay blessed!!”

I left after saying a farewell to that great person who saved my life.

Then I went to find my friends to the exit of that secret passage.

They were not there.

“Where did they go?”

I was upset because they weren’t there.

I searched for them and soon I saw them running.

I ran behind them and reached them at last.

“What happened to you Craig?”

They both seemed worried.

“Nothing happened”

“Then why are you bleeding?”

“I don’t really know about it!”

“It could be serious Craig!”

Thomas was really concerned.

I told them that we are legally released and they thanked God.

“It’s all teamwork guys that made our journey much thrilling than what we expected for Hampshire”

We all giggled and went towards our homes because we were already homesick.










Ceaseless Compassion


• Since I felt a severe headache and after a touch to my body I found that I was burning like a furnace, so I was unable to sleep. It was midnight with the sleeping house. Father was asleep next to me in the room. I wanted to wake him up but I did not do so because I knew he came late from his office.

•The need of water usurped me and my throat was fully dry but I could do nothing else than to wait for the morning.

•It was then when my face was inside the blanket. Someone uncovered my blanket.

“Who’s there?”

I cried dreadfully and there I saw Dad with a glassful of water.

“Take this medicine and you’ll be alright by the grace of God”

Dad handed over the glass and medicine.

•I kipped the remaining night and woke up early that morning. I was wholly alright. I told Mom about all this and she said:

“When somebody helps you with sheer invocations and spirits, even God can’t let you agonize”


I want to conclude saying that:

•“Only Parents are the savior of our vulnerable lives”

(Muhammad Murad)


A Well-timed Reward



“Be a man, you fear from death as a child fears from darkness”

Tom tried to buck up Jason to convince him

“I feel frightened from death because of my children. I mean what will be their future without me?”

Jason told Tom.

“You know what Jason? Death is pre-destined and nothing can change it”

“I know but...”

“No excuse then! If God has created us then He is solely responsible for us and our families. You don’t worry and approve my offer”

“It’s totally unwise to do this when we’re aware of the jeopardy”

“Be bold Jason, I’m with you”

“But Tom…”

“No excuses anymore”

“Ok I’ll try”


“I can’t promise”

“You should”

“I said Ok”

After this whole tilt, Tom left Jason and went back to his own office saying:

“Meet you then!”


On the planned day, Jason reached the destination but Tom wasn’t there.

Jason was too much distract because of his family.

“Hello, Jason?”

“Yes me here”

“Sir Thomas is your friend?”


“He has sent me here to pick you up and take you to his farm house”

“Is that so?”

“Well it is”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Arnold James”

“It is nice to meet you, Sir. Can you please give me five minutes?”

“Yeah take your time”

Jason called Thomas but he didn’t answer him.

“There’s something wrong maybe”

Jason got worried more and more because Tom didn’t come himself.

“Let’s go, Arnold!”

“Sure sir”

Arnold drove the car and Jason sat beside him.

“What are you to Thomas?”

Jason questioned Arnold.

“Well I work for him”

“Are you his assistant?”

“You can say, Sir”

Arnold seemed quite pathetic and a well-mannered guy.

“I like your etiquettes. I mean you give much respect to others and…”

“It’s your grandeur sir that you uttered such kind words for an inferior like me”

After few minutes of conversation, they reached a beautiful and dignified farm-house.

“Wow what a Heaven on earth!”

Jason looked around excitedly.

“Come, sir, I’ll take you to Sir Thomas’ room”

“Sure take me there”

Arnold walked through very strange shrubberies and there Jason saw an enormous turret designed house. Arnold took him inside and stopped in front of a small room.

“This is Sir Thomas’ room. You can go inside Sir!”

“Thank you, Arnold! Is this housing solely Tom’s?”

“Yeah, he owns this whole farm house, Sir!”

“I see! You can go now, Arnold!”

Jason said farewell to Arnold and knocked at Tom’s room.

There came no reaction from inside.

Jason opened the door and entered the room.

It was a small looking vast spacious room in which Tom was sleeping in a corner on his bed.

Jason thought not to disturb Tom and so he sat on a couch.

“When did you come here, Jason? I didn’t notice your presence!”

“Just now, tell me the plan now. We’ve to accomplish it today!”

“Hold on! Arnold!!!”

Arnold came inside.

