He Stood Upon The Mountain

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A rather "experimental" piece I have written, Wasn't too sure about the ending but I think it fits. Enjoy

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



He stood upon the mountain, looking down at the burning city. A once powerful and advanced race, crippled by their own ignorance and greed. Many times had they tried to avoid the future, but their comeuppance was inevitable. He stared at the suffering, unable to process what he was seeing. He swore he could hear the screams of the pained from so high up. While many perished in the blazes of self-importance, his mind buzzed with strong queries. "is this the end? Have we created our own demise?" These questions pulled at his heart and mind. The strong wind pushed over his pale skin, bringing with it the stench of intentional arrogance. He knew this was avoidable. He could be down there, with his friends and family. He could be smiling and happy at this very moment, but alas he stood there, alone, with all his friends family dead and burnt. He fell to his knees and burst out crying, unable to control his own emotions. He had tried to warn them all. To tell them that shall all die if they continue down this path of non-sustainability and consumption. But they did not heed his pleas but instead, they laughed and mocked, calling him an idiot and failure. But there he stands, while they lay dead. He screamed into the air, asking why they did not listen. The fire could be heard clearly, the crumbling of society filling the air. Is this the ultimate price to pay? If you live a life of blind bliss, do you succumb to your own unknowing? He regained his composure and stood once again. He looked once more at the smouldering city, the plumes of thick black smoke rising hatefully into the charred air. He took a deep breath, and turned away and walked down the mountain away from the city. Despite all of what was lost he still had a job, a duty. To start anew and try to prevent this from happening again. He had tried so many times. But his creations would always collapse at their pinnacle. For millennia, he had tried to perfect his civilisations, but all had perished. He sighed deeply as he ventured down the hill, to leave and find a new planet, a new home, for a new people. 

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