The Year Three Became one

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I wrote this while going through a difficult time in my life, later I wrote down the story and it is titled the Last Bloom if you want to read more about it

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



1 I  know this is it,

2 They are chomping at the bit,

3 For their chance to be on their own.


4 I’ll be there to see them walk the stage,

5 I’ll be with the notes engaged;

6 Just me and my music, all alone.


7 The notes charge at me,

8 They dart off the page,

9 Up to the stage.

10 Swarming their heads,

11 And weaving their threads,

12 Of their future without me.


13 They’ll leave me in this pocket sized town,

14 Where we use to run around,

15 Spending our time laying down, on that cold hard ground.


16 We never gave a care,

17 We were never aware,

18 Of how significant that one year was.


19 The year before me,

20 The year before glee,

21 The year beforeour three.


22 We knew two could increase,

23 Thinking it was our final chess piece,

24 And our game was now complete.


25 For we forgot, what goes up must come back down.

26 ‘Cause they are up in their cap and gowns,

27 And I am left in this old empty town,



28 Because that was the year three, became one.

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