“Bring coffee for me and Jason”

“No don’t bother! Let’s start our mission!”

“Why are you in a hurry? We’ve time till tomorrow!”

“Let’s not put anything to tomorrow!”

“Oh just don’t be hasty! Bring coffee, Arnold!”

“As you wish but be quick please!”

“Jason! Are you alright? I mean why you are so distressed and confused. Just calm down man! Your friend is with you!”

“No! There’s nothing like that I am just be thinking about Kelly and my children!”

“Man! You aren’t going to die! Be a cool man!!!”

“But the risks are far more than the chances of being successful”

Tom didn’t answer and Arnold brought two cups of coffee.

“Here’s your coffee Sir!”

Arnold passed a cup to Jason.

“No Thanks!”

Jason seemed upset.

“Have it Jason you’ll feel better!”

Tom put the cup in front of Jason.

“I’ve mixed sugar in your cup already Sir!”

Arnold told Jason.

Jason took the other cup.

“I don’t use sugar! Take this cup Tom, sugar is already added!”

Tom refused to take it.

“I don’t use sugar as well!”

Jason suspected the whole happening.

After having coffee, Jason stood up.

“I’m going out for a walk, see you later!”

“Sure Jason!”

Tom also stood up.

“Let’s go together, you may get bored alone!”

“No! In fact, I enjoy jogging alone!”

 “Ok come back and I’ll tell you the plan!”

Tom said and Jason left his room for jogging.

Jason went outside and searched whole house. He noticed suspicious happenings in the house. He went upstairs and there he saw a man entering a room. He stood outside the room. The door was completely taped. Jason felt doubtful.

“What could be in here?”

Jason murmured and suddenly he heard a shriek from inside.

“Why didn’t you do what Mr. Tom said?”

The voice came from inside.

“Because I am a human being and I can’t become so brutal to kill someone just for wealth!”

The reply came from a familiar voice. Jason thought he knew that voice.

“Michelle! She’s alive!!”

Jason adhered to the room. He heard the footsteps from inside. He had to leave so he bent down on his knees and went far away from that room.

  “Something is really wrong about Tom and this house! Maybe I’m his next target!”

Jason murmured and he was quite surprised to see Tom standing outside.

“So how’s your jogging going on?”

Jason was extremely confused but he ventured.

“It’s a nice house, Tom! Is your family too here?”

“Let’s discuss the plan!”

Tom made Jason more surprised and dismayed.

“Let’s see the whole house first!”

“Don’t act childish, we don’t have much time!”

“We don’t have or you to seize me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m pretty much clear about my question!”

“So you have come to know about your deadly fate. Haven’t you?”

“Yes! I had doubts already but…!”

Thomas took out his revolver.

“You seem hard to handle! I think you should keep your mouth shut and let me do what I want!”

Thomas came to point soon and showed his real face to Jason.

“You can’t convince me and if you think you can, it’s your misconception, Tom!”

After Jason’s reaction, Arnold took out his revolver as well.

“So this is real Arnold and Thomas; corrupt, double faced and immoral creatures!!”

Jason’s rage touched the sky.

“Whatever you say, you are no more Jason!”

Arnold and Tom reloaded the bullets in their revolver.

The trigger was pulled twice and two dead bodies fell on the ground.

Jason wasn’t scared at all and he was surprised to see the perfect timing of policemen.

“Nice shot Sir!!”

Jason appreciated the police officers and all the police officers spread all around the house and checked each room prudently.

“Thank you, Mr. Jason you helped us to solve such a case which was a mystery to us before, thank you so much!!”

The policemen thanked Jason after releasing the captured ones from Tom’s house and they arrested the co-workers of Thomas and left the house.

“So Tom was behind all this. I thought you guys have died but now I realized that Thomas wanted to become the manager of our company and so he did all this. He even convinced me somehow to assassinate our manager secretly but now I thank God who stopped me from doing all evils!!!”

Jason talked to all his company members whom Thomas had kidnapped to make his way paved for becoming the manager by knowing the secrets of their manager and murdering him at the right time.

Jason took all of the rescued ones with him and went directly to his Boss.

His boss, Mr. Somerset was pretty much glad to see them all alive and he promoted Jason for such a bold and kind step for the Company.


© Copyright 2017 Muhammad Murad. All rights reserved.


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