Unbroken Glass

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I currently work at Sky Meadows State Park in Virginia and was inspired to write this piece as I was walking around our fishing pond one morning before work. The pond was still and there was little sound besides the chirping of birds and the traffic on Route 17 near by; but it was peaceful. The cover photo for this poem is a photo I took at the pond. I hope you enjoy this poem!

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



The pond is unbroken glass.

It is a cool morning and all is still.

There is the occasional sound of a chirping bird.

In the water fish swim about; darting here and there.


In the water, there is the reflection of a young boy sitting on a pier.

He is neatly dressed; his hair is combed tidy.

He sits there, swinging his legs back and forth over the edge.

Sitting next to him and holding his hand is a young girl.

She has short, sand colored hair tied back in a ponytail and is wearing a yellow dress.


They are two young childhood sweethearts.

The world is their oyster; they have their whole future ahead of them. 

The boy throws a pebble into the water and it makes a small splash.

The ripples, like their dreams skim across the water.

They sit there and watch as the ripples fade and stillness returns.


The girl throws another stone and it lands with a splash.

They watch as the ripples touch every corner of the pond.

Little fish dart away with the splash.

In the tall grass at the edge of the pond a heron waits for an unsuspecting dinner.

A frog croaks in the stillness.


The two children sit there, basking in the calmness.

No homework to fret over or chores to get done.

Just the two of them sitting on the dock in the quiet pond.

They don’t want to have to leave this place; it’s like heaven on earth.


But like all good things, this must come to an end.

The girl and boy have to go back home;

back to their homework.

Back to their chores.

As the quiet pond once again becomes unbroken glass.

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