Lovely Lady In Pastels

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The world seems to taste what chemicals are toxic to them, like breathing in carbon and refusing to trust people who say they’ve completed a death wish. Habits are hard to break in the name of saints, but miracles occur in those who do not try in the name of God, heard? The harmony betrothing the human form with brush stroke modality. Years pass, the instruments still to be heard, but the death plague hits all that breathe, am I to be proven wrong until right? Or isn’t it innocent until proven guilty into someone else’s name of treason?

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



The light years constituted in my sky rusted.

The purified detective that--

Is what he sat on the road for.

A brick sea in an ocean of crystal.


The strumming continued,

Oh, it continued for the night’s dawn!

It made my teeth rattle,

It made the study curious.

It made that,

Secret fear.

Her room was on sale,

Limited time for eternity.


Her room was black and white,

Lived in words of wives’ tales.

Her head hit the bed

Her consensus fell to sleep,

quite a lot.


Her game played,

It came with a sacrifice from them.

The hundreds hit and a decade turned,

A century blanked out.

The “dark ages”,

it felt like a human without hands.

“Oh, gloria?”


Called to bid hello

To greet goodbye.

The corners no longer,

They don’t mirror.

They, she,



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