Jlyne Michelle's Story.

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A little girl in Arkansas wants to be a famous country singer. This is her story, as told by her mother. She is six years old.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



My name is Jersushah Bates.  I live in Hope, Arkansas, with my husband, Clay, and our three children: Aram Clay (11), Boz Michael (8), and Jlyne Michelle (6).  I am a homemaker and home school teacher; my husband, meanwhile, works two jobs: he works part time as a sanitation worker and part time working for a local lawn service.

Our lives are very busy, both Clay's and mine.  While Clay's life is centered around work, mine is centered around taking care of the children and teaching them during the week.  I also am busy with church work; church is very important to our family.  If we didn't have God or our faith, I don't know what we would do.  Our faith has gotten us through some tough times, like when Clay lost his job at the car dealership after it folded (due to a bad deal by the owner; he took the money and split) or when Boz was hospitalized for asthma and ended up in the ICU after being given the wrong medicine; turns out he was highly allergic to the drug; it is only by a  miracle that he even survived without any incident.  We owe that to God; it was God who brought our younger son through the crisis.

Then there's the matter of Jlyne.  Jlyne is busy taking lessons (voice, piano, fiddle).  She wants to be a oountry singer, like her favorites, Carrie Underwood and Loretta Lynn.  She has loved country music since she was very small and sings like a little angel.  God's gifted her with a beautiful natural singing voice and Jlyne has sung at several local fairs, festivals, and events around the Hope, Arkansas, area.  She's even performed at several local Opry shows here in Arkansas.

As longa as Jlyne enjoys performing, then we will let her; but the minute she shows any disinterest in it, she will stop.  We will make sure of that.  But right now, performing is her life; she loves singing for people and making her smile with her voice and her musical abilities.  

Boz and Aram also are busy little beavers: both boys play sports: Aram loves football (built like a football player, too: big for his age, rock solid, and tough in nature), and Boz loves baseball and soccer. He's an excellent pitcher and plays Little League.  He also is a talented "striker" on his school's soccer team and took his team to the semi finals before losing to a team that was better than they were; Boz was, understandably, crushed.  So were we; the kids worked hard to get to this level, but it wasn't meant to be.  The other team was far better in skills and they were too much for Boz and company.

We often wish that we could relax as a family, but the boys' and Jlyne's schedule prevents this, especially during tournament season (the boys), and also when Jlyne has performances scheduled, like this weekend.  She will be performing at the Hope Opry House on Saturday night; this is her first perfomance there, and we are all excited.  She had auditioned and was accepted; we are so thrilled at this opportunity for her! Maybe this will lead to bigger (and better?) things!  She will also be singing a solo for children's church, during their service.  That's on Sunday.

Well, I hate to go, but it's time to get back to the kids' lessons and teach them before we break for lunch in about an hour.  I will write in here another day; until then, this is your new friend, Jerushah Bates, signing off! Take care and God bless! 


*To be continued!*

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